Personal Narrative: Fragile Windows

Sideways and hanging in the air with only my seat belt holding me tight, blood was dripping from my nose and I had no idea what was going on around me. All I knew was that this Christmas, stuck in the middle of Utah, was going to change all those in the future for myself … Read more

Timezone Memo

IGN: BlameMorgan (past IGNs > MorganAG, MorganGallant, gallantmo) Age (Must be 14 or older): 16 Timezone: I live in Ontario, Canada, so my time zone is EST. How active can you be: I am a very active player on HCF, and thoroughly enjoy being on these types of servers. That being said, I can be … Read more

Descriptive Essay-Personal Narrative

I casually walked down the stairs, and I saw something on the table. Confused at what it was, I walked closer. It was a shiny, small, white slip of paper. When I got closer, I realized it was a ticket to the Bulls game. My head exploded like a balloon. My face lit up like … Read more

Keltie: A Narrative Fiction

Keltie leaned in. Her soulmate’s hands were on her shoulders, caressing gently. It was too dark for her to make out a face, all she could see was a shadowy figure and a bright smile. After looking for years, she had finally found someone who was hers, and only hers. A kiss would make it … Read more

I Know Me Narrative

10. When did you know you were destined for something? When you were in grade school, high school or college? It’s possible, you have not found it yet, or maybe you are like me and it was immediate. Something so built into your body, your DNA, your life that it is like the color of … Read more

My Hero’s Day: A Narrative Fiction

Sometimes I love my sibling. Other times, I want to shave all his precious hair off in his sleep. Depends on the day, depends on how much he decides to make my job actual hell. I really wish he would stop giving mortals goddamned visions to help them avoid death. I am Death, and if … Read more

My Daddy Research Paper

My daddy passed away in May 2008. However, there was much leading up to when he passed away. It was a difficult time for many years as in the summer of 2002, his left leg was amputated below the knee due to an infection that somehow got into his leg from complications from Charcot’s foot. … Read more

Refugee: A Narrative Fiction

“I love you! ” But by the time I looked back my mother was gone. I knew she was just trying to get me away from her when she said “go hide, let’s play hide and seek. ” A few minutes later I realized why she had me hide, there was a group of mean … Read more

Personal Narrative: The 12-Inning Game Essay

THUMP! The ball was hit into deep left, and it had some distance to it. The infield stared as the ball made contact with the bat and rocketed over their heads. They probably should have covered their base or gone out and get the ball from the outfield but they knew that it was all … Read more

Essay on East Harlem Narrative

7. El Barrio and the Upper East Side: It had been a crazy morning as I ran all over my house trying to find my jacket and boots. My mom had been admitted into the hospital that morning for a massive headache and all I could think about was whether or not she would be … Read more

Essay on Personal Narrative: Moving To Ecuador

Intro Alex, and that tree. I’ve lived in two completely different places. For the greater part of my life, in Ecuador, and for the last 4 years, in California. Moving away from the place that I spent my entire life at, has really changed me. I had to leave all of the people I love … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: Marching Band

It wasn’t a typical Friday until I got my morning headache courtesy of the freshman drumline banging out a rough cadence three months and counting after marching season and I stepped in a puddle of spit. And my new black converses just made contact with the remnants of the trombones’ spit valves. The brown tiled … Read more

Joan Didions Play It As It Lays Essay

Play It As It Lays: Life Unscripted (DRAFT) Maria Wyeth is an actress, a beaut, a dimming star, a schizophrenic, and beyond that a untraditional loving mother to Kate, her daughter. The way Joan Didion writes “Play It As It Lays” in satirical way upon Hollywood lifestyle is tantalizing the mind to think that Hollywood … Read more

Personal Narrative Essay: The Trench Of Death

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. ” -Oliver Wendell Holmes. One day, I was walking around campus with my friend Faith when both of us stumbled upon a sign in the elevator that mentioned a trip to Europe to study our favorite parts of … Read more

Vasquez Landholdings: A Short Story Essay

34 years post-plague, Vasquez Landholdings, Southern Texas, fall of 2073 “Hey Giana, guess what? I’m going to give you a spanking! ” “What for? I’ll tell on you! ” “No one likes a tattletale and everyone knows that the birthday girl gets spankings on her birthday. ” Crossing her arms and shaking her head, looking … Read more

