Yakult Target

Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd, a Japanese listed company that is world-renowned for manufacturing probiotic products, created Yakult (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd in February 2004. This subsidiary upholds the Yakult philosophy of promoting good health and preventing diseases through the use of probiotics.There is only oneYakult factory located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan that produces not just for … Read more

Nintendo Target Market

Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s latest console, released in March of 2017. The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success, selling over 4 million units in its first month. Nintendo attributes this success to its innovative marketing plan. Nintendo’s marketing strategy for the Switch was two-fold: first, Nintendo heavily marketed the Switch as a hybrid console, … Read more

Six Macro Environmental Forces

Every business exists within a macro environment of six forces. These forces can be categorized as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. All of these forces have an impact on how businesses operate and make decisions. Political factors include things like government policy and regulation. Economic factors include things like interest rates and inflation. … Read more

Henry Tam And The MGI Team

Management is the process of achieving organizational goals through the efficient use of resources. Management includes planning, decision making, organizing, staffing, and directing. The Henry Tam & MGI team case is a classic example of how effective management can lead to success. The team was tasked with developing a new product for Mattel, and they … Read more

Dogfight Over Europe Ryanair A Case Study Analysis

In the early 2000s, Ryanair, an Irish low-cost carrier, embarked on a new marketing strategy that saw the airline aggressively pursue growth in the European market. The strategy was successful, and by 2006 Ryanair was the largest airline in Europe in terms of passenger numbers. However, as the global economic downturn began to bite in … Read more

Swatch and The Global Watch Industry

Swatch Group is a Swiss watchmaking conglomerate headquartered in Biel, Switzerland. It is the world’s largest watchmaker and one of the most well-known brands in the industry. The company was founded in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek, and today it comprises over 20 brands, including Omega, Longines, Tissot, and Swatch itself. The watch industry is a … Read more

Marketing Myopia Summary

In marketing myopia, businesses focus too narrowly on their product or service, without considering the needs of their customers. This can lead to missed opportunities and declining sales. To avoid marketing myopia, businesses need to take a step back and consider the bigger picture. They need to understand the needs of their customers and what … Read more

Truearth Case Study

Marketing is an important aspect of any company, and Truearth has been able to utilize marketing to build their brand and expand their business. In this case analysis, we will take a look at how Truearth has used marketing to grow their company and how they can continue to use marketing to reach new heights. … Read more

Brand Comparison

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two of the most popular carbonated beverages in the world. Though they are similar in many ways, there are also some key differences between the two brands. Coca-Cola was first introduced in 1886, while Pepsi came about 36 years later in 1922. Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine (hence the name Coca), but … Read more

Acquiring Pippedream Case Summary

Meeting #1 The decision regarding whether Gina should continue bootstrapping her side venture Productizer, or start raising capital is one that needs to be carefully thought out. After all, bootstrapping and seeking out funding are both accompanied with a different set of benefits and drawbacks. Gina has positioned her business to where raising capital has … Read more

Career Future Swot Analysis Paper

Strengths Weaknesses • Seeks the theoretic knowledge and practical skills found in college-trained candidates • Entry level positions expect knowledge in several areas of marketing • Job growth is strong in most of Ontario • Job future is very good in the area • Sales is often thought to be synonymous with marketing, making a … Read more

Business Analysis: Boer Goat

In the central part of Oklahoma, there is a moderate sized town, Seminole. Seminole is where I grew up and have been my entire life. I own a business just outside of the community. Four T’s Boer Goats is the business which I run. At Four T’s, we raise 100% registered show Boer goats. Boer … Read more

Orthotics Research Papers

The ideal of running shoes has been an ever changing and constantly growing aspect for many who strive to improve their overall running experience and performance. The history of this invention originates in 18th century England where a breakthrough was made by a man named Wait Webster who patented the concept of a rubber sole … Read more

Under Armour Essay

Under Armour (UA) is an American sports apparel manufacturer. A former University of Maryland football player, Kevin Plank, started with a simple plan to develop an exclusive T-shirt. This style of T-shirt was to help keep perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. A T-shirt that functioned alongside your body to control ones temperature … Read more

Under Armour Corporate Level Strategy

Acquisitions, which are partnerships with college and professional sport teams since they buy the rights to sponsor those teams, will be UA’s most vital corporate level strategy. The drawback to this is that UA’s distribution through retailers increases the prices of products (Burke, 2012). One way to remedy this is to open more outlets with … Read more

