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On behalf of Klink Campaigns, Inc., we are pleased to submit the following proposal for strategic communications and public affairs assistance to the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL or League).

With more than two-decades of experience, Klink Campaigns has worked with on hundreds of high-profile, politically sensitive issues in the City of Los Angeles, California, the United States, and globally.

We pride ourselves on taking a strategic approach to communications. Whether trying to proactively publicize the good work of our clients and their personnel or products, or helping them manage a crisis situation, the firm combines a unique blend of award-winning writing, a hands-on knowledge and familiarity of what the media wants coupled with a political awareness that is unmatched by other firms operating in this environment.

Klink Campaigns understands that the LAPPL and LAPD officers face many challenges with an increase in violent crime, a fluid political climate at the local, state and federal level, increased community activism and, as always, ever-present funding, retirement, and personnel issues. However, the LAPPL, representing the women and men who protect and serve the greater Los Angeles community, also has a tremendous opportunity to avail itself of many opportunities.

It would be Klink Campaigns, Inc.’s highest honor to provide on-going strategic communications and public affairs assistance to the Police Protective League.

While the firm is by no means a law enforcement issue-area expert, suffice it to say that we have real-world experience on law enforcement and public safety issues through our work representing the San Bernardino County Police Officers Association, the Riverside County Deputy District Attorneys Association and the Hermosa Beach Firefighters Association. While the issues the LAPPL faces are more numerous and complex, we nevertheless gained valuable experience providing the above entities with strategic communication, public affairs and political consulting services.

We also understand that the LAPPL has distinct audiences that require complementary but different ways of communicating. These two audiences are as follows:

• Internal – The men and women who proudly wear the badge and want/need to know that the LAPPL leadership is effectively, actively and aggressively protecting their best interests across multiple fronts.

• External – The litany of external audiences from political decision makers, to the Police Commission, to community and religious groups and others. Of central focus in external audiences is the news media – broadly defined to include print, radio, television and digital (bloggers and social media). In spite of a rapidly changing environment, we know how the media works and we maintain relationships with reporters, editors and columnists at papers throughout California.

Because we know Los Angeles, we understand the importance of strengthening and maintaining strong relationships with all 15 members of the Los Angeles City Council, other City executive leadership (Mayor and City Attorney), as well as community, religious, business and civic groups throughout the City. The firm possesses a deep understanding of how Los Angeles works and what the citywide and council district-specific issues are likely to be relevant now and in the future.

Additionally, having worked on statewide political, public policy and communications issues in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C., the firm can assist the LAPPL on issues outside the City of Los Angeles.

The sum of this work experience and accumulated political knowledge means that Klink Campaigns is uniquely positioned to jump right in and immediately make a difference on LAPPL-related issues.

Specifically, Klink Campaigns, Inc. would provide the Los Angeles Police Protective League with the following services:

Strategic Communication Expertise

• Provide strategic counsel: Because we understand city, state and federal politics and policies, L.A.-area media and the environment under which all of the above mix, we would provide LAPPL leadership with on-going strategic counsel. We strongly believe in a strategic planning process (and a written strategic plan) and would implement such a process for any work we performed on the League’s behalf. Such planning is essential for short and long-term activities, including issue building, reputation management, proactive media relations and stakeholder engagement. o While some firms take months to develop detailed strategic plans that do nothing but consume time and gather dust, Klink Campaigns, Inc. believes in creating short, actionable three-six months plans that are used and updated regularly.

• Assist with coalition building: We understand that the LAPPL and its members possess broad and deep relationships with decision makers, opinion leaders and groups throughout Los Angeles. We would assist the LAPPL in on-going efforts to boost and augment these relationships – through image and brand enhancement, talking points, blog posts, etc. o We provide additional detail on these activities (and others) described below.

