Things Fall Apart Christianity

In Chinua Achebe’s renowned novel Things Fall Apart, the West received its first level of consciousness into their colonial nature through the vantage point of an African perspective. Achebe’s classic refuses to feud the colonized against the colonizer, additionally he refuses to lighten the disconcerting circumstances and situations his native Africa encounters with the 19th … Read more

Summary Of The Watcher Of Waipuna Research Paper

Imagine waking up one morning to find that you are in a completely unfamiliar place. First, there were a few new neighbors, then more and more foreigners came along and now your whole town seems foreign. All the local shops are bought by corporations and the old ways of life have been altered. This is … Read more

Essay On Mauryan Imperialism

The European Imperialism was the first instance that outsiders gained control and began to establish and elite culture. The Nile cataracts and swampland blocked movement south. The Romans sent expeditions against pastoral peoples in the Libyan Sahara, but couldn’t incorporate them into the Roman world. IRAN The Parthians were established by a nomadic leader, and … Read more

Bidjogo Analysis Essay

The Bissagos Islands on the Atlantic coast of Guinea-Bissau are home to the Bidjogo peoples. Similar to other African peoples, the Bidjogo possess unique forms of art. The dugn’be “the ox raised in the village” mask is a rather intriguing piece of art. The mask is commonly used in initiation ceremonies. This mask, made in … Read more