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Scheduling Still Life Report

Today was about drawing still life in this case objects such as pots and Lego blocks in a composition that was challenging, today was about getting proportion correct and knowing how to draw objects in front or behind one another as well as separately, I used charcoal because it is a medium that can easily be erased or drawn over so I didn’t have to be precious about the lines I was drawing in. oday’s lesson could help me for the future because I am teaching myself to be less of a perfectionist and that making mistakes can sometimes be good which means in the future if I do this then I might get something good which is made from mistakes however today I found very difficult because I do not find charcoal an enjoyable material to use because of how messy and easily breakable it is and my brain likes clean lines because my style is more illustrative.

I found this activity was easy because I have drawn still life before but it was a good exercise to get used to drawing again after being off for the summer. Add image of my work and discuss 22nd: still life, drawing through Today was about learning to draw through the objects, something I don’t normally do as it makes the page messy, today was challenging for me because I didn’t like the messy cluttered and unfinished look to my work, although I was doing the task correctly. Todays lesson felt much better as my end result didn’t actually look that bad.

The drawing was supposed to be line-less but I found this to be an impossible task as I am an illustrator in style and illustrators use lines. Drawing through can help with composition and not becoming too precious Add picture of my work Andy Goldsworthy rowan leaves and hole dandelions and hole http://www. morningearth. org/ARTISTNATURALISTS/AN_Goldsworthy. html Born in 1956 Andy is an artist well known for playing with nature typically playing with colour or in the moment resources such as ice.

His artworks in themselves don’t last long but the picture is the art. He has created artworks all over the work including the north pole, he wants to understand nature and that I find in obvious in his work, why circles I’m not sure but the two artworks above are probably my favourite of his because of the coincidence and colour blending. 29th again we were doing some observational drawing using charcoal, this lesson was to identify negative and positive space and try out shading and composition : perspective point 2 point and three-point perspective was my learning outcome today, I found today much more interesting as I hadn’t really learnt any major perspective skills so far in my art education. One-point perspective: one point is having one dot to base everything off, first draw a line called the horizon line were the eye level is estimating where all the angels meet up and mark with a dot then draw in the angular lines to fit were they roughly should be to the picture or surrounding you are using.

Perspective is all about distance, objects closer will be larger and objects further away become smaller and smaller as it gets more in the distance. Two point is nearly the same as one point as it works in the same way but this time you have two dots that everything comes from, you’d use this technique when drawing a corner plot house for example.

Have the line and two dot drawn in and draw a line so the two point meet on both side of the line you want the centre to be slightly to the side so you can achieve a street, then draw in three lines, one in the middle and two to the side of your now centre line, this is the base for your corner house. Then to make a road down the side angle you line so it comes away from the houses and then again with more of a gap and that’s your road. To add a roof, draw a cross in the houses or largest house to determine the peak of the roof and join it up to the left dot.

From the right smaller line, you made you can create a back street lining it up to the left dot again, to determine the door height make a line from the centre of the corner house across. Three point would be used to draw from above or below the object or building draw in the horizon line and draw in your two dots either end of it then make them meet making a triangular shape, from this draw a centre line down the two more lines from the dots to the base for the centre line, this is drawing from above, from below find out how to do below

Here are my one and two point perspectives: I think I did well on this task as it was something I did want to learn and didn’t know very much about, learning the points of perspective has changed how I will draw landscapes however I think my style will stay the same, I think my end results were very good for a first time and by doing the lesson I have learnt the skill but not to perfection. 6th October 2016: Week 6: I was making a painting out of watercolour of Stanhope river using perspective

Fiona Rae: http://www. fiona-rae. com/ she is a solo artist we have been advised to look at. She uses a table that’s over 8-foot-long to mix her paints on which is vital to her style of work. She doesn’t use turpentine as its too harmful and she tries not to waste any paint, keeping old palettes so she never loses a colour. Her technique is to use both small but mainly long brushes so she can stand away from the work and view it.

As sometimes the work looks different up close to far away and she can then see any changes she may wish to make. Grayson Perry is an inspiring and flamboyant artist who creates an array of work not just by drawing, his style is unique. He was born in 1960 and specialises in using bright colours and controversial messages in his artwork, he is not afraid to try anything mixing old materials with new messages.

He became heard of when he publicly showed he was a transvestite and is huge for this personality portray, he is a very famous artist and I love his originality and think he is a very interesting person and artist he doesn’t pretend by making lovely artworks and each can be very different if he sees something he likes he will try it and I like that about him because just focusing on something new won’t get you anywhere it how the artist makes it their own that’s important. Visit to Seaham Ray Lonsdale: the trip was fun and informative as we got to see the sculpture up close and even take pictures with it.

Getting to talk to the artist himself I discovered the=at he was there by luck and persevering I learnt that its good and sometimes necessary to take risks when trying to make it big and that finding the correct market is crucial. Although I’m not sure that I like his work I like the craftsman ship involved and I appreciate that it takes a long time to make and that he has skilfully learned his craft and his own technique Lesson 5: 13th oct Cathedral visit Durham cathedral was a trip for the class to get inspired and have some sense of perspective.

There are no pictures aloud to be taken in the cathedral so our tasks became harder because if I saw something I liked I couldn’t capture it in a picture and so by the end of the day had dissolved from my memory, I got some post cards to work from so I would have some reference material. For me the best part of the visit was looking at the area were Harry potter was filmed as it made my mind come away from the thought it was a religious place and more towards a set for a movie I adore.

I found being at the cathedral challenging although I hadn’t been before because it’s a religious building I found it hard to be interested in it because I felt I was disrespecting it by being inside it when I am in no way religious. Although I may have thought it was a well built and detailed building it having the religious side put me of drawing it and including it in my work. if I was religious I think I would have found the visit much more fascinating as I would have felt connected to god as well.

From memory drawing and normal drawing of the cathedral Lesson 6: 20th oct inspired artworks Using what we found at Durham cathedral to make a drawing, this meant focusing on something that inspired me about the building/place or aspects I found intriguing or pleasing.

I found today difficult as I couldn’t think of anything that I was especially drawn to or had ideas about so I had to dig deeper and research to find something I would find interesting 27th oct I have done some research about the cathedral however I am still staggering on how I can make a final piece I will like, I have done some perspective drawings of the cathedral in charcoal and other mediums however this isn’t something I want to continue as I do not enjoy drawing buildings. I did an illustration of a lamp inside the cathedral with a mouse on it as a playful twist to a place I find a bit boring. I am looking at the stone work and harry potter for inspiration next. I have now found out a fair bit about the cathedral and have looked at some stone works and thought about harry potter

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