Cell Crash Short Story Essay

It was a bright and sunny day me and my friends were on are way to my house and all the sudden the ground started to shake and we heard a really big crash and it was a plane that crash into the a really big building. Then we started to run and we seen … Read more

Amelia From The Magpies Analysis Essay

“Because there’d been this other person, a person who would have never joined a club or chased a girl who didn’t want to get caught. Who never would have let herself get made a fool of. ” (McCreight, 318). This excerpt captures the feelings of Amelia, the protagonist, as she struggles to find her identity … Read more

Essay on If I Stay Character Analysis

Both Mia, the protagonist in “If I Stay”, by Gayle Forman, and myself are similar in many ways. I think if we had the chance we’d both end up being very great friends and we’d get along perfectly. The one thing that stands out the most for both of us is our amazing, quiet, shy … Read more

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Character Analysis Essay

What was the relationship between Brick, Maggie, and Skipper? Brick is caught in the middle of a former love triangle in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Maggie is Brick’s wife and Skipper is Brick’s former lover. Brick can not stand Maggie and is very unhappy with her. I believe that Maggie is … Read more

Far Water Adventure: A Short Story Essay

How often do you see plastic somewhere? Do you bend down and pick it up? Well, maybe you should. It affects wildlife, wildlife habitats, and humans. The ocean is one of those habitats that has been greatly affected by plastic pollution. Now that you have that thought, keep it in mind while we tell you … Read more

The Vanishing American Analysis Essay

Losing “Ridiculous. The mirror was curved. How do you expect to see yourself in curved mirror (275)”. The Vanishing American by Charles Beaumont is a story about a man “vanishing” to the people around him. The story has deep meanings throughout it and requires the reader to read it more than once. Three major points … Read more

God Is Not A Fish Inspector Analysis Essay

In the short story God is not a Fish Inspector by W. D. Valgardson, Fusi Bergman, a man with a youthful heart, struggles to accept his failure to fish efficiently due to his feeble body. As a result of the conflicts that dominate his life, Fusi gives in to his inevitable fate, and loses the … Read more

Dedicated Anxiety: A Short Story Essay

Death stretched his long arms out towards me as my muscles quivered. Fear and sadness over took my mind as the soft cushion cupped around my face. This was not the first time I had had a panic attack. I tried hard to breath deeply and calm my cries for help but hyperventilation set in. … Read more

The Sniper Short Story Essay

Dragons, witches, princesses and knights. These are the imaginary friends in so many children’s lives. For young adults, those fairy tale characters give way to darker characters and more realistic situations. However, what do they all have in common? They live in short stories Two stories that are interesting are “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty … Read more

Empire Island: A Short Story Essay

When I woke, the waning light of day had become total darkness; it consumed the entire room. At first, I did not know where I was and then felt Louis’ body against mine and remembered that he and I had made wonderful love before falling asleep. I could hear his even breathing; feel the warmth … Read more

Otis Shemloh: A Short Story Essay

The day it all changed was the day when I met Otis Shemloh, the Otter of deduction. I bumped into him at a city block, and after the collision, he quickly said “Follow me. We are heading to a scene”, and without question, I followed. I have no logical reason as to why I followed … Read more

Let The Feathers: A Short Story Essay

Sorry guys you’re stuck in the goblins grisly nightmare,” said someone from the mouth of the cave. A penguin was perched on a boulder with a hint of daring in its golden-green gaze.. recognized the voice, which was more ladylike than you’d expect from an arctic, flightless bird. “Sage! ” I cried. The penguin bobbed … Read more

Mr Mckutchin Short Story Essay

Mr. Mckutchin was known as the creepy man all the kids in the neighborhood knew to be afraid of for reasons unbeknownst to them. Nobody ever saw him coming or going from his great big house that was across the street and a just touch down the road from Erin’s home. But, sometimes people, scary … Read more

Symbolism In Benito Cerreno Essay

Benito Cereno, written by Herman Melville, is a novella that centers on Captain Delano, an American who stumbles upon a Spanish slave ship in distress. Before the arrival of the captain, a clever and desperate slave named Babo plotted and carried out a successful mutiny. The roles of master and servant switch, but unfortunately, Captain … Read more

Through The Tunnel Analysis Essay

Max Lerner once said “The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt. ” Doris Lessing illustrates this point in her short story, “Through the Tunnel. ” In the short story, Jerry, a young, English boy, finds himself by overcoming the … Read more

Ivan Velikopolsky: Motivation For Success Essay

When a person concentrates on one single thought, a broader more important lesson might be missed. In “The Student,” Ivan Velikopolsky, a seminary student, tells the story of how Apostle Peter denied knowing Jesus three times the night before Jesus’ crucifixion. After telling this story to two widowers, he finds that the widowers are crying. … Read more