Tim Hortons Case Essay

Introduction: Tim Hortons is currently the largest fast food restaurant chain in Canada that provides a variety of products that appeal to a broad range of consumer preferences at relatively low prices. It is the fourth largest publicly traded quick service restaurant chain in North America based on market capitalization. (pg3) The quick service restaurant … Read more

Case Study: California Alcoholic Beverage Violation Essay

In this memorandum, I will discuss what procedures Vince Patton should implement to prevent future violations of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) regulations, as well as other company violations. I will then address how Patton should handle the three employees who violated the regulations. PROCEDURES Carter Mario, George Pavlov, and Joe Roberts violated numerous … Read more

Pinto Case Summary Essay

Mr. Gioia’s decisions regarding the Pinto fires highlights the disengagement from emotion often associated with business decisions. From a business stand point, decisions have to be based on facts and financial repercussions are the ultimate deciding factor in which action to pursue. If a defect in a certain make or model of car is classified … Read more

Essay on Swot Analysis Of Lululemon

Company profile Lululemon was founded in 1998, by Chip Wilson. After attending a yoga class, Wilson noted that the existing cotton clothing which people wear in yoga class was neither fitted nor appropriate for sweaty and stretchy yoga. He then spotted a gap between the increasingly popular sport and the unmet demand of yoga clothing. … Read more

Northwell Case Study Organizational Change Essay

Northwell Inc. is a medical company that was formed after the successfully merger of Canada’s Northern Medical and United States’ Wellness Medical Company. The merger of the two companies resulted in the increased market presence of Norwell’s products that in turn resulted in higher volumes of sales, increased returned on equity and profitability. However, in … Read more

Real Estate Coach Case Study Essay

Josh Cantwell earned his reputation in the real estate market by actively taking part in hundreds of real estate deals. To share the knowledge he has gained over the years, Mr. Cantwell opted to co-found Strategic Real Estate Coach. Thanks to the unique business approach he uses, he is able to find a good balance … Read more

Ingg Australia Case Research Paper

UGG Australia is an American footwear company. It is a part of the Decker’s Outdoor Corporation. UGG is a high quality known brand in the United States as well as over one hundred and thirty other countries for footwear. Although, they do sell other products UGG is mainly known for its boots and slippers, as … Read more

Examples Of Synthesis Essay Museum

Museum Synthesis Museums bring history and culture to life by allowing individuals to gain unique hands on experience that is different from learning from textbooks or television. One can never know the reality behind certain artifacts and art until they see it for themselves. The perception of viewing a multitude of replicas and pictures such … Read more

Compare And Contrast Nike And Under Armour Essay

When it comes to athletic apparel, the first company people think of is either Nike or Adidas. Why? Both Nike and Adidas have done an impressive job in marketing their products, with popular spokesperson like Kobe Bryant or Derrick Rose. Nike’s success is attributed to its products contributing to the success of the athletes who … Read more

Essay On Seal Hunting

Man’s presence in the eco-system requires a “green” approach to the use of animals. The principle of the sustainable use of a natural, renewable resource meets this requirement ecologically, conservationally and morally” (TheSealFishery. com). I think the seal hunt is one of the world’s best examples that refer to “green” approach to the use of … Read more

Local Snail Population Case Study Essay

Iris has been studying an invasive population of snails. This particular snail has no local predators, so the population grows wildly. She has observed that the population follows an exponential rate of growth for fifteen years. 1. Create your own exponential function, f(x), which models the snail population. You will need to identify the principal … Read more

Pet Paw Marketing Strategy Essay

Pet Paw’s Photography branding strategy is our logo and slogan which is a big part of our branding strategy to connect with our customers by placing our logo on all of our products in order to get our name out their, and remind our customers about our product. We also conduct extensive research on similar … Read more

Fitbit Case Study Essay

Question 1 Fitbit is an interactive device to measure body functions such as heart rate, steps climbed or walked and other personal health data, like heart rate and quality of sleep. It is worn on your wrist or waist, depending on which Fitbit you are using. Fitbit is made by Fitbit, Inc. with their main … Read more

