What We Really Miss About The 1950s

What we really miss about the 1950s is the feeling of unity. During that decade, the United States was a powerhouse both economically and militarily. Everyone seemed to be working together towards a common goal. Nowadays, it feels like there’s more division than ever. Political parties are at each other’s throats, and it seems like … Read more

Migration Essay

There are many reasons why people migrate to other countries. Some people migrate for economic reasons, others for political reasons, and still others for social or family reasons. Some people migrate to other countries in search of better economic opportunities. They may be seeking higher wages, or they may be looking for jobs that are … Read more

Blaxicans And Other Reinvented Americans

Richard Rodriguez’s essay “Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans” explores the idea of what it means to be American in the United States. He discusses how people from Latin America have been reinventing themselves in order to become more American. He also talks about how this has led to a new understanding of what it means … Read more

Oklahoma’s Judicial Process Analysis

The state I have chosen to compare to Oklahoma’s judicial process, is my home state of Texas. Texas and Oklahoma have a long standing rivalry that gets fought on the gridiron between the two states leading football programs, the unbridled passion that these two states share is akin to a big and little brother affection. … Read more

Why Is Luciano Important

Luciano’s luck did eventually run out. In May of 1936, he and eight members of his vice racket were brought in for facilitating prostitution. The evidence against Luciano wasn’t strong, as he had no ties to prostitution, but during the trial he was disastrously cross-examined by Dewey (“Charles “Lucky” Luciano”, 2009). Dewey questioned Luciano for … Read more

Home Buying Myths

Home buying should be something you look forward to and are excited about. However, there are several home buying myths that keep people from actually committing to buying a home simply because of untruths that are floating around out there. That’s why we have compiled the most common myths about home buying and are going … Read more

True America Research Paper

Chris has been forced to live under his dad’s rule for his entire life. This caused Chris to resent any authority, which includes government laws. Undesired authority can spark the idea of being a rebel or cause someone to become disobedient. In America, you are allowed to express opinions and complaints. It is in America’s … Read more

Political Views On Immigration

Immigration is one big problem that faces America today. It is a topic that is talked a lot about today. Immigrants flow into this country because they believe it to be the land of opportunity. Back when America was starting to settle the west, immigrants were flowing into the United States. They were coming through … Read more

Metric System Research Paper

95 percent of the world uses the metric system! Does the United States use the metric system? Nope! America is that stubborn 5 percent that refuses to conform, allowing needless mistakes to happen. The metric system was carefully fashioned with a logical, systematic pattern; whereas, the United States customary system is a hodge-podge system of … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Medical Malpractice

With nearly $60 million stockpiled by opponents, the ballot measure was denied and failed in every California County. The failure left lawyers with their backs against the wall and the anticipation of prospective increases in pain and suffering payouts in medical malpractice became dim. Lawyers reported the limit on these awards make it economically impossible … Read more

African American War Conflicts

These days we have become so accustomed to war that we don’t even know how many wars are currently active. Do you know how many there are? As I write this paper there are 10 wars and 8 active conflicts. That said most of these conflicts are taking place in Africa. But why there? Well … Read more

A Touch Of Class Analysis

Carl l. Hagen once said, “Politicians and bureaucrats are the new upper class. It is an upper class that is growing by an increasing number of top-paid politicians in municipalities and countries. They let the people suffer, but let themselves go free. ” Class is a group of people usually large who have similar economic … Read more

What Role Does Religious Grievances Play In The Iranian…

The Iranian Revolution 1979, often referred as the Islamic Revolution gives an impression of a religious movement against a non-religious regime, especially for having a religion mentioned in its name, “Islam” in the “Islamic Revolution”. How correctly does this statement describe the Iranian Revolution? How do we define religious movement and non-religious regime? I would … Read more

Fact Pattern

Throughout the over-the-top case of Professor Frieda Speak and President Smacksem, several legal issues were persistent in the lawsuit. However, Professor Speak attempted to bring a lawsuit on several issues where President Smacksem has done no wrong. These issues pertain to his Easter display, his prayer breakfast, and several aspects of the bill that he … Read more

