Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is an endocrine disorder in women that has varying degrees of early and long-term reproductive and metabolic risk. PCOS is the most common female endocrinopathy during childbearing age with around 6%-10% of the population afflicted. (Palomba et al. , 2015). While many that have been diagnosed with PCOS … Read more

Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome affects 3% of all females prior to birth, with only around 1% of these ‘in utero’ cases surviving to term; it is not inherited from either parent, but purely a ‘chance’ mutation. Despite this, it has become the most common genetically determined abnormality amongst females, and can have detrimental effects on systemic wellbeing … Read more

Increase In Elective Cesarean Sections

One of the most positive experiences is bringing a child into this world. There are two ways that a baby can be delivered, vaginally and a cesarean section. Since the 1990s, cesarean sections have become the most common procedure in the United States. This procedure is necessary for certain circumstances, such as a breech baby … Read more

Don Marquis Abortion Analysis Essay

The first argument is one that takes a position to support the idea that abortion, in certain cases, is morally permissible or is acceptable to do. The argument is given by Judith Jarvis Thompson. She concedes to the idea that the fetus is a person and is given the right to life for the sake … Read more

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Essay

Trudy Daughenbaugh Mrs. Lininger World Lit 7 March, 2017 Diagnostic Medical Sonography In the medical field, new developments and techniques are discovered and improved everyday. The medical field has always brought together the brightest and best of society to help those in need along with making and using the tools provided to help patients. Diagnostic … Read more

Gwendolyn Brooks The Mother Essay

What is motherhood to you? Are you still considered a “mother” if you aborted your only child? Suppose you have multiple children but aborted one, are you still a mother? Abortion was and still is a controversial issue in America. When you abort a child, you are taking the life of someone’s niece, nephew, cousin, … Read more

Late Term Abortion Should Be Banned Essay

I do think late term abortion should be banned from all states because when you 5-9 months your baby is basically full developed and that’s basically murder i’m not saying all abortions should be banned because early abortion is okay because sometimes people is not ready to have babies so in most states abortion is … Read more

Wrongful Life In Australia Essay

The question of whether Australian law should recognise wrongful life as a compensable tort is not an easy question to answer. Both sides need to be taken into account for a decision to be made; there are many arguments both for and against the recognition of wrongful life becoming a compensable tort. Wrongful life is … Read more

The Essential Paul Ramsey Summary Essay

In Paul Ramsey’s book entitled “The Essential Paul Ramsey,” several of Ramsey’s written essays featuring his view and take on several ethical, political, and religious scenarios were collected and edited together to make a single book. The twelfth chapter of this book outlined some of Ramsey’s ideas, and some essential reference points that Ramsey thought … Read more

Essay on Cooks Are Like Gods Analysis

Research Question or Purpose Statement: The article showcases Jenkot’s study of different roles involved in creating methamphetamine and highlights the respect a meth-producing group has for its individuals taking on specific roles. Theory/Hypotheses: When it comes to producing methamphetamine, there is a nondiscriminatory chain of command that exists within all producing groups. Understanding this chain … Read more

Marley And Me Book Report Essay

Marley & Me by John Grogan is a true story about John and his wife Jenny buying a Labrador retriever that changes their lives forever. Marley is a rambunctious dog that has too much energy for this family to handle. Overall this is a pretty good book but I do not fully understand if this … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Nursing In Public

There is often debate if nursing an infant in public is acceptable. In this cartoon you, will find two authority figures questioning a woman about publicly displaying her breasts. She is sitting alone on a bench in a peaceful manner feeding her baby, when approached by these very intimidating looking men. When you look at … Read more

Essay about Postpartum Depression: A Literature Review

Postpartum depression impacts the lives of 10-15% of postpartum women and typically occurs within one month of giving birth, despite the identification of some clear risk factors1,2. Furthermore, having a baby is often viewed as a joyous event and there is a negative stigma associated with depression that occurs following the birth. Research has indicated … Read more

Essay on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advantages

The benefit verses the effect of fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging has been a controversial subject for years. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a helpful tool for diagnosis of many diseases and abnormalities, but is it actually harmful to the fetus? Do the benefits of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging outweigh the risks? Ultrasound is the mostly commonly … Read more

Ursa’s Singing Analysis Essay

After her first show, she meets Mutt, her future ex-husband, for the first time. He calls her out and asks where she heard the songs she was singing during that performance. She explains to him that she wrote those songs herself. He comments that although she tries to “sing hard” (Jones 148), she is not … Read more

Abortion – The Surgical Termination Of A Pregnancy

Abortion is the surgical termination of a pregnancy. How odd that people are able to define something, that is such a controversial issue, so easily. There are hundreds, thousands, and even millions of things to say about abortion. When it comes to abortion, I find myself thinking like a symbolic interactionist. Abortion is a personal … Read more

The Aftermath of an Abortion

To have abortion or not is a very difficult choice to make. The final choice comes from religious and ethical beliefs. However, to have an abortion means to participate in a horrendous crime against humanity, God, and oneself. Abortion can also have deleterious effects on the mothers health and well being. Many of the couples, … Read more