Sherman Alexie’s Survival Equation and the Resilience of Native American Culture

Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven portrays the hardships faced by Native Americans at the hands of the overpowering force of mainstream American culture. Alexie uses multiple perspectives in his book to convey the complexity of the situation on the reservation. However, his recurring themes such as survival, tradition, and underlying … Read more

Steps When Planning a Funeral

Steps When Planning a Funeral When you lose your loved ones, you need to plan the funeral but as much as you need to have plans in place, ensure that your emotions don’t get better of you. When you lose a close family member, you will have to make some essential decisions such as deciding … Read more

A Post-Colonial Interpretation of The Tempest

A post-colonial interpretation of The Tempest is an interpretation which has gained popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century. This particular reading of the play implies that Shakespeare was consciously making a point about colonialism in the New World in the guise of the magician, Prospero’s, usurpation of Caliban, the ‘slave’. It can … Read more

William Blake’s Interpretation of the Effects of Unsolved Problems as Illustrated in His Poem, A Poison Tree

In Williams Blake’s “A Poison Tree” from his wildly popular work Songs of Innocence and Experience: Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul (1794), Blake addresses the “poisonous” results of issues gone unresolved. The poem’s title is entirely fitting in that it provides a metaphor for the results of anger. In this work, … Read more

The Importance of Having a Biblical Worldview and the Issues of the Natural World, Human Identity, and Human Relationships

Introduction A worldview represents a conception of how an individual thinks and sees their daily life. They are two predominant types of worldviews: 1) The humanistic worldview centers around a way of life which is centered on human interests or values; especially: a philosophy that typically rejects supernaturalism and stresses an individual’s dignity, worth and … Read more

Ernest Rutherford, the Father of Nuclear Physics.

An outstanding New Zealand Scientist, best some might say. Is he? A boy named Ernest Rutherford was given birth near Nelson, New Zealand in 1871. He was very inventive in his early years, which he used to help his parents’ farm, He said, “We haven’t the money, so we’ve got to think”He received well education, … Read more

How to find the job you love

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. Yes, we’ve all heard that sentiment countless times, and repeat it to recent graduates like it’s the only career advice they’ll ever need. We print it on motivational posters, bumper stickers, and encouraging note cards. We incorporate it into commencement addresses. But, … Read more

Comic Elements in The Tempest and Our Country’s Good

Comic elements are often said to be integral in both in Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker and The Tempest by William Shakespeare. In The Tempest, the characters of Trinculo and Stephano are arguable almost entirely for comic effect, even having their own sub-plot comic in nature. This can also be said about ‘shitty’ Meg … Read more

Multilateral Educational Pathways

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” according to Albert Einstein, but education sporadically stops after high school. Society is so convinced that one can achieve an intellectual cultivation solely through attending an exorbitant higher-education institution that it neglects to observe the multivalent dimension of education. Luckily, self-cultivation can and should … Read more

The 5 Stages of Culture Shock

Five Stages of Culture Shock: The Honeymoon Stage is being curios and positive about new exciting experiences. People who are in this stage admire and even idealize the new culture. Hostility and Irritability Stage is starting to feel different and actually inferior. The new host culture is confusing or the new systems into which exposed … Read more

Similar Ideas In To His Coy Mistress and a Valediction: Forbidding Mourning

Though “To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell and “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” by John Donne are metaphysical poems emphasizing love, the narrators use very different approaches and have opposing perspectives on what love truly is. In “To His Coy Mistress” the author is speaking of a mistress that he is trying to coax into … Read more

The Process of Community Development

Community development is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Community wellbeing (economic, social, environmental and cultural) often evolves from this type of collective action being taken at a grassroots level. Community development ranges from small initiatives within a small group to large initiatives that … Read more

What is Information Security

INFORMATION SECURITY: Information security (IS) is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer system data from those with malicious intentions. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are sometimes referred to as the CIA Triad of information security. This triad has evolved into what is commonly termed the Parkerian hexad, which includes confidentiality, possession (or … Read more

The Book of Daniel: A Stylistic Analysis

As 1950s America engulfed itself in a widespread fear of Communism, government officials became extra vigilant in finding and punishing possible spies and traitors. Suspects were arrested for saying the wrong thing, being seen in the wrong place at the wrong time, and even for thinking the wrong thoughts. As mass nervosa ensued, Americans began … Read more

The Biography of Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius was born on December 31, 1514, in Brussels, Belgium, to Anders van Wesel, and his wife, Isabel Crabbe. His father was court apothecary to Charles V of Spain.In 1528, he got enrolled at the University of Leuven taking arts, but later decided to pursue a career in the military. In 1533, he got … Read more

The Relationship between Father and Daughter and Their Portrayal in The Merchant of Venice

Despite the lack of a strong paternal figure in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, two separate father-daughter relationships play an integral role in the central plot of the play. The strained relationship of Venetian moneylender Shylock and his daughter Jessica, as well as the nonexistent association between Portia and her deceased father, lead the two … Read more

Could the Tragedy of a Salesman Be the Same Nowadays?

Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman can be measured against Aristotle’s notions of tragedy expressed in his Poetics, involving a fall caused by hamartia and hubris, and an eventual recognition and reversal of fortune, culminating in the audience experience of catharsis. [1] Despite this enduring model for tragedy, Willy Loman, the central character of the play, is not necessarily a tragic hero … Read more

Einstein’s Dreams

Annotations/Journal – Setting and Background Information: The novel is set in Berne, Switzerland in the spring of 1905. Einstein is twenty-six years old, working on his theory of relativity in his extra time. The novels portrays Einstein’s dreams on physics, time and relativity. The year 1905 has been referred to as Einstein’s “miracle year”, for … Read more

Research of the Murder of Hae Min Lee

Who Really Did it? Has anyone ever accused you of doing something wrong, even something small like misplacing the car keys or breaking a vase. Now imagine being accused of something much more significant, like the murder of your ex-girlfriend. Well, that’s what happened to seventeen-year-old Adnan Syed back in 1999. Here’s how the story … Read more

Is Utopia Possible? Analyzing Plato’s Republic

With the goal of creating the perfect society, the utopia of Plato’s Republic rather presents a dystopia that enforces the marginalization of the individual. Plato believes a strict regulation that constricts independence and individuality makes it possible for citizens to live simple and peaceful lives. Because Plato views freedom as a threat of gaining unnecessary … Read more

Drug Abuse In The Community I Live In

The overwhelming problem of drug abuse in Decatur, Illinois has developed into a major issue. For example, Heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, prescription opioids, marijuana, and meth are being sold and used at an epidemic rate. Some cities drug problems might be worse than Decatur’s; however, for the small size of this city, the drug … Read more

The Portrayal of Relationship in Ransom

The love of a father for a son is the strongest human bond in Ransom. Do you agree? In Ransom, David Malouf explores the nature of relationships, suggesting that it is the bond between humans that underpins quintessential events and transformations in the text. It is the paternal instincts of Somax which prompts Priam into … Read more

The Question of Status and Class System

While the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen does not openly display Marx’s idea of the oppressed and the oppressor, it does clearly demonstrate Marx’s ideas of society as a history of class struggle. Austen portrays class divisions and struggles through the relationships between the characters in the novel, chiefly the relationship between Darcy … Read more

Analysis of Rona Jaffe’s Book, The Room-Mating Season

The Room-Mating Season, written by Rona Jaffe, is a novel of supreme quality, as it provokes thought and insists the reader contemplate their beliefs about relationships and their purpose in the world. It engages the reader by inviting them to think about love and how different the meaning is for various people. The Room-Mating Season … Read more

How Television Makes Us More Violent

What’s on TV? This is a common question of today’s generation. A person might reply with one of the following; news, sitcoms, cartoons, sports, or any other various programs. Is this what is really on television? Take a closer look. What is consistently in these programs? Violence, violence is what’s on television. Objections may arise … Read more

Education is the top priority

Education on top priority Today, education stands on top of the priority list. Anywhere you go or anything you want to achieve in your life, you require education. The opportunities to get educated and earn degrees are increasing in numbers. Long gone are the days where students used to walk hours to reach schools with … Read more

The role of Ergonomics in Dentistry

In Greek, “ergo” means work and “nomos” means natural laws or systems. The term ergonomics was coined by British psycholo¬gist Hywel Murrell, at the 1949 meeting at the United Kingdom admiralty, which later led to the foundation of the ergonomic society. The international ergonomic association defines ergonomics as, the scientific disci¬plines concerned with the understanding … Read more

New Found Authority And Mustapha Mond’s Status

In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, World Controller Mustapha Mond has to reconcile imposing the suppressive values of the world state with his powerful knowledge from a past world. This very knowledge is what keeps him in control of the world of AF 632. Community, identity, and stability are the values that he preaches … Read more

Sandra Cisneros’s Woman Hollering Creek: An Interpretation of the Here and There Dichotomy

Deconstructing the Creek Deconstruction of literary texts points to the idea that there is no meaning save its relation to signs and symbols (words). In Sandra Cisneros’ “Woman Hollering Creek,” the “here and there” dichotomy is deconstructed by overturning the many dualities presented by the end of the novel. The protagonist’s preferences regarding her lifestyle … Read more

A Financial Side Of Sport: A Salary Of Professional Athletes

Are pro athletes paid too much? Supersized salaries spark debate over player’s pay. Junior Scholastic/Current Events, (9). 20. Throughout this article, Anastasia makes several insertions about these salaries. These debates have been a topic of interest for some time now, however, nothing is being done to help alleviate them. Through this research induced article, many … Read more