Social Media – A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Social media is a superb factor or a awful issue? That is the maximum often asked query these days. Nicely, there are constantly aspects of the entirety. It depends to your perspective on how you perceive it. The same goes for social media, the general public respect it as a revolutionary invention and a few … Read more

Instagram and Snapchat

They have currently made a strict circulate towards their giphy sticky label highlight by asserting at the expulsion of every one of those from their packages as they had been made aware with the records that the bigot gif can be brought to their tale posts. the maximum current refresh in instagram and snapchat saw … Read more

Social Media: Affordances, Practices, Disruptions

I argued in this dissertation that because Twitter and Facebook do not have the same affordances that people may express minority viewpoints on these platforms in differing ways. The affordances I considered were friend networks on each platform, visibility, and identifiability. I argued that on Twitter people may feel more free to express minority viewpoints … Read more

The Dangers Of Ignorance 

The social media site Facebook has demonstrated its dangerous goal of a radical conforming public through its argument of the benefits that ensue the exposure of the intimate details of those who utilize its services and the abomination of free will. In his book World without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech, Franklin Foer … Read more

Social Media vs Print Media

Social Media Primarily internet or cellular phone based applications and tools to share information among people. Social media includes popular networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter; as well as bookmarking sites like Reddit. It involves blogging and forums and any aspect of an interactive presence which allows individuals the ability to engage in conversations with … Read more

Social Networking Sites Influence

Presently, in India, 28.4 percent of the population (375 million) is using internet, out of which 10.3 percent are active on social media (136 million). Five years ago, 2.5 percent of the population was active on Facebook. This number is expected to increase to 15 percent by the end of 2016, with Facebook proactively targeting … Read more

Jesse Singal “Social Media is Making Us Dumber. Here’s Exhibit A.” Critical Summary

Journalist Jesse Singal in his article “Social Media is Making Us Dumber. Here’s Exhibit A.” argues that people interested in discussing politics are falling victim to the brutal social media environment. Mr. Singal obtained a Master’s in Public Affairs at Princeton University and studied inequality in America, making him a credible source on the subject. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Communication is an essential part of the human life when it comes to connecting and advancing our society. Ever since the beginning of time, different forms of communication were established such as: sign language, body language, visual communication, and written communication. Now in modern culture, communicating has taken a whole new level with social networking. … Read more

Instagram and Snapchat

They have currently made a strict circulate towards their giphy sticky label highlight by asserting at the expulsion of every one of those from their packages as they had been made aware with the records that the bigot gif can be brought to their tale posts. the maximum current refresh in instagram and snapchat saw … Read more

What is the connection between internet addiction and depression within adolescents?

The internet is extremely prevalent in our contemporary society. With new apps such as snapchat or twitter, social media has become especially popular amongst adolescents. The environment has a huge impact on the child’s internet use because if the child is constantly surrounded by it, then it is highly likely they will become addicted. While … Read more

Who is Salice Rose?

While there are many people who have garnered fame through the internet, there are others who have acquired both fame and wealth from their online presence. Amongst them is Salice Rose who is an Instafamous celebrity, Youtuber, and social media idol. She garnered fame by posting funny videos and other interesting stuff on Instagram, YouTube, … Read more

Analysis Of The Documentary Film “Facebookistan”: Implications Of Social Media Influence

With a user base of nearly one third of the global population, Facebook is the largest social networking platform on the internet. Guided by their corporate manifesto of constructing a more connected and open world, Facebook connects individuals across digital space through their online profiles; however, just how open is Facebook itself? The documentary Facebookistan … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Communication is a part of life. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the main skills that people have. The use of technology can be a great opportunity for people in communicating, reducing time. But technology can have consequences of reducing person-to-person interaction without the device. Today communication technology has rapidly developed. … Read more

The differences between journalism and blogging

The meteoric rise of “uncensored, unmediated, uncontrolled” blogging as a method for reporting and commenting on news had a huge, and complex, effect on the nature of modern journalism (Blood, 2002, no pagination). According to Lowrey, “blogging can foster open, intelligent, and productive public discussion, and… bloggers can spur journalists to produce more accurate, honest, … Read more

Sagoon; the Social Media from Nepal

Sagoon, the social media from Nepal is released these days in as application in New Delhi, India. Actor Shraddha Kapoor became present as a special guest in the software. They name it a revolution from south Asia and the Android app is now available in 220 countries. Sagoon is a unfastened social media app that … Read more

Best Way to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Social media marketing is an intense route for businesses of all sizes to achieve prospects and clients. Your clients are now communicating with brands through social media, and in case you’re not talking straightforwardly to your audience through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you’re passing up a major opportunity! Awesome marketing on … Read more

Social media platforms

Social media platforms have become the norm in the society today and are used by billions of people around the world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have transformed the social, political and economic aspects of life. Social media platforms allow users to share their photos and videos as in the case … Read more

How Social Media Has Changed Marketing?

What is social media? Internet based life is PC based innovation that gives offices like the creation and sharing of data, thoughts, profession interests and different types of articulation through virtual networks and systems. The assortment of remain solitary and implicit web based life benefits as of now accessible presents difficulties of definition. Numerous individuals … Read more

A Rhetorical Analysis Of Always’ Advertisement "Like A Girl"

A Rhetorical Analysis of Always’ ad. #LikeAGirl The company Always is a brand of feminine hygiene products and has been in business since 1984. The advertisement analyzed within this essay seeks to catch the viewer’s eye and cause the female viewer to associate that product with themselves and their life experiences through the phrase “Like … Read more

Social media and isolation

Social media creates a dopamine-driven feedback loop to condition young adults to stay online, stripping them of important social skills and further keeping them on social media, leading them to feel socially isolated. Annotated Bibliography 1: Chamath PalihapitiyaPalihapitiya, C. (2017, November 13). