Heroes In Antigone Essay

A hero is an individual who is admired by another person, and who affects society in some way. Individuals use heroes to model their aspirations, and reflect their hero’s behavior in their actions and decisions. These heroes not only bring safety to society, but also wisdom and knowledge to improve people as individuals. Societal function … Read more

Afterlife In The Odyssey Essay

Afterlife is a common topic everywhere we look – in television shows, in movies, in our everyday lives, and even in books. Our own portrayal of life after death comes from others’ perceptions that stick with us. In literature, this is no different. In Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, we are exposed to one of the more … Read more

Loyalty In Odysseus And Argos Essay

Loyalty is the foundation for any type of relationship– relying on one another to have faith in the other person. When that faith dwindles is when their true devotion is tested. Both “Argus” by Alexander Pope and Argos Recognizes Odysseus by Theodoor Van Thulden use Odysseus coming home from war to a welcoming greeting from … Read more

Essay about Achilles Flaws In The Iliad

In the lliad, the characters of Hector and Achilles carry similar traits, although a deeper investigation into each character will show some stark contrasts between the two. Victory and defeat is not the most telling sign as to which is the greater hero of the two. There are flaws within each character and each one … Read more