Gold’s Gym SWOT Analysis

Strengths Endorsed by celebrities- Gold’s gym enjoys several celebrity endorsements such as Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This means that any followers of these celebrities will immediately see Gold’s gym as the only option for a gym membership. In addition, the endorsements act as publicity that simply draws attention to the gym which will encourage … Read more

The GoPro Brand Analysis

The GoPro brand is synonymous with action cameras as the Nick Woodman-led company essentially created this market by launching the first commercially available action camera back in 2002. There is no significant factor for politic and economic in this sector, However for the social factors it make this company business become bright in the recent … Read more

A Case Study on the Marketing Plan and Strategy for Apple Inc.

Marketing strategy for Apple Incorporation In its marketing plan, Apple incorporation has employed the STDP strategy (Payne 2017). STDP is a strategy that employs segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning. By using this model, the company has identified niches with specific needs to which they are marketing their products. In the selection of its market segments, … Read more

How Advertising Objectifies Women To Sell Products

Advertising agencies have for far too long treated women unfairly something that women’s movement has criticized for over half a century. Women advertising different products on televisions, magazines, and on personal computer screens are portrayed as scantily dressed (Zimmerman & Dahlberg, 2008). As a matter of fact, sex forms a major component of the media. … Read more

Impact of marketing on society 

Impact of marketing on society definition of marketing Marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer. – report of definition Committee of American marketing associations Marketing is a total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want-satisfying products and … Read more

Business Plan Of Bubble Tea Shop

ChatTime is the unique Bubble Tea Shop. ChatTime opens its first shop in Taiwan in 2005 and continues expanding its stores to 1000 in 80 cities worldwide. ChatTime can be found in the US, Canada, China, Japan, Philippine, Vietnam, Singapore, India, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, and Myanmar. This business plan is to open … Read more

Customers Relationship Management (CRM)

A) Customers Relationship Management (CRM) Customers Relationship Managements used to build up and maintain a good relationship with customers. CRM business model used by Dell is direct business model, where the computer systems are custom-built based on customers’ specifications and services are tailored to customers’ needs. Dell is using CRM system to contact customers directly … Read more

A Study Of The Impact Of Media On Teenagers As Depicted In Alissa Quart’s Novel Branded: The Buying And Selling Of Teenagers

Branded – The Buying and Selling of Teenagers Teenagers have always been important to brands because they tend to be early adopters and because, generally, their brand preferences aren’t yet firmly defined. Alissa Quart explores the relationship between teenagers and the media in her novel Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers. The book has … Read more

The product innovation process

Innovation is the management of all the activities involved in the process of idea generation, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of a new (or improved) product or manufacturing process or equipment. There are different types of innovation. First, radical versus incremental innovation where one research draws the distinction between radical and incremental innovations (Abrunhosa and … Read more

4 P’s of Pandora

Anyone who has pursued school for business and marketing is well versed on the topic of the 4 P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. The model has been considered a form of control, both simple and instructional. Companies market to consumers. Products are created for their worth and features defined, prices are set, … Read more

The Maturity of the Six Stages of Social Business Transformation Strategy

Altimeter identifies six stages of social business transformation, how would you assess the maturity of this brand’s social business strategy? Altimeter’s Charlene Li and Brian Solis establish that businesses are born as equals in their social media maturity. There are emerging organizations that have social media strategies against “social business”. Business invests in social media … Read more

JVZoo Affiliate Marketing

Entering the web associated marketing business is extremely simple and easy. The initial step starts with finding the right associated projects and putting an application to start. A part of the web-based marketing programs have an extreme procedure for obtaining the endorsement, but all the projects do not fit into that classification.JVzoo is one of … Read more

Sex in advertising

Responding to this case study, Tom Reichert, author of the book: Sex in Advertising: Perspective on the Erotic Appeal, explains that ‘’sex does not always sell, but sexiness does’’ (p. 55). The use of sex appeals in the advertising industry is a good way to target certain market segments, but it does not work with … Read more

Market failure: reasons and consequences

Market failure occurs where free markets fail to allocate scarce resources efficiently. Market failure can come in many forms, the main four are public goods, Merit goods, Externalities and imperfect competition. In this report, I will investigate the relationship between these four main factors and the free market. Public goods are goods and services that … Read more

Guccio Gucci: the History of Success

Everything started in Florence in 1921 when Guccio Gucci, coming back from London where he was working for the Savoy Hotel, decided to open a shop specialized in fine leather goods. He started selling leather bags to horsemen because the Florence nobility started to ask him to make accessories for horse riding, in this way … Read more

Youtube Campaign For Flight Club

The YouTube campaign benefits from the superstars that go to the shop as each of them already has loyal fan base. Most of these supporters follow their favorite celebrities keenly online. Having the stars appear on the show guarantees that their fans will watch their favorite celebrities shopping, which in turn motivates the said fans … Read more