The Giver Act 1 Scene 1 Analysis Essay

Jonas is the main character in The Giver by Lois Lowry. In Jonas’s community it’s natural to be doing everything the loudspeaker says, it is the way to surrvive. Only Jonas and the Giver can see in color. Everyone in Jonas’s community thinks it is natrual that the leaders can listen to every conversation. All … Read more

Hills Like White Elephants Analysis Essay

The story “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway is a fascinating story about one couple having faced with an unexpected pregnancy. The theme of the story is about the couple’s decision between life and death. The main character Jig and The American are in disagreements on weather to keep their baby, or have an … Read more

Analysis: How Do Stories Shape Humanity Essay

How Do Stories Shape Humanity? “Novels and stories are renderings of life; they can not only keep us company, but admonish us, point us in new directions, or give us courage to stay a given course. ” (Robert Coles). We as humans, all love a good story; whether we are watching a movie, listening to … Read more

Essay about Firefighters: A Short Story

Within a few minutes, the sound of sirens rushes across the school parking lot. The heat from the pavement causes the emergency vehicles to waver surreally, as if they’re an illusion speeding toward me. I stand numbly next to the wreckage as the firefighters hurry forward to free the lady trapped inside her car. The … Read more

Essay on To Build A Fire Character Analysis

Deepak Chopra once said, “The masculine energy was about survival. The male was the hunter who risked his life and had to be in the fight-flight mode. ” When pertaining to survival, the main character in “To Build a Fire” by Jack London failed to follow three main steps in Laurence Gonzales’ nonfiction trade book, … Read more

Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Analysis Essay

Stories have been around for thousands upon thousands of years. From the cavemen telling their hunting stories, to the epics of Achilles and Beowulf, stories have played an important role in all of our lives for as long as we can remember. But what makes stories so important? Is it because of the entertainment and … Read more

Holes Book Report Essay

I chose Holes by Louis Sachar for the book that I would save if I could only save one book. Although I read it about eight years ago, I have very fond memories of this story. I remember when | was about eight years old, my family and I listened to the audiobook while we … Read more

Helena Morris: A Short Story Essay

I explained to Mrs. Quinn about my mom, and she understood why I had to leave. I gave Henry’s mom a call, and she instantly agreed to pick me up. Helena Morris was my second mom, and I loved that, because Helena Morris was one of the best mothers out there. She was fun, yet … Read more

Youthgaze’s Tragedy: A Short Story Essay

It was early in the morning, the house was completely silent, and Judson was the only one awake. Judson swept quietly through the house, he peeked through an open door to his parent’s room and it was empty. His parents must have went some where without telling him, again. They left Judson home alone often, … Read more

When We Were Two Analysis Essay

Robert Newton’s When We Were Two is a charming tale exploring the journey of two brothers in their endeavor to discover a life of more. Challenges and obstacles are woven throughout the boys’ adventure, for Dan, the protagonist of the story, the distressing event of the death of his younger brother Eddie. As a reader, … Read more

Character Analysis: I Stand Here Ironing Essay

The Iron (Fist) of the Circumstance “I Stand Here Ironing”, by Tillie Olsen, is a story told by an unnamed mother who struggles to balance family and financial stability. The mother retells her experience raising Emily, the oldest daughter of the family, who faces both emotional and physical hardships such as depression, separation from her … Read more

Proserpina’s Frozen: A Short Story Essay

Proserpina was terrified as she entered Pluto’s world. Everything was so dark and cold, and she felt very lonely. She missed her mother terribly and all she kept thinking is how she disobeyed her mother and what would’ve happened if she would’ve just listened. As she rode beside Pluto in his chariot she looked around. … Read more

The Swimmer John Cheever Analysis Essay

Life is full of incredulous and horrendous surprises. Mistakes are natural in human nature; humans can better themselves by facing and accepting their mistakes. In the short story “The Swimmer” by John Cheever, Ned Merrill swims through his neighbors’ pools to get home. This short story has a variety of symbolism that connects to the … Read more

The Monster In The Alley: A Short Story Essay

I stand with my feet planted on the roof shingles, looking down on the street’s depressing conditions. My hood is pulled low to conceal my face, regardless of the night mist’s fine job of veiling me from the people below. No one bothers to question what could lie within the mist above their heads, leaving … Read more

Baby Sleep Persuasive Speech Essay

“How did you and the baby sleep? ” “Very well. ” “Are you comfortable with the babysitter? ” “Yeah. Edward’s an easy baby; he won’t give her any problems. ” “Good. Did Crocco tell you about our plans to move you off the estate tonight? ” “No. ” “We have men searching the suburbs for … Read more

Essay on Train Stations And Barooms Summary

“Train Stations and Barrooms” Being faced with difficult decisions is a major obstacle in the lives of adults. After conversing, many of these decisions are resolved in a favorable outcome that works for both adults. In “Hills like White Elephants,” the two adults, an American man and the girl, discuss a major issue in their … Read more