A Catholic’s Perspective of ‘Mountains beyond Mountains’

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder chronicles the humanitarian work of Doctor Paul Farmer. Throughout, Farmer shows exemplary respect for the dignity of people and the basic rights that all humans deserve. In a consumerist society in which people obsess over material possessions, Paul Farmer diverges from the norm by embracing a simple life focused … Read more

Ann Hopkins Case: An Examination Of Hiring Process Discrimination

Ann Hopkins was portrayed in our Harvard Business Review case as a strong, smart, and aggressive hard-worker. She moved her way up through many impressive jobs: a mathematician at IBM, a computer science and usage manager dealing with NASA accounts, and a systems management consultant at a prominent accounting firm, Touche Ross. She took her … Read more

Steve Nash Biography

Steve Nash is an outstanding NBA basketball player and also is a very special person off of the basketball court. Steve Nash is such a good player because has accomplished many great things throughout his career. He has won MVP awards and has been close to winning championships. This is his life story to help … Read more

Richard Allen Biography

Richard Allen born on February 14th, 1760 in Philadelphia was a minister, educator, writer and one America’s most active and influential black leaders. Allen had six children and a spouse named Sarah Bass. He founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in 1794, which was the first black domination in the U.S. Allen was born … Read more

James Watt Essay

James Watt was born January 17, 1736 in Greenock, Scotland. In his early life he loved to learn about mathematics in grammar school. Being a very fragile child, his mother homeschooled him in his earlier years. His father was a successful ship and house building business owner. One of the most important areas of his … Read more

Is Multiculturalism the Same As Polyculturalism?

Culture, unlike biology, should allow us to seek liberation from cruel and uncomfortable practices. But instead culture wraps us in a suffocating embrace. … re cultures discrete or bounded? …Who defines the boundaries of culture or allows for change? Do cultures leak into each other? Can a person from one culture critique another culture? (Prashad … Read more

Hosea Williams” Biography

A child was born on January 15, 1926 to a blind, teenage mother. That child was going to become a man by the name of Hosea Williams, a Civil Rights activist and a politician. William’s mother would die giving birth to a daughter, and said daughter along with Hosea, went to live on their grandparents” … Read more

The Biography of Anne Sexton

Opole, February 6, 2018 From: Piotr Lipinski Ph.D. Programme in English Language & Literature, Year I To: Professor Ilona Dobosiewicz, Ph.D., D.Litt. English Department, Opole University Academic subject: SPECIALIST LECTURE SERIES Anne Sexton (1928-1974) Anne Sexton was born Anne Gray Harvey in Newton, Massachusetts on November 9, 1928 to Mary Gray (Staples) Harvey (1901–1959) and … Read more

Tyrus Raymond Cobb or an American Hero

An American Hero is someone who puts others before themselves and does good deeds throughout his or hers home life and community. Also someone who has a positive impact on on a person or a group of individuals. Someone to look up to and follow in their footsteps. Tyrus Raymond Cobb or Ty Cobb was … Read more

Dwayne Johnson Story of Success

Do you need some inspiration to stop lamenting over life and set up unimaginable goals like a superhero? Who can be a better inspiration than the king of the ring Dwayne Johnson. Today Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has reached those heights of success where dreams look small and goals seem to be summed up. His … Read more

Modern Mexican artists: Daniel Guzman

Daniel Guzman is an artist working primarily in drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. His drawings have various influences, including popular culture, serial killers, sexualized women, literature, and music. Guzman began drawing at the age of eight during a time in which his family was frequently moved house; he credits his art practice with easing the … Read more

Who was Walt Disney?

Walter Elias Disney (December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966) was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 … Read more

Who Is Jimmy Santiago Baca?

Jimmy Santiago Baca was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico to a very difficult life. He spent his younger life in an orphanage after being abandoned by his parents and proceeded to run away at thirteen years old. His life was just beginning, and he was already on the wrong path, which led to him … Read more

Counter-Discourse in Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place

In the Western world, the Caribbean has long been viewed as an Edenic paradise. As a result, it has attracted legions of tourists from all over the world seeking an escape from the crushing banality of their day-to-day existence. While popular culture would have one think otherwise, many Caribbean natives resent the masses of innumerable … Read more

Adelaide Kane’s Biography

So…for some of us who can’t go a day without being glued to our TV screen watching movies, here’s someone you should be accustom to, Adelaide Kane, known for her role as Cora Hale in MTV’s Teen Wolf season 3. She also portrayed Tenaya in Power Rangers RPM, and took the role of Lolly Allen … Read more