Types, Growth Cycle, Commercial Value And Market Demand Of Orchid

Orchidaceae is one of the largest families in flowering plants consists of 899 genera and 28484 species. Orchids show several forms of growth such as terrestrial, epiphytic and some are lithophytes. About 70% of orchids in the world are epiphytic. Majority of the temperate orchids are terrestrial while tropical orchids are epiphytic or lithophytic. Epiphytic … Read more

Frito Lay Case

Product design: Each of Frito lay’s 40 product or more must be conceived and designed, tasted such as market studies also evaluated for profitability. Quality: The standards for each ingredient including its purity and quality must be determined. Process: The process that is necessary to produce the product that must be maintained for each component … Read more

Marketing Myopia Summary

Marketing Myopia occurs when company leaders define their mission too narrowly. It is a form of business short-sightedness. In this article, Theodore Levitt expresses his views on how industries failed to continue their growth due to lack of realizing the need of expanding into sectors adjacent to which they are already working. Levitt believes that … Read more

Analysis Of The Strategic Branding Decision And Positioning Of Mercedes-Benz

Introduction This article analyses the strategic branding decision and positioning of Mercedes-Benz. A well positioned brand for any fine engineered product is likely to receive positive sales response while the bad ones just the opposite. Brand Management Concept by (Keller K. , 2008), highlights that “Good brand positioning helps to guide marketing strategy by clarifying … Read more

"Maggi" history of the company of minute noodles

  Maggi is a worldwide brand of minute noodles asserted by Nestle since 1947. The association at first was formed in Switzerland in the year 1872 by Julius maggi. Maggi noodles were pushed in India in the mid 1980. The Chairman of Nestle Carlo M Donati passed on the noodles to India As a customer we accept an imperative part in the economy neighbourhood, nation and … Read more

Brand Equity

Absolutely, it’s a proven thing that the people are more willing to pay for a famous brand than for a product with the same specifications produced by a less famous brand. In the marketing industry, the concept is referred to as Brand Equity. Basically, Brand Equity is the values associated to a brand name, based … Read more

Channel Management Process

I want to better explain the steps in the channel management process, using real life examples from the store that I work for and its primary supplier. These steps include: analyzing the consumer, establishing channel objectives, specifying distribution tasks, evaluating and selecting intermediaries, and evaluating channel member performance (Hiam, 2007). The first step of the … Read more

Analysis Of Descriptive Statistics And Inferential Statistics

Introduction The meaning of methodology According to Polit and Hungler (2004:233), methodology refers to ways of obtaining, organizing and analyzing data. Methodology decisions depend on the nature of the research question. Methodology in research can be considered to be the theory of correct scientific decisions (Karfman as cited in Mouton & Marais 1996:16). In this … Read more

How to design a logo?

Logos are symbols made up of text and images that help us identify brands we like. The fundamental function of a logo is giving your business a unique mark that differentiates you from other businesses. A logo is different from branding in that it is a part of your branding, not the other way around. … Read more

Waterfall and agile methodologies: advantages and disadvantages

Agile methodology uses an iterative process where all the teams and collaborate and client provides feedback throughout the entire process of developing a new software product. In an agile methodology, a large amount of work is divided into smaller chunks called ‘sprints’. A sprint is developed and tested in a parallel fashion. This means that … Read more

Hydroponics Lighting Guide

HID Lights HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are the most popular grow lights for now, mostly used by professionals. They are highly intense and provide a very high quantity of visible light per watt of electricity consumed meaning they are highly efficient. They are classified into different types based on the material used to make … Read more

The Fear Appeal in Adertising

An appeal is the reason to which an advertisement is directed and the purpose is to move the audience toward a goal set by the advertiser. However, the use of fear appeals in advertising is not well accepted and can give bad views, unexpected results or have unintended negative effects on people. Moreover, types of … Read more

The Success of Coca-Cola in the Soft Drink Market

In the years between 1975 and 1993, the Coca Cola Company posted an average return on equity of 30.5%. Similarly, PepsiCo Inc. recorded an average return on equity of 21.2%. Although these figures likely include the return form non-soft drink operations (it’s difficult to tell from the available information in the Yoffee and Foley case), … Read more

Market Segmentation, Market Target And Market Positioning Of Nike Company

Introduction The company Nike was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight who had located their headquarters near Beaverton, Oregon. This company is one of the major suppliers for the world’s sports shoes and one of the major manufacturers of sports equipment. For Nike, their targeted customers are athletes and mostly young adults. … Read more

Review of Nescafe’s Promotional Material

Semiotic analysis is useful for examining texts, to “unravel structures of meaning beyond mere presence or absence” (Van Zoonen: 74). In this essay semiotics will be used to discuss ways that gender is represented in a Nescafe advertisement published in CLEO. The idea of first, second and third orders of signification, as outlined by Liesbet … Read more