Isis Pros And Cons

With terrorist attacks happening all over the world today with many of them being credited to ISIS, it brings us to the discussion of whether or not America should engage in a war with ISIS or not. Going to war will cost a lot of money and cause a lot of innocent deaths for both … Read more

Senator Obama’s Essay ‘Yes We Can’

A presidential candidate is very similar to an actor. They both perform through employing various strategies around their body language, tone, and diction choice to grab the attention of the audience or voters. Their performance creates an impression on the viewer, which, for the candidate, is very critical to their election outcome. Therefore, candidates like … Read more

A Heros Sally Ride: A True Hero Essay

Sally Ride, a woman who literally showed all girls and women how to reach for the stars. People all over America look up to her as one of the most important heroic figures:”I was a child of the’80s. Sally Ride was one of the first important names I remember. She means success and steadiness to … Read more

Affordable Health Care Reform Case Study Essay

Throughout American history congress has had to resolve problems that arose nation wide. Pell Grants, created in 1972, and the Affordable Care Act of 2010 are just two of the legislations created to solve some of the United States economic problems. Although these two solutions were both initiated to boost America’s economy and to support … Read more