Paul McCartney biography

Sir James Paul McCartney (better known as just Paul McCartney) was born on June 18, 1942 at Walton Hospital in Liverpool, England. He was the first son of Mary and James McCartney. His brother, Peter Michael McCartney, was born eighteen months later. McCartney’s mother worked at Walton Hospital as a nurse, but sadly, she died … Read more

Yuri Kochiyama’s Biography

Minority groups have suffered and endured much discrimination, oppression, racism, and social injustices in America. Asian and Asian American women are inclusive of this group. In addition to the above, they have experienced sexism, mistreatment, and objectification due to the added fact of being of female gender. Asian women were categorized and grouped as “women … Read more

James Meredith biography

In June 25, 1933 James was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. James was raised in a farm with nine siblings. His first experience with racism is when him and his brother were riding a train from Chicago. Meredith was ordered to give up his seat and go to the black section, where he had to stand. … Read more

The Biography of Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes

8th Grade Sr. Sabeen Math Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes was born on September 11, 1890 to William S. Lofton. She was the oldest out of her siblings and the only girl. Martha was an American mathematician and educator. She is now commonly known as the first African-American woman to gain a PhD in mathematics, from … Read more

Novel Project: The Road

Author and Background Cormac McCarthy is a beloved American author that is best known for his rather tenebrous themes and post-apocalyptic worlds. In his career McCarthy has managed to publish a total of ten novels, win the Pulitzer Prize for his 2006 novel The Road and release an original screenplay titled The Counselor. Since the … Read more

Is American Dream in Hillbilly Elegy Feasible or Not

J.D. Vance, in his memoir Hillbilly Elegy, uses his own experiences living in rural Kentucky and industrial Ohio to paint a picture of the problems facing the poor white class—and its accompanying “Hillbilly” culture— which dominates American Appalachia. Recounting his experiences from childhood, to his time in the marines, to his college education, Vance sympathetically … Read more

Thomas B. Kin Chong: actor biography

Thomas B. Kin Chong is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, musician and cannabis rights activist who is known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin, as well as playing the character Leo on Fox’s That ’70s Show. He became a naturalized United States citizen in the late 1980s. Early … Read more

The Biography of Agnes de Mille

Agnes de Mille was born September 18,1905 in New York City into a family of theater professionals. Agnes” father William C. DeMille and her uncle Cecil B. DeMille were both Hollywood directors and her grandfather was an author of many playwright’s, the arts was definitely a career choice driven through the family. With a love … Read more

Connection To One Direction

One Direction – the biggest boyband in the world. Not only have they gotten so many achievements, like over 200 awards and holding Guinness World Records, but they have also stolen the hearts of more than a million girls worldwide. They have those girls emotionally attached to them and their music, making the girls also … Read more

The Biography of Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau Jacques Cousteau was a famous scientist his full name was Jacques-Yves Cousteau .Jacques was born in Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac, France on June eleventh of nineteen ten and Cousteau died of a heart attack on twenty fifth June nineteen ninety seven in Paris, two weeks after his 87th birthday.Jacques was mainly an oceanographer, marine biologist, and … Read more

The Biography of Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntington on April 25, 1599 to Robert and Elizabeth Cromwell. Although he wasn’t a direct descendant of Henry VIII’s chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell’s great-great-grandfather, Morgan Williams, married Thomas’ sister Katherine in 1497. It was Morgan and Katherine’s children who took the last name Cromwell in honor of their … Read more

O’Ree Biography

O’Ree was raised in a large family in Fredericton, NB. O’Ree’s father, Harry, was a civil engineer who worked in the road maintenance industry for the city of Fredericton. O’Ree started playing hockey at age three and organized hockey at age five. He instantly had a passion for the game. O’Ree played regularly on the … Read more

Syed Babar Ali

An Entrepreneur and industrialist of Pakistan Syed Babar Ali was born on June 1926.he is a Pakistani businessman and also former finance minister of Pakistan. He is the founder of packages limited, milk pack limited and now the Nestle Pakistan limited and the Lahore University of management sciences. Syed Babar Ali received his education from … Read more

Eric Whitacre, the American Composer

The American Composer named Eric Whitacre Eric Whitacre was born on the date January 2, 1970 in the town of Reno, Nevada. Whitacre grew up in his home-town Reno and began his musical career with his junior high marching band led by a man named Jim Burnett. He later changed to playing synthesizer in techno-pop … Read more