An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge By Ambrose Bierce

Throughout most of United States history, our nation has been involved in wars against those who threaten our freedom, and against our own brethren. The American Civil War was an American tragedy that affected hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children, including author Ambrose Bierce. Bierce’s experiences in the American Civil War inspired many … Read more

ISIS: Social Media Analysis

Each day ISIS (now known as IS, Islamic State) gains followers and territory in the Middle East, their social media presence has expanded its influence well beyond any organization before them, taking the battlefield directly to everyone. ISIS is the first terrorist organization to successfully use social media as a recruiting process for today’s youth … Read more

Western Influence On American Culture

People isolate themselves with boundaries, physical and otherwise. With every boundary and border, comes every country with its population who like to believe that their country is the best country, superior to all others, and the same is true of most Americans. Even though the social scene has gotten even more diverse and globalized, many … Read more

What Is Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Behavior Ethical?

Is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign behavior ethical? On November 8, 2016 the United States will hold its 58th quadrennial presidential election. There are three Democrats and four Republicans still in the presidential race, one of whom is Donald Trump. Any one of the candidates taking part in the presidential campaign may become the next President … Read more

Dominican Republic Case Study

The Dominican Republic as of 1916 had been a victim of enormous political instability that allowed over the creation a stationary political process. The lack of stable political parties to form control and legitimacy in the country was nowhere to be found. The constant back and forth political changes had only increased their external debt … Read more

The Great Depression Analysis

The Great Depression following the First World War was a universal devastation of every country it could possibly reach, whether it was directly or indirectly. The objects of our scrutiny Being so close in vicinity and having such similar downfalls, these countries are particularly interesting to watch to see what was more successful against the … Read more

Isis Pros And Cons

With terrorist attacks happening all over the world today with many of them being credited to ISIS, it brings us to the discussion of whether or not America should engage in a war with ISIS or not. Going to war will cost a lot of money and cause a lot of innocent deaths for both … Read more

Analyst Questionnaire: GEICO

Analyst Questionnaire – Asen Voynov Please fill in your name, replacing the highlighted “Your Name” text above with your first and last names, and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. When saving, rename the file by replacing the “Candidate Last Name” portion with your last name. 1) How did you hear … Read more

Chris Kyle’s War Story

Courage and dedication to duty are ideals that many Americans hold in the highest regard. Throughout our history, many men and women have served our country bravely without asking for anything in return. Out of the public eye, the accomplishments of these heroes often go uncelebrated except for a select few. A former Navy SEAL … Read more

Dominican Republic Case Study

The Dominican Republic as of 1916 had been a victim of enormous political instability that allowed over the creation a stationary political process. The lack of stable political parties to form control and legitimacy in the country was nowhere to be found. The constant back and forth political changes had only increased their external debt … Read more

Gender Pay Gap In The United States

The gender pay gap is a major problem in the U. S. Across almost all different types of occupations, women are being paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Throughout the years, many women have spoken up about the wage difference, demanding equality, and progress is slowly being made to close this gap. Women are … Read more

Film Propaganda

In this essay I am going to discuss the ways in which film has been used for war propaganda by concentrating on post 9/11 war films. I will first offer a look into the history of film propaganda by giving early examples and why film is a useful tool when it comes to propaganda. First … Read more

Argumentative Essay: The Battle And The War

American rights and the Constitution are both reasons why the United States is a wonderful land of liberty. However, as time has advanced many laws have either been reconstructed or repealed. Recently, President Barack Obama proposed gun control legislation that inflamed the division among the American citizens into two groups, those who favor the restrictions … Read more

Pertinent Work Experience

Pertinent Work Experience: Describe employment occupation or activities pertinent to your graduate goals during or since your collegiate studies. Youth Counselor -My team and I provide short-term residential treatment within a continuum of care for a diverse group of youth and their families during their most vulnerable time. Our children suffer from a variety of … Read more