Female Stereotypes

Throughout my life I have heard the term “you throw like a girl” used when someone throws soft and weak. This is a representation of society’s views on girls and women, that they are weak, bad, unintelligent. The life of being a girl is waking up knowing as soon as you walk out of the … Read more

Eosinophilic Esophagitis Research Paper

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic inflammatory [1, 2],relapsing[3] and recently recognized immune/antigen-mediated condition [4, 5] characterized by basal cell hyperplasia, microabscesses, degranulation, dilated intercellular spaces [6, 7] and predominant eosinophilic infiltration in the esophagus [8-11]. Allergists and gastroenterologists are seeing many more patients with EoE, this is due to an increase in the frequency … Read more

How Does Law Enforcements Cross The Line

“It begins with a relatively minor incident: A traffic stop. A burglary. A disturbance. Police arrive and tensions escalate. It ends with an unarmed black man shot dead” (Somashekhar). Already a total of,”896 people shot dead by police this year” (“Investigation: Police shootings”). The 31 of which were of a weapon unknown, which means,”could not … Read more

Gluten Research Paper

It all began when the ancestors started settling down and started domesticating their crops: They came face to face with a whole new ingredient that baffled them with its taste. The ancestors soon began incorporating this ingredient into their lives. Their daily bread was organic, therefore was not a threat to their health. In the … Read more

Pro Euthanasia Essay

The practice of euthanasia can be traced back to the darkest period in the twentieth century, the Holocaust. Hitler’s Aktion T4 program during the Second World War was created with the resolve to purge the Aryan race of congenital defects. Physicians ended the lives of some 100,000 persons across Nazi Europe. All of occupied countries, … Read more

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? , Phillip K. Dick creates a post-apocalyptic world that is crumbling from radiation caused by the nuclear war: World War Terminus. As a result, many humans escape to off-world colonies; though some people are left behind. On the off-world colonies, those who emigrate are promised a “custom-tailored humanoid … Read more

Banning Stem Cells

Stem cells are a growing field for research. Many pursue this field due to the fact that it can solve many illnesses. Since stem cells are extracted from embryos, people have an ethical problem with it. Those who research stem cells believe there are ethical restrictions, but that is not true. As a result of … Read more

Capra Hircus Research Papers

Legends say goats are the true creators of the deserts, what do you believe? Capra hircus is commonly known as domesticated goats while capra aegagrus are undomesticated goats. Goats have been domesticated for over 9,000 years. People first domesticated the goat because the animal was a steady source of meat, milk, and fiber. The original … Read more

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is defined as a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis) and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth. Although Cerebral palsy is not contagious, a person can intentionally or unintentionally increase the possibility a child will develop Cerebral Palsy through abuse, medical malpractice, negligence, or … Read more

Jeanette Alternate Ending

“That’s a nice looking young man. ” Her mother’s voice surprised her and she turned quickly and rushed past her mother into the shop. “I wonder if his parents are part of Charleston Society. ” Her mother’s words were typical; it was always about wealth and society with her. Either you were well bred or … Read more

Hearing Aid Fitting Procedure Paper

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate evidence-based best practice for hearing aid fitting procedure. Literature review has been completed, and when evidence based studies were not found, manufacturers’ white papers were reviewed. This patient is a 75 year old man who has a bilateral symmetrical mild to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss above … Read more

Physical Security Report

MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED 21 May 2016 SUBJECT: ARMS ROOM STANDING OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP) 1. References. a. DoD 5100.76-M, Physical Security of Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition and Explosives b. AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives c. AR 190-13, The Army Physical Security Program d. AR 190-14, Carrying of Firearms and Use of … Read more

Early Childhood Vaccines

A vaccine, by definition, “is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease” (Sachdev). Simply put, it is a man-made substance that contains a dead pathogen (such as the flu virus, chickenpox, etc. ) that, while dead, can stimulate your immune system into a response. Once your immune system acts upon … Read more

Mental Health: Involuntary Commitment

Introduction of AB 1300 Mental Health: Involuntary Commitment AB 1300 the Mental Health: Involuntary Commitment bill was introduced to the California State Legislature on February 27, 2015 by Assembly Member Ridley-Thomas. The bill was developed in conjunction with the California Hospital Association (CHA) and the California Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (California … Read more

Who Am I Me Narrative

Who am I? I am the youngest of four daughters, no sons, born to my parents Harriett Cole and Joe Harney; they divorced when I was very young (I really do not remember my dad at home, the only memory is riding in dad’s squad car, he was a sheriff deputy, after eating a bottle … Read more


Momaday was born February 27, 1934 in Lawton, Oklahoma. He was born in the Kiowa and Comanche Indian Hospital, and was then registered with having seven-eighths Indian blood. N. Scott Momaday was born of having a mix of English, Irish, French, and Cherokee blood while, his father, Alfred Morris Momaday was a full blood Kiowa. … Read more

The Role Of Art In The Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance embodied ad fontes, studia humanitatis, and virtu. Ad Fontes, meaning “return to the sources,” which fostered a new approach to the past. Florentines looked back at the Greco-Romans seeking the knowledge they possessed. Studia Humanitatis incorporated new course material at universities. Previously, they had studied theology, medicine, and law; they now studied … Read more

Senator Obama’s Essay ‘Yes We Can’

A presidential candidate is very similar to an actor. They both perform through employing various strategies around their body language, tone, and diction choice to grab the attention of the audience or voters. Their performance creates an impression on the viewer, which, for the candidate, is very critical to their election outcome. Therefore, candidates like … Read more

Intake Form Critique

This is the intake used at Pathways Human Services of Florida, generally just known as “Pathways. ” This is the company with whom I am doing my work variance internship. I wanted to complete the intake critique at my internship because their intake packet could use a great deal of improvement. Also, because I work … Read more

My Existential Crisis College Essay

I’m sure that at some point in their lives, everyone faces an existential crisis and questions, very philosophically of course, their roots and achievements and reasons for being. For some, this point is not reached until middle age, at which point they realize that their lives have been for naught and that the countless goals … Read more

Google Making USupid Analysis

While Google can be convenient if you need a quick answer or need to find information at a moment’s notice. , People should not be using google as an easy way out to answer questions because the students knowing this can also use this search engine to cheat on test so they can avoid retaining … Read more

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Although alcohol is sometimes seen as a recreation, it is truly a deadly substance. To start, by prohibiting alcohol, it will prevent the physical symptoms of alcohol. Also, by making alcohol unauthorized for consumption, people will also be avoiding health problems. In addition,alcohol contains hazerdous chemicals that are unhealthy towards humans. To add, alcohol also … Read more

Philadelphia Owl Research Paper

“The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it’s your last” (Swartz, Bryn). The Philadelphia Eagles franchise has many interesting facts about its past. At one time Philadelphia even represented the whole state of Pennsylvania for football. During many of the changes the team has experienced, the franchise … Read more

The Making Of Europe Book Review

In The Making of Europe, Christopher Dawson set out to rewrite European History from a European point-of-view to understand the unity of the common civilization instead of a national identity. He advocates for Europe to develop a common European consciousness and a sense of its historic and organic unity. Dawson argues that there should not … Read more

Mrs. Semmes: A Love Story

The phone rang; Ruth and Carl were outside hanging lights on bushes and trees outside. Ruth was “supervising” as Carl untangled strands of lights. Ruth rose from porch swing and walked back into house. “Hello? ” Ruth answered the phone. “Mrs. Semmes? ” Voice said on other line. “Yes, this is Mrs. Semmes, can I … Read more

Dietary Supplements Research Paper

Atop the heap of scams within the medical field sits a thirty-seven-billion-dollar industry known as dietary supplements: specifically, vitamins. This business is built upon superstitions and half lies that date back to the 1970s. Winston Churchill once said that “truth does not matter so long as there is reiteration”. This is exactly what has happened … Read more

No Child Left Behind Act Analysis

Every individual who has experienced some form of education throughout his or her lifetime knows very well that there are many assessments and testing that takes place within a single school year. This movement in education that focuses on student excellence and school district performance is nothing new, these notions of wanting the best for … Read more

