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Doing a great job at college or school but struggling with money?

StudyBoss allows you to get a financial reward by sharing your study notes and essay samples with fellow (lazy) students.

If you are a Jedi in note-taking during classes or have a flair for writing excellent study guides, do not miss on this opportunity. Being a student is arguably one of the toughest jobs as you have to put in tons of efforts and invest even more money before you can find a decent source of income.

Writing down study notes in class takes your blood, sweat, and tears and you naturally feel uneasy when someone asks you to share your notes for free. Just think about it this way. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had some extra cash to cover the ongoing expenses? You are doing this academic work to get good grades anyway. You are creating value that can earn you some pocket money. So why not share it and get something in return?

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Reasons for monetizing your academic efforts:

1) First and foremost, you will never have cash flow problems. You can spend it on textbooks, food, drinks, movies, games, parties, etc.

2) You will earn valuable experience in marketing and sales which will play to your advantage when applying for your first job. Believe us, it matters!

3) In the future, you would be proud to brag around that you started your first business venture back in school. Unless you are a totally shy person, of course 🙂

How to upload files

Ready to get on board? Submitting notes to the marketplace is fairly easy. All you need to do is just make a few taps on your laptop or smartphone to upload academic files. You can feed the notes into our database by pasting the plain texts into the description box or upload the file in any format. For instance, you can simply scan your handwritten notes and attach it via the upload button. Just do not forget about the title of your work. Indicating an informative title is super important as it will help us assign the correct category.

How much you will earn

It is all up to you. You set up the price you feel is reasonable. It all really depends on the number of notes, quality of the work and demand from other students. To be honest, surely, you will not become a multi-millionaire by selling study notes. Though it can be a reliable and passive source of income. In case you simply want to make this world better or share your knowledge for other reasons (maybe you wanna be famous), we will not stop you from donating your study notes for free. Sharing is caring 😉

What stuff you can sell

You are free to sell all sorts of study notes, guides, essays, and other products of your academic activity. Case studies, outlines, flashcards, cheat sheets, presentations, lab results, and research papers are also of high demand. Please, refrain from spamming and submitting other people’s work. We review all the material for accuracy and plagiarism before making it public on the marketplace. We respect the laws of intellectual property. All the notes and works you submit to our platform belong to you. Though we are obliged to delete files in case of copyright infringements.


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