Why Is America Losing Its Greatness

Some may view America as a country who is losing its greatness. In fact, republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump campaign slogan is to “make America Great Again. ” Meanwhile, professional American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick stated for the Republican nominee Donald Trump, “Let’s make America great again, for the … Read more

Donald Trump Make America Great Again Essay

Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee for the 2016 US Presidential Election, and claims that he will ‘Make America Great Again’ if he is elected as President. Although this slogan has featured heavily in Trump’s campaign and merchandise, it was first used by Ronald Reagan in 1980 (Margolin, 2016). In this essay, I plan … Read more

Narrative Essay: Protesters On The Street

8:00 AM Wednesday, November 9. The day after the election. Protesters on the street. Jimmy was watching the news. “Hello America I’m David Asman from Fox News. Yesterday Donald Trump shocked the world with his win over Hillary Clinton for the White House. ” Jimmy turned the TV off. “I am so happy the election … Read more

What Is Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Behavior Ethical?

Is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign behavior ethical? On November 8, 2016 the United States will hold its 58th quadrennial presidential election. There are three Democrats and four Republicans still in the presidential race, one of whom is Donald Trump. Any one of the candidates taking part in the presidential campaign may become the next President … Read more

False News Bias

The news is something that cannot be avoided nor denied. The news is swarming with facts and even lies. Fictitious news is a media source that is deliberately spreading and twisting the truth for political gain or financial gain. An example of fake news would be the article from the website The Gateway Pundit titled … Read more

Donald Trump’s Address

For my second media response, I chose to analyze Donald Trump’s Presidential speeches. Donald Trump is currently campaigning for the American 2016 President election in the United States. His first campaign as President was in the year of 2000, with two victories of Reform Party primaries (Wikipedia). Trump became well-known for his hatred towards illegal … Read more

Trump Controversy

Donald J. Trump: The name alone either evokes tears to people that fear doom of the United States or the exact opposite. Currently, he is a major topic of controversy not only between politically affiliated people but on a global scale as well. Sources whether they be personal blogs or official articles,provide a wide range … Read more

The Brains Flaws Shape Our Lives Analysis Essay

According to urban legend, humans only tap into 10 percent of their brain’s full capabilities. Whether this is true or not, no one really knows, but it is easy to come to the conclusion that human brains are among, if not the most, fascinating, complex, and powerful processing units to exist. Calculate 99*99 in your … Read more

The Importance Of Ex-Felons In Prisons Essay

On April 15th 2013, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, bombed Boston during the Boston marathon; taking the lives of three innocent people and injuring many others. Tamerlan was killed in a gunfight against the police and his younger brother,Tsarnaev, was captured and imprisoned. Tsarnaev was sentenced to life in prison and a … Read more

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a disease that many people know of, but few people know about. Many people associate repeated washing of hands, or flicking of switches, and even cleanliness with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), however there are many more symptoms, and there are also explanations for those symptoms. In this paper, I will describe … Read more

Genetics Engineering Essay

Hollywood has been showing it to us for years. Frankenstein, The Six Million Dollar Man, Jurassic Park, etc. ; the list goes on. All these movies show man’s instinct to create. This fiction of playing God in recent years is becoming a reality. In 1952, deoxyribonucleic acid was discovered(Dewitt, 1994). The spiral staircase molecule, DNA. … Read more

American Newspaper Comics

1. 1. Definition According to Wikipedia encyclopaedia, “[] a comic strip is a short strip or sequence of drawings, telling a story. Drawn by a cartoonist, they are published on a recurring basis (usually daily or weekly) in newspapers or on the Internet. They usually communicate to the reader via speech balloons. The term comic’ … Read more