Evaluation of the 1984 Child Protection Act and Keith Jacobson’s Case of Procurement of Prohibited Uncensored Material

Late in the evening on the night of February 22nd 1984, Keith Jacobson ordered two explicit magazines for his personal leisure. These two publications ordered were titled “Bare Boys 1” and “Bare Boys 2” from a California based adult novelty shop. Keith Jacobson claims is that he did not know that these two publications included … Read more

A Study Of Moral Values In Different Organizations As Depicted In Karen Ho's Biographies Of Hegemony

In a Biographies of Hegemony, Karen Ho discusses how institutions such as universities and law firms instill values that are unquestionably distorted in their students and stock market workers. In Leslie Bell’s Hard to Get: 20-Something women and the paradox of Sexual Freedom moreover, the issue of the system’s propensity in creating self-serving values recurs. … Read more

Depression Among International Students

Depression among international students In the present scenario many students move to foreign countries to explore the knowledge and learn practical skills to achieve their life goals. During this period, they face some challenges that turn in to depression. The depression is a mental health illness that affect human behaviours negatively. The main indications of … Read more

The Level Of Adversity Quotient And Emotional Quotient Of Students On Probationary Status In Relation To Their Academic Performance

In college, students experience many different feelings, emotions and adversities. Some may feel excited about finally being able to start studying towards the career of their choice and feel hopeful about their future. They may be looking forward to their freedom and a chance to experience independence. They may be excited about having a chance … Read more

The Debate Between Anti-Intellectualism & The Vocational Education In Articles "My Struggles With Anti-Intellectualism" By Paul Stoller & "What’S Wrong With Vocational School?" By Charles Murray

Educational attainment is essential to achieve because this brings satisfaction to our lives. From the articles that I have read, the topic of debate between anti-intellectualism and the vocational education has been raised. The first article entitled My Struggles With Anti-Intellectualism was written by Paul Stoller. He was a professor of anthropology courses and had … Read more

Analysis Of The Three Different Studies

Study One: Basic Information: The first study I will be analyzing is “More Experience = Bigger Brain”. The author of the article based on this study is M.R. Rosenzweig, E.L. Bennett and M.C. Diamond. Curiosity on this topic sparked a study conducted by Vincenzo Malacarne dating all the way back to 1785. However, the study … Read more

Antioxidant Efficacy Of Bryophyllum Pinnatum (Katakataka) And Wound Healing Capabilities Used In Treating Wound Burns

Introduction Wound burn is described as a damage to the skin or other natural tissue that is caused by heat or radiation, radioactivity, power, rubbing or contact with chemicals. It is considered as a global public health problem because every year the approximate number of deaths caused and generated by burns has a total of … Read more

The Importance of Sports for Students

In this globalization, many kind of sports has been introduce to the world. Sport also has been considered as an entertainment. So what is sports? Sport is forms of physical activity played by the people through casual or organized participation. Also from sport there is a lot of benefits to us in a way of … Read more

The Cheating Epidemic in America

Nowadays, there are many popular ways for students to cheat in exams. Some students take their notes into the examination rooms. Some students ask their friends the answers by whispering while taking the exams. And some students just try to copy the answers of students who sit in front of them without caring how similar … Read more

Stereotypes About Asian-American Students

Time and time again, we see Asian-American students quietly but surely rise above their peers with their quiet, studious, and high tests scores. What is it about these students that separates them from their peers? Keith Osajima, a professor of race ethnic studies at the University of Redlands, dives deeper into this topic in “Internalized … Read more

Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

The Challenges to face while Studying Abroad Cultural change Cultural challenge is the first challenge you’ll have to face while on abroad. No matter how much you research another country, you are likely to experience unexpected surprises when you are actually living and studying there. This revelation is inevitable, especially if you have come to … Read more

Millennials: The Me, Myself, And I Generation

Millennials always think they’ve got it all figured out….until the day they realize they don’t. Time Magazine’s publication of Joel Stein’s The Me, Me, Me Generation and Andrea McAlister’s article Teaching the Millennial Generation depicted their thoughts about that dreaded day for millennials when they realized that they don’t have it all figured out. Both … Read more

John Santrock’s Theories on Human Development

Development theories are collective concepts and visions of theories that explains desirable transition in the society. These theories are often based on social principles and science disciplines approaches. In the Essentials of Lifespan Development publication, John Santrock has demonstrated a number of theories with regards to human development. This paper highlights the concepts and principles … Read more

The Moderating Role of Agency Costs on the Impact of Free Cash Flow on Firmhilippines

Jensen (1986) provided the first inkling to agency theory and his discussions about this topic has brought about many fundamental issues in research literature one of which is the free cash flow hypothesis. Jensen (1986) defined free cash flows as the net cash flows in excess of that required to fund all projects that have … Read more

An analysis of a student paper with unf writes rubrics

Analyzing papers with UNF Writes Rubrics set a very clear guideline for writing a paper. The rubrics include logic, mechanics(grammar,syntax, punctuation,and spelling), rhetorical awareness, and plain English style. After assessing a student paper based on these Rubrics it is apparent how well a paper or even how poorly a paper is written. The rubrics rate … Read more

Classical Conditioning Theory Of Learning By Ivan Pavlov

Understanding human’s behavior have been always an attractive field that driven scientists to make uncounted researches throughout the history. John B. Watson the Father of American Behaviorist (1878-1958) was one of those scientists who studied this field. So he worked on “Learning theory” which interprets the individuals’ behavior through several sub-theories’ perspectives; was founded by, … Read more

Relationship Between Communication Apprehension And Learning Styles

Communication Apprehension (CA) is when students have fear and anxiety in initiating or making conversations towards other people obviously lack oral communication skills. During 1940s, difficulty in verbal communication ,which causes students anxiety, was once reported in the literature and termed as “Communication Apprehension” that is “an individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with … Read more

Ecological Systems Theory: How The Surroundings Can Affect The Development Of The Child

For this research, the researcher relates to the ecological systems theory to explain the experiences of child headed households and how they survive in their everyday life where they are exposed to abuse, hunger, poverty, harm and lack parental-guardian relationship or guidance which is vital for child development. Ecological systems theory Bronfenbrenner developed his ecological … Read more