Substance Abuse

Drugs have been around since the beginning of time and in the past used for a variety of medical and even spiritual properties. Many individuals are able to use substances with no negative consequences, but for many it can lead to addiction. Addiction will lead the individuals to have to chronic, relapsing, and compulsive behavior … Read more

The Antichrist

The seal of the Antichrist is the system established by the beast in the last days, the Beast is the Antichrist. Obama has confirmed an existing agreement with aliens, this is the political beast system being set up right now. Without an agreement, the aliens would be helpless here in the United States, they have … Read more

Comparison And Contrast Between Chris And Keyon

Chris and Keyon look into each other’s eyes and nod. Keyon looking into Chris’s green hazelnut eyes and Chris looking into Keyon’s coffee brown eyes. They pulled out their light bronze swords and got ready to battle. The Alfusa,Hades shadow minions, (al-foo-za) advanced surrounding the two boys and attacked. The two boys were overwhelmed and … Read more

Sinoatrial Node

The SA (sinoatrial node) is a pacemaker that is in the right atrium of the heart. SA node control the heart rate using the electrical impulses that sends to the heart muscles and this is how the heart pumping blood out to the entire body and how the heart contract. The stages of the pathway … Read more

The Last Question Of The Egg Essay

The Egg, by Andy Weir takes place in second and first person pronouns – it is a dialogue between “I” and “You”, with the reader being “you” in this short anecdote. It starts off with the “I” speaker, of the story, talking to us – the reader, that we have died in a car accident. … Read more

Cult Film

Definitions of cult range from the innocent to the super extreme. From undying love to just a hobby on the weekends, Cult finds its way into the hearts of viewers in the most unexpected way possible. The film industry is a tough market to breakout into films are considered artwork and others often end up … Read more

Veganism Essay

Something about eating meat always seemed off to me. Often as a young child I would refuse to eat a burger or steak; I also would have a mild panic attack because I strongly believed the red juice oozing out a steak had to be blood. I was not wrong. My parents would desperately try … Read more

French New Wave

French New Wave films can be seen as a contrast of Hollywood film which most of the elements apply in the film is opposite. However, some elements are still similar to Hollywood films, yet, has a different style as Hollywood films. Such mise-en-scene expression are most common style uses in both of the period. And … Read more

2009 Recovery Act Case Study

Sitting down in front of your computer surfing the web, using your smartphone or tablet to post to social media, or turning on your favorite streaming video service for a movie with lightning fast internet speeds has become second nature to most of the world. This, however, is not the case in some rural communities … Read more

Personal Narrative: Fragile Windows

Sideways and hanging in the air with only my seat belt holding me tight, blood was dripping from my nose and I had no idea what was going on around me. All I knew was that this Christmas, stuck in the middle of Utah, was going to change all those in the future for myself … Read more

If There Is No Wind Row Analysis

The proverb that is being researched is “If there is no wind, row” (Roman). Another good way to put this proverb is if something is not in your favor, find another solution. This proverb came from Ancient Roman times, and from this time the roman people were in their golden age when people were figuring … Read more

You Will Find A Way Speech

Do you have a strong feeling that you can’t do it, but you are still being called to try it, to go after it, to make it happen? How many times has this happened in your life? How many times have you ignored the call to do something because you simply believed that you couldn’t … Read more

Privatization Of Space Travel

In the 1960’s, one of the biggest achievements was sending man to the moon. Now, 40 years later, the United States executive branch no longer cares about moon travel. I guess it is just old and cliche and has been done before. So now President Obama wants to hand over space travel to private companies … Read more

The Role Of Books During The Industrial Revolution

The numerous technological innovations of the industrial revolution changed the very fabric of society. As the steam powered printing press became common place in the realm of book making, books could be made far easier and cheaper than what had before been able. Though this changed the face of book production, a more subtle change … Read more

Spartan Narrative

It was a Tuesday in Sparta. The cars were bubbling, kids were crystal porting. I spotted my best friend Urina she is very rebellious just like me. I taught her everything she knows. She isn’t as hard to spot since her and I both have midnight black hair, everybody else’s’ hair is blonde. So it’s … Read more