Rebecca Yoder Narrative Essay

Rebecca Yoder Was 12 Years Old When She Disappeared. I look closely at the wrinkly newspaper and see a grainy black-andwhite photo of myself, a photo I never even knew was taken. You can’t tell that I have mousy brown hair or mossy eyes like my mother’s. This is wrong, this all wrong, I think … Read more

Randy Jackson Monologue Essay

“Yo, Yo, Yo! Check it out dawgs. I’m just keeping it real up here in the front of the plane. Get ready for the flight of yo life. I am your pilot, Randy Jackson, ready to fly you to absolutely nowhere! ” declared Randy as he shoved the microphone back into the wall. My heart … Read more

Personal Narrative: My New Mexico Family Essay

The tapping on the wood door was enormous in the silence. Shocked out of my solitude, I pushed myself up from the couch and heaved open the door. Silhouetted against the light was a dark-haired woman with a girl clinging to her skirt. I knew who she was. My landlady had told me about the … Read more

Twenty One Pilots-Personal Narrative Essay

“Sometimes quiet is violent,” those words ring into the teeming stadium as thousands of zealous fans sing along. One of those fans happen to be myself, standing in the middle of the pit of people. Two shadowy silhouettes exist on stage; one on the piano and the other on the drums. Then suddenly the lights … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ontario Essay

5:45 a. m. , Wednesday, Boxing Day, 2013. I was sleeping soundly in my bed when the phone rang. I could hear the sound of someone getting up to pick up the phone. Shortly afterwards, I could hear the sound of weeping. I heard my Mom tell my Dad that Oma had passed away. Two … Read more

Creative Writing: The Immigrant In Iraq Essay

“Okay, everything looks good,” they nod and hand me a small plastic receipt, “Go ’round the corner and one of our technicians will be with you shortly. ” I’d been donating blood to ZLB plasma for the past few months, ever since I’d left Lana and the luxury of Kenwood for this small one bedroom … Read more

Essay on Personal Narrative: My Life In Miami

My dad was the person that named me Brian. Knowing him, I was pretty lucky to get a normal name. I’m surprised that it wasn’t something strange or funny-sounding. My siblings have pretty normal names too. My brother is William and my sister is Jennifer. My middle name is Robert. It was given to me … Read more

Brother Goff-Personal Narrative Essay

Music has always been a very important part of my life. As a child, I was mesmerized by Disney’s Fantasia 2000 and watched the Disney sing-a-longs over and over. I began playing piano at a young age, and in middle school added more instruments to my list, such as flute, saxophone, and ukulele. I have … Read more

Personal Narrative: The Fort Worth Zoo Essay

What does our future hold for us? Will it fulfill our wishes and dreams? Will we have a happy family? Well in order to worry about our future, we have to learn from our past and how we have changed. About 65 million years ago, a meteor hit Earth and primates started to show up … Read more

Personal Narrative-Home Owner Association Fees Essay

Fall had just begun, but with so many trees in our yard and around the neighborhood – the yard was already brimming over with autumn leaves. To make things even more interesting (some would say worse) we live at the end of the block. Every breeze guides whatever debris it finds (including neighbor’s leaves) right … Read more

Humorous Wedding Speech Essay

Hi my name is Cecilia Mairea Bjorn, funny name for a German girl right, I am eleven years old today, that means it’s my birthday and my best friend Angie Lofkin is coming over for my birthday party. We’ve been best friends for eleven years now so our whole life we’ve always spent our birthday’s … Read more

Narrative Essay About My American Dream

Growing up in a war torn country, I always dreamed of living in the United States. Every person in our small town talked about how exciting and full of opportunity America was. Play dates, cartoons, and trips to Disney land made the top of every little kid’s birthday wish. Unlike most children, my birthday party … Read more

Creative Writing: A Humorous Wedding Essay

The first time Monsieur came to call, I was nervous, but vowed to Angelique that I would not show it. Mon pere invited Monsieur de Lafontaine to our last barbeque of the season, which was usually a small affair with twenty to thirty invited guests. I alone, was to entertain Louis de Lafontaine in the … Read more

Personal Narrative: A Near Death Experience Essay

People always say that in a near death experience, your life always flashes before your eyes. I waited for that moment to happen, but all I saw was the series of decisions that led me to the situation I was in. I remember this morning clearly, the day I had been waiting for, When I … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Legacy Essay

Throughout the years, billions of individuals have inhabited the Earth, each with their own lives and their own particular choices. With every choice made, these individuals have started to compose their legacy, which is the exemplification of who they are and what they have accomplished. I, like the majority of the rest of the world, … Read more