• Develop and implement campaigns on a variety of relevant issues that includes but are not limited to pensions, probation, Proposition 47’s impacts, future contract negotiations, the Mayor’s budget, and any number of other issues that may arise during the course of day-to-day activities.

• Provide political and communications support for third-party coalitions to which LAPPL is involved. We are aware that the LAPPL is involved with a number of third party organizations (Californians for Retirement Security being one example). We would provide both strategic and tactical assistance.

• Work with PPL staff: We have a demonstrated history of seamlessly integrating into our clients’ staff. This integration builds trust and fosters a collegial work environment. Additionally, in the past, we have helped to train junior-level staff by teaching and coaching them on various public affairs, communications and other relevant skills. This coaching would not occur without LAPPL concurrence in advance.

Proactive media relations

• Message development: A Klink Campaigns, Inc. strength is our ability to quickly grasp complex issues and develop clear, credible and persuasive messages. We are firm believers in research-driven communications and, depending upon the issue, the timeliness and its importance, we may recommend that the League commission survey research. For the LAPPL, the creation of such messages would play a central role in helping to: o Promote and protect the image of LAPD officers o Build/strengthen brand of Police Protective League o Influence the debate, discussion or disposition of a League priority or issue

• Issue proactive media materials: In today’s rapidly moving media environment, it is imperative that the LAPPL be ready to proactively issue statements, press releases and other materials to get out ahead of an issue or a potential story. Klink Campaigns would take the lead in drafting and, once approved, placing opinion pieces in relevant publications. The firm is also experienced at conducting press conferences and reporter briefings, as well as preparing for/attending editorial board meetings. In sum, it is imperative that the League never stop communicating with the news media (it must be timely, relevant and accurate) and that all media materials remain current and updated.

• Media engagement: The firm would work closely with LAPPL staff to prepare talking points, develop media pitches and filter reporter requests. We are more than comfortable taking the lead in all such activities; however, we strongly believe that an integrated approach involving LAPPL staff and Klink Campaigns personnel will yield the best result for the League. o We would engage in a highly targeted fashion with mainstream, ethnic, business and social media.

• Media and message training: A core competency for Klink Campaigns, Inc. is our success at media and message training our clients for a variety of circumstances – general knowledge, as well as issue-specific concerns.

Reactive media relations/crisis management

Crisis management preparation: It’s safe to assume that the LAPPL will face a number of crisis situations during the next 12 months. Many of these situations can and should be anticipated and prepared for in advance. Specifically, Klink Campaigns would: o Prepare for expected, likely events o Ensure that LAPPL’s crisis management procedures and protocols are updated o Provide training for board and rank-and-file o Prepare a full range of communication materials to reach internal and external targeted audiences (depending upon the specific crisis situation) on a quick turn-around basis o Respond publicly and quickly (as warranted) with letters to the editors, press conferences, reporter and elected official briefings, etc.

Day to day communications

• Prepare daily news clips and other materials as dictated by LAPPL leadership. We understand the importance – internally and externally – of monitoring and distributing daily clips in a timely fashion. These materials provide internal and external audiences with valuable information educate them about important, relevant and timely issues.

Writing and editing

• Klink Campaigns personnel has won awards for its writing. We would readily and enthusiastically engage in such activities for the LAPPL that includes the following: o Blog posts – approximately four to six per month o Op-eds o Talking points, issue white papers, fact sheets and other materials o Thin Blue Line support with articles and other content as needed

Website/social media

• While we are not technical experts (i.e., we do not program websites but we understand various content management system platforms), our team has written and produced numerous websites for our clients. For the LAPPL, we would assist with content creation for all three LAPPL-run websites: o o o

Social media property management: We are more than comfortable monitoring and maintaining any/all LAPPL social media properties (Facebook and Twitter). Furthermore, we are aware that the LAPPL has a large voter database that is currently under-utilized. Having worked with large databases in the past, we would enjoy the opportunity to prepare and implement a strategic communications plan on how to maximize the use of this database.

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