Intake Form Critique

This is the intake used at Pathways Human Services of Florida, generally just known as “Pathways. ” This is the company with whom I am doing my work variance internship. I wanted to complete the intake critique at my internship because their intake packet could use a great deal of improvement. Also, because I work … Read more

Trump Controversy

Donald J. Trump: The name alone either evokes tears to people that fear doom of the United States or the exact opposite. Currently, he is a major topic of controversy not only between politically affiliated people but on a global scale as well. Sources whether they be personal blogs or official articles,provide a wide range … Read more

How To Visit To Gatlinburg Tennessee

The Tennessee archaeology that was interesting to me is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is located in Gatlinburg Tennessee. The reason I chose Gatlinburg Tennessee, is because it has a lot of interesting site and adventures for adults and children. It’s has many things in Gatlinburg Tennessee you can see, but the Great … Read more