Saban Alternate Ending

Saban broke the silence in the auto as Marcel tried to evade being followed, “What about the escape line? ” “It is not an option just yet,” Marcel said as he alternated watching the road and the rearview mirror. Saban took a deep breath, exhaled heavily, closed his eyes, and shook his head. “Shit! ” … Read more

Theoretical Framework For Texting And Driving

Driver distraction, and its implicit effects on hazard recognition and vehicle control, has been a prominent topic on highway safety agendas, as well as for the U. S. Congress, state legislatures, the media, and the public at large (Stutts, Feaganes, Reinfurt, Rodgman, Hamlett, Gish, & Staplin, 2001). Much of this attention stems from the enormous … Read more

Six Day War Research Paper

Imagine being revoked of natural rights, not receiving medical care, being abused, and denied citizenship. This is exactly what is happening to Palestinians. Palestinian borders are guarded by Israeli forces, food is often not allowed within the border, and Israel often invades Palestinian civilians hurting and even killing them. The conflict between Palestinians and Israeli … Read more

Difference Between Family Law Act And 2006

The Family Law (Scotland) Act and 2006 is structured with several points, the main four points of this act being; Divorce, Civil Partners, Co-habitees and Gender Recognition. These four points are going to be covered and analysed throughout this report. This report will widen understanding of family law and the different aspects that come under … Read more


Since the Dark Ages, mankind has sought innovative solutions to a problem that has plagued them for centuries. Soldiers who were amputated and left handicapped from the horrors of war struggled to find a functional answer to their situation. Peg legs and hand hooks were one of the first developments in ancient prosthetics. However, they … Read more

Consequences Of Progress Over Time Tolstoy

Progress over time Tolstoy also displays more severe consequences resulting from immoral actions. Tolstoy shows his understanding of how desire and human nature go hand in hand based on 3 characters, Stiva, Anna, and Vronksy. Stiva’s infidelity is the epitome of the relationship between desire and human nature. Rather than accepting fault for his affair … Read more

1950s And 2010 Research Paper

Events in the 1950s up to around the end of the 2000s have affected and still continue to take effect on the United States in modern times. There are so many events between the 1950s and 2010 that are ample enough to meet the criteria to be put under this category, but like in most … Read more

The Future Of NASA

Space is the final frontier for all human here on Earth. It has introduced unimaginable worlds that are unknown and undiscovered. It has shown the world that these so called “Impossible missions” become reality in front of our eyes. No one has ever believed in humanity that one day we will have the ability to … Read more

How Does Mental Illness Affect Society

To this day there is still a huge misunderstanding of mental illnesses and how individuals experiencing symptoms are affected. Specifically with the up and downs of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and many individuals associate the disorders with certain aspects only due to mainstream media. These mental illnesses manifest themselves vastly different in each individual with the … Read more

Diabetic Research Paper

Diabetics are restricted from many things throughout their lifetime, there are more necessities then there are restrictions. It is very important for Diabetics to know what they are eating and the nutritional facts of the food. One reason for this is because before they eat food they inject insulin into their body. In order to … Read more

Confessor Catholic Church

For my field research and final paper, I went to a Catholic church by the name of St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church, which is located in Dana point, California. In the 1960’s Father Ozias Cook was the pastor of Our lady Fatima in San Clemente. It was from here that the Father gathered people … Read more

Enhancing Performance

Organizational leadership from companies far and wide has spent millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars trying to develop the perfect method for the enhancement of performance within his/her organization. Human resource (HR) managers have been directed to come up with incentive packages that might include trips, concert and sporting event tickets, spot bonuses, … Read more

Suicide And Assia Research Paper

Accidents are defined as an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; casualty. (Dictionary. com) Accidents can occur in different types, some include workplace accidents, traffic while on the road, at home, while engaged in sports, some due to negligence or carelessness by an individual. The … Read more

Olympics In Chicago

In 1896, the Olympic Games were officially reborn into the modern era thanks to a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin (Lewis, 1992). In 1904, the Games of the III Olympiad arrived in the United States, marking itself as the first Olympics to be held in said country as well as the first hosted outside … Read more

