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Creative Writing: Kara’s Throwa

Kara lets go of Lena and flashes her a grand smile. The real reason she’d never slept at anyone’s house being she was a werewolf, was a little hard to explain to anyone outside her family. She was glad Lena didn’t ask why. Eliza had been reluctant to allow Kara over at first, but after Kara’s Awakening she was sure she could control her transformations. “So! What’s the rundown? ” Lena tapped her chin for a moment. “Well, I’m guessing you’re hungry. How about we order a pizza? ” “Ooh! Yes please! ” Kara said, jumping up and down. “Potstickers too? ”

“What’s that? It’s like a Chinese dumpling thing. It’s great, I know this place that makes them the best and delivers! ” Retrieving her cellphone, she chuckled and called the pizza place, and much to Kara’s delight, the Chinese place right after that. Both delivery guys arrive at the same time and glance nervously at each other before going for the doorbell simultaneously. Kara and Lena watch the hilarious exchange from the monitor of the Luthor’s expensive home security system. Still cackling, Kara skips to the front door and opens it, ending the delivery men’s awkward moment.

Lena pulls a wad of cash out of her jean pocket and Kara and both delivery guys watch in awe as the 15 year old pays for both meals and tips them generously. Lena takes the food and Kara closes the door before bounding after the shorter girl. They end up in a personal theater and make themselves comfortable in the big, squishy, recliner chairs. “So why are we eating in here? ” Kara asks as she stuffs a pizza slice in her mouth. “Pizza and Netflix is a staple sleepover activity. ” Lena says as she raises an eyebrow at her blonde friend. Kara watches the action carefully, butterflies rising in her stomach.

So you say, tell me, how many sleepovers have you actually been to? ” Kara teases. Lena blushes and answers: “Three. ” Kara notices how Lena becomes a little nervous and she smiles softly. “Well, that’s three more than me! I guess you’re the resident sleepover expert after all. ” Kara says with a chuckle. Lena pushes her shoulder playfully and turns to the projector screen. “So, what should we watch? ” Kara’s heightened senses allow her to pick up on Lena’s peak in heart rate. She looked from the brunette to the tv, and looked over the titles in the ‘recently watched’ section.

She knew some of the titles like Person of Interest because they were the shows Alex was into. But there was also some geekier titles like Star Trek and Merlin. When Kara doesn’t speak, Lena starts to flip through more of the titles. “Wait, you watch Brooklyn 99 ? ” Kara asks incredulously. Lena looks over at her, head tilted slightly. “Yeah? Why? ” “I watch it too!! Let’s watch that!! ” Kara says excitedly. She smiles her bright smile at Lena and leans her arm onto the arm rest. Lena presses play and wraps herself up in a blanket before lying down and leaning her head on the same armrest.

Kara looks at her english partner’s long raven hair and her urge to play with it overwhelms her. She reaches out and takes a few locks of it and twirls it around her finger. Kara can smell the other girl’s shampoo with her hightened senses. It’s oddly comforting. She soon dozes off. Kara jolts awake, eyes widening and taking in her surroundings. It’s pitch black and she has to blink a few times for her eyes to adjust and her night vision to kick in. It’s then that she realizes she’s sitting in running water.

Kara gets to her feet, shivering a little at the cold air hitting her wet clothes and starts to walk forward. The dark woods give her a sense of familiarity, but she can’t quite place where she’s seen it before. She takes another step forward but no ground is there to catch her as the murky river floor drops away, making Kara fall into the deep. The shock of the drop and the freezing tempatures of the river trigger something inside her. She can feel the warmth behind her eyes, her muscles contracting painfully, every bone in her body rearranging itself as she lets out a roar that the current stifles.

Kara can feel every last piece of her clicking into place as her transformation completes and finally she can move again. She swims up and surfaces with a desperate gasp for air. Paddling over to the bank and hoisting herself up, she flops onto her soaked belly, draped in what’s left of her street clothes. After a few moments of panting to catch her breath, she stands on all four paws and turns towards the rushing water. She grimaces as she’s met with the reflection of a gigantic tan wolf, fur dripping wet and dark from the struggle just minutes ago.

Her eyes have lost every fleck of the brilliant blue she was used to and replaced by deep intense yellow. A low growl interrupted her introspection. Kara perks her ears up and looks across the river. Another wolf, about the same size as her, stands aggressively, teeth barred and tail up. She could tell right away it was a beta like herself, but before she could place the scent with a name, the black wolf was gone. “Karr-rra” The tan werewolf spins around in the direction she heard the voice but stares blankly into the darkness of the woods. “Who’s there! ” She growls, lowering her head and using her super hearing to try and find the source.