Orange Grove Ponds

The California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Orange Grove, has been a historical landmark that has historically represented the very essence of CSUN all the way back from the year 1952. It was officially announced as a historical site after the Associated Students claimed it to be so officially in 1972. The five-acre orange grove consists … Read more

Analysis On Which Is More Important: Military Drones Or A Cure For Cancer

There are many diseases that plague this world, some physical and some metaphorical. Metaphorical diseases, like war and poverty, can easily be remedied, but physical diseases, like Ebola and the Zika Virus, require much more effort to rehabilitate. However, one in particular has risen above all others throughout history, the most devastating and persistent illness … Read more

The Invention Of Airplanes During World War One

The power that airplanes held in a time of war, was very different then all the other vessels that where used during conflict. For example, ground troops, tanks and ships as “The access [an airplane] provides makes it a faster, more flexible, and more precise than any other form of military power. ” Before the … Read more


What really happened behind the closed gates of Auschwitz? It seems there is not enough words to describe the tragedy that happened inside, but but do we truly know the horrors inside. It is said all you could hear inside of Auschwitz was the screams of prisoners and the smell of burning flesh. In my … Read more

Political Mythological Analysis

Metropolitan areas that are mostly represented by democrats, especially Portland, have become a dominant political power in Oregon. Our informants argued thatthe voice of the conservative population from largely rural areas cannot reach the political decisions, and the bills that are pushed through by Democrats largely affects rural communities. As an insider who observed state … Read more


Endometriosis is a complicated, debilitating disease that is poorly understood and all too frequently misdiagnosed. Most patients have experienced excruciating pain for years. More than 5. 5 million women in North America, and 176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis. Many of these women receive inadequate treatment. Endometriosis is a condition where the cells that … Read more

Struggles Of Mental Illness

Having a chronic illness or condition and being different from the general population subjects a person to possible stigmatization by those who do not have the illness (Joachim & Acron, 2000). Stigma is a negative stereotype. For persons with mental illness, stigma is one of the greatest barrier to complete and satisfying life. Mentally ill … Read more

NASA Crane

The first project that I chose was the NASA Crane engineering challenge. The purpose of this project was to attempt to create a crane from materials provided, but lift the most weight. We also took ratings on how efficient the design was, the look of the design, and the strength of the design. We first … Read more

A Nation At Risk Analysis

With the learning gap, hidden curriculum, and federal education programs it would be reasonable to believe that is the only reason why the educations system is failing. Although, there is one factor that plays the largest role of all, demographics. The type of schooling a child is receiving and where they are receiving that schooling … Read more

Non Christian Research Paper

What does God intend for man to do on his short visit to earth? This is a question that both the Christian and non Christian has. The difference in the two is that the Christian will say that his or her life is to serve God and to have a life that honors Him. Although, … Read more

Wound Healing: A Case Study

Professional tattoos causes the breakage of the skin, triggering the automatic response of wound healing. Otherwise the standard removal of ink using laser can produce scars depending on the depth of the colour. Scarring tissue heavily involves fibroblasts and the specialised myofibroblast role is to replace the ECM components. The scarring and aging of the … Read more

Technical Development Office VII Essay

The whole ordeal lasted only a good ten minutes. When it was all over, one of the turrets was fried by a laser beam from one of the Adelburgers. The other had the barrel of one of its twin mounted Buzzsaws overheated, before it disabled due to sustaining heavy damage. Once the guns were silenced, … Read more

Education In America

Without the government the United States of America would no doubt, not be as successful as it is today. Following the paths that our founding fathers laid out in our constitution, our current government has amended the way we all live to adapt to modern times. There is no doubt that there is no such … Read more

How Music Affects The Brain Essay

“Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. ”(Locker ) This statement by Melissa Locker is continuously backed up by multiple reliable sources from various scientific journals throughout the internet. Even though violent music can cause people to have violent … Read more

Essay On Binge Brinking

Next, I looked at the relationships between numbers of tattoos in relation to the above behaviours. Binge drinking showed a rise between having no tattoos up until having three with a difference of 8. 8%; however, a dramatic drop occurred after that which showed that there were 7. 6% more individuals without tattoos who engaged … Read more