Hutu And Tusti Research Paper

Many States in Africa have the issues of ethnic and class cleavages escalating that resulted in very harsh warfare. Not many governments of African states that had these events in history that lead to mass deaths and population and/or citizen rate decrease influenced the violence. Two ethnic groups made a large mark in African history … Read more

Keltie: A Narrative Fiction

Keltie leaned in. Her soulmate’s hands were on her shoulders, caressing gently. It was too dark for her to make out a face, all she could see was a shadowy figure and a bright smile. After looking for years, she had finally found someone who was hers, and only hers. A kiss would make it … Read more

Controversy Regarding The Legality Of Immigration To The United States

Immigration is a concept as old as the creation of United States of America, in fact, immigration is the concept that the United States of America was founded on. Immigration is when someone from one country changes their permanent residence to another country and obtains, or tries to obtain, citizenship in that country. The original … Read more

Hydraulic Fracturing Effects

Hydraulic fracturing is when a hole or “well” is drilled deep into the ground, in an effort to extract valuable natural gas reserves which exist beneath the surface. The process of constructing a hydraulic fracturing well includes drilling into the Earth–first vertically and then horizontally, then lining the well with a two-terminal tube with one … Read more

Clinical Depression Essay

We fancy ourselves sensory creatures; each individual endowed with a one-of-a-kind information processing system. This ability has allowed humans to thrive and dominate our planet; however, our strength also has downsides. The same mechanisms which allow humans to perceive beauty in the world can also have the opposite effect, resulting in darker, more negative perceptions … Read more

11-150 Word Diary

My Diary: 11/2 Today he walked in with a deep blue bruise on his face. This wasn’t the first time I pretended it wasn’t there. 11/9 He started using his left hand for everything today. He is right-handed, but I didn’t mention it. 11/16 Today he walked in with a limp. The bruise from two … Read more

A Comparison Of Annie Films

It seems like every day that a movie is being remade for theaters again, but are they any better or have any different of an outcome than they had before. I look to find out the answer in this essay where I decided to watch all of the “Annie” movies that were created and decide … Read more

The Cuban Missile Crisis During The Cold War

Both the United States and the Soviet Union had strong military forces of aircrafts, ships, tanks, and soldiers. Both also had arsenals of thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that were capable of destroying entire cities and millions of people in an instant (Byrne 11). In addition to these weapons, both nations had intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that … Read more

Creative Writing: Facial Hair

It was the worst facial hair she had ever seen. Most of the men in the gymnasium had beards. Some were attractive. Most looked like birds’ nests. This one was exceptional. “Hello? ” A large red hand waved between them. “Hello? ” Lisa plastered on a bright smile and repeated the phrase she had used … Read more

Tay Sachs Disease

A rare and fatal disease, Tay-Sachs is characterized as one of the devastating neurodegenerative disease. Children afflicted with Tay-Sachs “lose motor skills and mental functions” eventually becoming “blind, deaf, mentally retarded, paralyzed… Tay-Sachs children usually die by age five” (“Tay-Sachs Disease”). A diagnosis of infantile Tay-Sachs is akin to a death sentence; the only form … Read more

Domestic Violence Article Summary

It is a common misconception to think that intimate partner violence, or domestic violence, is a one-sided dilemma—meaning solely male perpetrators and female victimization. . Given the fact that the media primarily focuses the public’s attention on the battered woman. Although found that intimate partner violence (IPV) is predominantly a crime against women. The Domestic … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Scars

You can use products such as aloe vera, essential oils, and certain vitamins to get rid of acne scars naturally. Many fruits and vegetables will also help remove scars. I Want to Know How to Get Rid of Scars Naturally What Are Some Good Ways to Get Rid of Scars Naturally? Various surgical procedures are … Read more

Reco’s Behavior Case Study

Reco remains placed in the foster home of Ms. W. with his brother Yeshua. Ms. W. related that although Reco continues to have episodic difficulties with regulating his emotions and managing his apparent low tolerance for frustration, she has seen improvement over the past year, both in his behavior and his ability to modify his … Read more