Swot Analysis Of Vincor Essay

Agenda • Overview • History • Background • Mission Statement • Current strategies • Major acquisition by Vincor Vincor’s history can be followed back to 1874 with the foundation of Niagara Falls wine organization, established by Thomas Bright and Francis Shiriff. In 1993, these organizations; Cartier, Inniskillin and T. ). Splendid, consolidated together to frame … Read more

Swot Analysis Of Fitbit Essay

According to Motley Fool, 2015, Fitbit is undoubtedly the frontrunner in the wearable fitness tracker marketplace, with approximately 70% of the device market share and 85% of the market by dollar value as of Q1 2015. Fitbit declares that its principal strength is that its name has become synonymous with the connected fitness market; in … Read more

Essay about Case Study: Manifest Destiny

III. MARKETING A. Major marketing objectives and goals Manifest Destiny’s goal is obtain 40 acres of property off of Country Road 181A in Salida Co. and begin the process of clearing and planting the rye fields. Once that is accomplished we plan to build a structure to house the distillery, with mills, barrel rooms and … Read more

Ad Campaign Dell

The biggest area of expansion for Dell is the consumer market. In order to develop more sales in this market Dell needs to focus more advertising on the needs and wants of the consumer. Currently Dell promotes its direct model, which is a key factor Dell needs to create a better position for itself in … Read more

Marketing Research

Sasel Research has developed a research proposal for Epic Developers to investigate the needs and wants when buying inner-city luxury apartments. The information that we collect will determine the advertising strategies that will be employed. Background information must be considered before research design and data collection methods are implemented. We have collected a variety of … Read more

Market Segmentation Essay

The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow your marketing/sales program to focus on the subset of prospects that are “most likely” to purchase your offering. If done properly this will help to insure the highest return for your marketing/sales expenditures. Depending on whether you are selling your offering to individual consumers or a … Read more

Marketers of mature products

How would you advertise a toothpaste at the four different stages in its life Risk seems to go hand in hand with the introduction stage because the chance of product failure is quite high. Profits will be below zero due to low initial revenues while the toothpaste company covers large expenses for promotion and distribution. … Read more

AM General’s prototype Hummer

Marketing often comes down to making your customers intelligent enough to buy your products or services. They have to understand what it is you’re selling, how it’ll help them, and how much better it is than any other solution. Market segmentation, is the selection of groups of people who will be most receptive to a … Read more

Citibank Asia Pacific Credit Card Launch

The key questions that must be answered in this case study are many. Yet the foremost question is should Citibank launch the card product in the Asia Pacific Rim and in what particular countries? The answer to this question is a resounding yes to all countries with the exception of Korea. Another key question is: … Read more

Accounting Ethics Essay

When examining the effect of open marketing on the profession of accounting it is important to view it from three perspectives: the client’s, the profession’s, and society’s. Additionally, two key areas that are affected by marketing must be addressed, these are concerning competition, and ethical implications. Marketing in public accounting is here to stay therefore … Read more

Toys “R” Us – Market Selection Strategy

Throughout the major Canadian cities we find many of the large category killer stores. These stores expanded across Canada in the 1980’s and 90’s. These category killing stores specialize in one particular category, but offer a moderately deep assortment of brands, styles, and prices in all of the merchandise classes that make up the category. … Read more

International Marketing Program

A firms international marketing program must generally be modified and adapted to foreign markets. This international marketing program uses strategies to accomplish its marketing goals. Within each foreign nation, the firm is likely to find a combination of marketing environment and target markets that are different from those of its own home country and other … Read more

Priceline. com (PCLN)

Priceline. com (PCLN) may have been able to bring a dynamic reverse auction model to the market, but a cloud of doubt now hangs over the company’s headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. Consumer adoption has been hurt by poor Web site functionality and a rigid bidding system that locks customers into buying products such as plane … Read more

Southwest Airlines Marketing Strategy

Southwest Airlines is the industry leader in low cost airfare. They began its operation in 1971 with three Texas based routes and began interstate routes in 1978. When Southwest entered the market in 1971 they employed a market penetration pricing approach. They wanted to provide the best service for the lowest possible price. They saw … Read more

Sony And Marketing

The primary concern or objective of marketing is to identify and satisfy, or exceed the changing needs of customers. In view of this broad concern of marketing, it can be seen that the concept of marketing encapsulates many activities in a business. Marketing, in fact, refers to any activity undertaken by a firm that has … Read more