First Real Studies of Flight

There were several trials to fly in old history, the idea was brought to mind after the invention of kites by Chinese, then Leonardo da Vinci made the first real studies of flight in the 1480’s. He had over 100 drawings that illustrated his theories on flight. The Orthopteran flying machine was never actually created. … Read more

Traditional School vs Online School

Students may have the opportunities to attend an online school and they can make a choice between online schools and traditional schools. There are some similarities between an online school and studying in a traditional school, however there are also many differences. Most traditional learning classrooms are designed where the teacher is giving direct instruction … Read more

“Deaf President Now”

The most important campaign was the 1988 “Deaf President Now” (DPN) protest at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C, students went to show their deep frustration about the oncoming new hearing president, even though almost all students were deaf. Following a 2000-person protest and an eight-day sit-in, the university hired I. King Jordan as their first … Read more

Overcoming shyness

High school is arguably the best four years of a person’s life. Individuals are growing, learning, and preparing to venture into the reality of the world known as adulthood. However, whether people make the best or worst of these years will determine if it really is the greatest time of their life or not. In … Read more

High School Graduates Should Take A Year Off Before Entering College – Student Gap Years

Students need breaks! For some students, a two-to-three-month summer break just isn’t long enough. Some students need time to live, to explore, to understand, to transition, and to find themselves. A gap year is a break in education after completing high school before furthering education at a college or university. A gap year gives students … Read more

Benefits of Origami Instructions to the Learner

Benefits of Origami Instructions to the Learner You should not get worried when the term origami is mentioned since it is simply the Japanese art of folding paper to come up with different shapes. Origami is one of the arts that has been introduced in schools in the western countries due to the educational benefits … Read more

Cultivation Practices Of Carrots

Cultivation practices of carrots Carrot is a semi-hardy crop which is cultivated all over the world. It is the common name used in Zambia for Daucus carota. Since it is a semi-hardy crop, carrot require cool weather for it to perform well. Carrot need long days and vernalization of roots. Despite carrot being able to … Read more

Investigation On The Supersaturation And Precipitation Kinetics Of Weakly Basic Bcs Ii Drugs

Precipitation of solid drug particles in the gastro-intestinal tract affects both the rate and extent of intestinal drug absorption might be a factor that significantly contributes to the low and highly variable bioavailability observed for some low solubility drugs. A pre-requisite for such precipitation is that a super-saturated solution of the drug is formed within … Read more

Analysis of a Paper on Student Deceitful Behavior

Only Cheating Yourself Although, some feel that cheating in sports and academics can help in getting ahead and avoiding confrontation, it also leads to dishonor and hinders one from being truly successful. Cheating used to be considered an unmentionable sin. However, in this day it has become more common and somewhat of a daily occurrence. … Read more

The Issues of Standardized Testing in No Child Left Behind: An Overview, an Article by Alyson Klein

An Analysis of Standardized Testing In recent years, standardized testing has become the basis for learning standards. Lesson plans and school activities tend to be built around what will be on the standardized tests that year, leaving little room for teachers to come up with creative activities. This has caused concern to teachers, students, and … Read more

The Main Concepts, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Subjective Research

While quantitative research is helpful for distinguishing connections between factors, as, for instance, the association amongst neediness and racial abhor, it is subjective research that can light up why this association exists by going specifically to the source the general population themselves. Subjective research is intended to uncover the implying that advises the activity or … Read more

The Internet Research "Public Thinking" By Clive Thompson

How many times a day do you use the internet? Almost everyone uses the internet, whether it be posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; emailing one of your friends or colleagues; or even just doing some research. Thompson’s research says twenty-five percent of Americans report being almost constantly online. Billions of people use the internet … Read more

Students attitude and teaching tips

Attitude can change each phase of a person’s life, including their education. Student attitudes on learning decide their ability and eagerness to learn. If negative attitudes are not changed, a student is doubtful to continue his education beyond what is necessary. Altering a student’s negative attitudes towards learning is approach that involves deciding the factors … Read more


Whitefish is a common fish of the freshwater. It is extremely delicious and appeals to a wide variety of people all across the globe because it is also low cost and safe to consume in comparison to other sea foods. However, it is not only for the taste that it is famous there are certain … Read more

The Personal Benefits of Studying Abroad

As an economics student and enthusiast, the idea, of studying abroad is certainly a welcomed move in both my educational. I consider studying abroad as a life-changing experience and an optimal way to enhance my lingual skills as I traverse another country and interact with the natives. My decision to study abroad was influenced by … Read more

The Heritage Public Library

The Heritage Public Library is part of the Maryville County Public Library System, a 12-branch system with headquarters in Maryville, Alabama. The Heritage Public Library serves the city of Clarke and the surrounding area of about 30,000 residents. The new, 25,000-square-foot library was built in the fall and winter of 2017 and opened on January … Read more

Researches in social facts’ by Durkheim

Durkheim was a sociologist of French origin born in the year 1958 and died on the November of 1917. He instituted various academic disciplines and is considered as the current social science principal architect. He actually maintained dominance in the field of social sciences until the time of his death. Durkheim also presented several sociological … Read more

10 Websites To Make You Smarter

With so many great resources on the internet just about everything that you would ever want to know is available online in this special edition can be useful websites series I will show you 10 websites that will expand your knowledge base make you smarter some of these will be well known sites along with … Read more

