Arkteia At Brauron

Brauron’s strange and intriguing practices have always held a place of interest; however, through a close reading of the Bacchae, one cannot help but link the two as the maenads mirror the hounds of Artemis from a generation earlier that turned against Actaeon. For my research paper, I will explore the relationship between women in … Read more

Essay on Lakota Tribe Ritual

The Sundance, or known to the Lakota as Wiwanyag Wachipi, is one of the most fundamental and sacred rites of the Lakota people. It is also one of the more complex rituals, as it is a dance aligned with the sun for three days and two nights and there are numerous small details that must … Read more

Bless Me Ultima: Concerning Religions

After reading the book, Bless Me Ultima, I realized the integral importance of religion and need for religion and answers to lifes questions. At first, while reading this book, I thought it was just about relationships and the meaning in them but as the plot progressed I realized the book, is more than that, it … Read more