No one answers and there was no shuffling or heartbeat to be found. “KARR-RAAAA” the voice booms again. The blonde is worried now. There is something after her, but she has no way to fight it off. She backs up from where she heard the voice but is met with the force of a truck hitting her back, slamming her body into the ground. She screams out as the crushing weight pins her to the forest ground. She tries desperately to swivel her head but what ever was holding her down places more weight onto her head to stop its movement. “Sanguis will run, and you will be no more! ” The beast on top of her roars in her ear.

She screws her eyes shut and calls out for help, desperately trying to block out the chant of her name. “KARRA” “Kara! ” “Kara! ” The older girl jumps to life. She can feel a familiar warm burn behind her eyeballs and she panics, closing her eyes and trying to calm herself. This wasn’t supposed to happen anymore. She was supposed to have full control! A few moments later she recognizes a soft hand rubbing up and down her back. She opens her eyes and looks at Lena. She looks scared, but also worried. Very worried. Kara remembers now. They were watching Netflix and she must have fallen asleep.

That – whatever it was – was just a dream. “Kara, you’re ok. You were having a nightmare. ” Lena says. Her face is calm now and she offers Kara a gentle smile. The blonde takes a few breaths and begins to stammer out an apology. “Lena, I’m so sorry you had to see that, sometimes I just can’t stop them from coming. ” “Don’t worry, I get them too. ” Lena says in a small voice. A moment of silence passes through them as they look at the other. Kara notes how Lena’s green irises change to blue on the edge. “Well, it’s late, we should probably go to bed. ” Lena says sheepishly.

Kara nods and stands up from the soft cushion of the theater chair and extends a hand to the brunette who, after a beat, takes it. Kara pulls her up (maybe a little too hard) and Lena gasps at the sudden movement. “Ah, sorry! ” Lena chuckles and waves her off, but doesn’t let go of her hand. Kara grins and they walk to the upstairs bedroom. “Here, I’ll get you some clothes you can wear to bed. ” Lena says as the enter her room. Kara sits on the edge of the bed and watches Lena rifle through her gigantic walk in closet. The brunette comes out with some sweater knit sweatpants and a black tank top, which she gladly accepts.

Kara, used to undressing around tons of her teammates, grabs the hem of her baseball tee and pulls it over her head. She then shimmies out of her blue skinny jeans and bends down to pick up her clothes. She hears Lena’s heart rate pick up and she looks over her shoulder to make sure she’s ok. Lena seems fine, but she is redder than a tomato. They lock eyes and kara tilts her head in confusion. That just makes Lena blush more and she turns away to get her own clothes. Kara narrows her eyes and smirks slightly. She understood now, well at least the part where Lena was blushing because she was half naked.

As for why, she wasn’t sure yet. Returning to the nightwear Lena had given her, she slips the black tank top over her head and tugs it down. It’s a little tight on her, but not uncomfortably so. She figures Lena must be a few sizes smaller than her. Then she dawns the sweat pants (also a little tight around the rear and calves but she’ll live)and says: “All done! ” while turning to Lena. They go into the bathroom to brush their teeth, where Lena gives Kara a spare toothbrush. Once finished, kara bounds back into the room and leaps up onto the bed. “So which side do you like? ” Kara inquires.

Left side, please. ” Lena says as she turns down the covers. Complying, Kara rolls onto the right side of the bed and crawls under the covers. And holy cow, if it isn’t the softest thing she’s felt. The pillow was incredibly soft as well, obviously very expensive because Kara squeezes it and the hand shaped indent immediately began to retake its original shape. She snuggles into both, inhaling the sweet, almost candy-like, scent of Lena’s perfume. Lena puts her hair into a braid and then tucks herself into bed. She gets settled then turns to Kara. “So, want to do the honors?

She says with a knowing smirk on her face and chuckles when the blonde’s face scrunches in confusion. Lena reaches out and grabs ahold of Kara’s wrists and forces her to clap twice. The blonde gasps in delight as the room gets dark. “Oh my gosh that was so cool!! ” Kara shakes Lena with excitement and Lena laughs at the blonde’s antics. Lena turns over and faces the wall and Kara turns the same way, away from the window that moonlight entered through. The less she thought about that awful nightmare, the better. She shivered a bit and scooted closer to the Luthor, tucking an arm under her pillow and waiting for sleep to befall her.

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