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The Patriot Act Is A Violation Of Human Rights

More than 90 of 195 countries around the world are suffering human rights violations. 50 of those affected countries are linked to the War on Terror. Iraq and Afghanistan are the countries who are hurt the greatly due to the struggle. Both opposing sides have had their losses and are participants to the violation of human rights. Several think that it’s just only the Terrorists, but those who are punishing them are as well. Even though The Patriot Act allows for certain kinds of punishments, the War on Terror is contributing to the growing abuse of human rights because a specific group is being targeted and human rights are violated.

The Patriot Act allows for certain kinds of punishment In fact, every country has its own set of rules on how to capture and punish people who break the law within their own borders. Once in a while these laws change on how to cope and punish these criminals and outsiders for example the Terrorists. For the United States of America, there is the Patriot Act, which means Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, which was signed into law on the 26th of October of the year 2001 forty-five days after the 9/11 attacks.

In the USA PATRIOT Act: Preserving Life and Liberty article “The Patriot Act increased the penalties for those who commit terrorist crimes. ” In other words, in The USA PATRIOT Act: Preserving Life and Liberty article asserts that people who commit terrorist crimes, will be punished and those who help them in any way will be punished as well. (What Is the USA Patriot Web). The punishments will be the same as what they use on criminals at home. Such as imprisonment, but there are other kinds of punishments.

Joanne Mariners states “Since September 2001, the U. S. overnment has been directly responsible for a broad array of serious human rights violations in fighting terrorism, including torture, enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention, and unfair trials. ” In arguing this claim, Mariner argues that the USA is abusing human rights by fighting terrorism and using this kind of punishment (Mariner). This is another clue that certain kinds of punishments were allowed under the Patriot Act, since Mariners said it had all started since the attacks on 9/11. If we remember the Patriot Act was not signed into law until forty-five days after meaning that human rights were still violated.

In Mariners claim he has shown at least four different kinds of human rights being violated and by saying since “September 2001” he is claiming that the U. S. is still fighting terrorism in this way, meaning that they are still violating human rights up to this day. Owing to a fact that a law says you can do this it does not clarify that you might disobey a human right. Even though The Patriot Act allows for certain kinds of punishment, The War on Terror is contributing to the growing abuse of human rights because a specific group is being targeted .

Also, people are questioning who is being targeted in this bloodshed of Terror? Unquestionably everyone is going to, citizens, terrorists themselves, media, politicians, and important leaders. These attacks from terrorists happen when they believe a certain thing should be changed to benefit their own beliefs. These beliefs can be either religious, culture, or political. Throughout the war there has been a rising hate towards a certain group of people primarily Muslims and Hindus.

In the Post 9/11 hate crime trend article “ A New York woman murdered Sunando Sen, who was Hindu, by pushing him into the path of an oncoming subway train; she killed Sen because she believed he was a Muslim. “I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims,” she said. “Ever since 2001 when they put down the Twin Towers, I’ve been beating them up. ”. ” In other words the Post 9/11 hate crime trends article shows that people’s actions towards a group of people has been triggered ever since the attacks on 9/11 (Post).

This is an undeniable scene of how a particular group is targeted. Katayoun Kishi states, “Overall, the FBI reported 257 incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2015, a 67% increase from the previous year. ” The basis of Katayoun Kishi argument is that till this day there is still hate toward Muslims and its inevitably rising (Kishi). This is misusing a human right instead of making this group feel safe they feel terrorized. It is the duty of the people to protect each other from actual harm, but Serval collect the wrong idea and often racially profiled against innocent people.

According to human rights, “ Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. ” In other words, Human rights asserts that people should not experience to live in fear, should not have their rights taken away , and should not have their lives taken involuntary (United for human rights). Muslims live in constant fear in the United States, it should not be this way, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are already refugees in their own country and they have the right to seek a safe place to move.

The extremely important reason the War on Terror is contributing to the growing abuse of human rights is because human rights are violated . Indeed the multifarious known terrorist attacks happened on 9/11. As claimed by Chris Sidoti, “That day produced fundamental changes in our world. ” What Chris Sidoti honestly meant was that the whole world will be changed completely, war was called into making, and lives were lost ( SIDOTI). Since September 2001 there has at least been 1. 3 million deaths, making the right to life a greatly violated human right.

The rest like no unfair detainment, no torture, and the right to privacy are being violated in the War on Terror. Like Cuba’s detention in Guantanamo Bay is known to be where people who have committed terrorism have had been put into. Morris Davis states, “ More than 170 men remain in indefinite detention without having been convicted or in most cases even charged with any criminal defense” In other words Morris Davis asserts that there could be innocent men locked up (Davis). These men await their trials up to this day and are dealing with the harsh conditions in the detention.

Jennifer Daskal states “Guantanamo detainees who have not even been charged with a crime are being warehoused in conditions that are in many ways harsher than those reserved for the most dangerous, convicted criminals in the United States,” Jennifer Daskal is insisting that the innocent and the guilty are given the same kind of treatment in this detention (US: Improve). As claimed by Human Rights Watch “Several are reportedly suffering depression and anxiety disorder, and some have reported having visions and hearing voices.

The basis of Human Rights Watch argument is that in order to have these kinds of mental issues there has to be a starter on it which means that the Guantanamo detainees are not being treated properly in the detention (US:Improve). So it is clear that although The Patriot Act allows for certain kinds of punishment, the War on Terror is contributing to the growing abuse of human rights for two main reasons: first, a specific group is being targeted, but more importantly, human rights are violated.

It is clear to say that the right to life, the right to a fair trial, the right to seek a safe place, and the right to no torture are being violated by the participants in the War of Terror. Therefore said there is facts of this happening and not others stating otherwise, but only those opinions, whether if it is necessary, right, or wrong for these violations to happen to protect their own selves can be decided by the people.

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