The Rise Of Al-Qaeda

The Oxford Dictionary defines a terrorist ‘as a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims’ (Oxford University Press, 2015). Originally used to describe the efforts of French Revolution freedom fighters who battled for democracy (Oxford University Press, 2015), the term ‘terrorist’ is now widely associated with groups in developing countries who use … Read more

Essay On 9/11 Attacks

Girls and boys sleepily hit their alarm clocks. Adults walked or drove to work. Tourists planned out their day. A few hours later, everyone’s life would take a drastic turn. Four hijacked commercial planes crashed in 3 different places in the northeast. The US reacted and invaded Afghanistan, disrupting and destroying the government. When did … Read more

9/11 Analysis Essay

1. The strong point of the movie is that it shows the parallel worlds of Lana and her uncle Paul. They both are people who try to help the world be a better place and they both end up in horrible situations in two very important cities in the United States. Lana is in Los … Read more