A Conceptual Framework for Scheduling Constraint Management

Introduction Every construction project is unique and has its own operating environment and sets of technical requirements. As a result, the execution of a construction project is subject to numerous constraints that limit the commencement or progression of field operations, which invariably have significant negative impact on overall project performance. By definition, constraints refer to … Read more

Involvement in extracurricular activities

Involvement in extracurricular activities (e.g., sports, cultural groups, or special interest clubs) is associated with a range of positive outcomes, including academic success and psychosocial well-being (e.g., Kilgo, Mollet, & Pascarella, 2016; Stuart, Lido, Morgan, Solomon, & May, 2011; Tieu et al., 2010). Despite these links, many students remain uninvolved during college. For instance, findings … Read more

New Literacy Practices

Over the last decade, the information age has been rapidly changed by the introduction of the new literacy. But even this definition, now a decade old, fails to articulate how might change in an “information age. New literacies have risen due to the introduction of new technologies such as text messages, blogging, social media, video … Read more

Critical Reflection On Providing Supervision And Mentoring Support To Others Within The Work Place Through Teaching, Learning And Assessment

The purpose of this essay is to critically reflect on providing supervision and mentoring support to others within the work place through teaching, learning and assessment. Evidence will be drawn from knowledge and understanding of theories and principles in practice of supervising and mentoring people within the work place, and how it fits into the … Read more

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Civilization leads humans to an unhealthy form of self-love which centred on vanity, jealousy and pride. Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed that this unhealthy self-love emerged when humans went to live in cities, as they lived in ‘bad habits’, vices and in comparison. As a result, he believed that a natural education helps in a child’s development … Read more

An Unforgettable Experience of Studying Abroad in Spain

For the majority of students enrolled in American universities, their first year of college life entails the stereotypical unpleasant dorm life, boring lectures in classes composed of 400 students, and cramming for finals, after having skipped the class multiple times. First and foremost, skipping class was strictly forbidden on Valencia campus and, although many students … Read more

Why Students choose to Study Information Technology

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IT- “Information Technology” is a pretty broad term; it covers a whole range of digital career paths that diverges into fascinating specializations. IT refers to anything related in computer technology such as networking, hardware, software, and internet. Smartphones and information technology has made our life very easy and tranquil. I know many of … Read more

Comparing “No Name Woman” and “Woman Hollering Creek”

Both stories are similar because they explore the theme of personal identity. Kingston’s “No Name Woman” explores the narrator’s struggles to connect her American identity with the Chinese Identity. Similarly, Cisneros’ “Woman Hollering Creek” explores how Cleofilas’ Chicano identity affects her marriage and relationship. Therefore, the protagonists in both stories are women and they are … Read more

Theatre-Based Language Instruction Programme (TBLIP)

Theatre-Based Language Instruction Programme (TBLIP) is an art-based language developed programme that trains students to use Theatre-Based Instruction techniques. The TBLIP strategies aim to connect student’s personal experiences in a manner reliable with authentic instruction principles. The objectives of this programme are to focus on the learners” level of enhancement in English language learning, to … Read more

Assimilation of borrowed words in the language

Assimilation of borrowed words in language is almost a partial or general form of phonetic, graphical or morphological standards affecting the semantic structure. The process of assimilation of borrowed words changes in shape, morphological structure, grammatical characteristics, meaning and usage, here we also mention three types of assimilation that are: phonetic, grammatical and lexical assimilation … Read more

Scripture engagement – Lrctio Divina

Christians have been developing and practicing various Scripture engagement techniques for hundreds of years. This article is trying to help us understand the true methods of experiencing God in the Bible. The scripture engagement technique the article focuses on is Lectio Divina, this means “sacred reading” in Latin. This practice has been used for over … Read more

How Music Motivates Me

Dear Society Every time someone turns 17, there should be a disclaimer that you’re going to have to have to start answering THE question. Starting in January of 2015, I’ve heard “What do you want to do with your life?” more than almost anything else. At Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, anniversaries, and birthdays I’m … Read more

Writing A College Essay In Humanities

Generally, There may be humanities informative article delegated for anybody college students which are mission aclass at self-discipline. The world of humanities scientific studies completely different options of civilization on earth. Therefore composition subjects fluctuate in extent, adopting philosophy, sociology, historical past and cultural value, together with artwork points. Usually, Your individual humanities informative article … Read more

The Article “Eyewitness Testimony: The Influence Of The Wording Of A Question” By Elizabeth Loftus & Guido Zanni

The article “Eyewitness testimony: The influence of the wording of a question” by Elizabeth Loftus and Guido Zanni The article “Eyewitness testimony: The influence of the wording of a question” by Elizabeth Loftus and Guido Zanni, discuss the “ accuracy of an answer to a specific question can be noticeably influenced by the wording of … Read more


INTRODUCTION Education is necessary for everyone. Education is very important, without education no one can lead a good life. Education is of two kinds i.e. natural and nurture. In nurture, education given to a child requires proper premises for learning, curriculum, implementation of that curriculum in the school, teachers, teacher’s methodology, and use of teaching … Read more

Inform Consent

Research is required to improve the conditions. Prepared for any research is likely to help society directly or indirectly. Before beginning collecting the data, the researchers need to inform and obtain consent first to the participants. The meaning of informed consent is an essential part of the researchers to get to the participants before doing … Read more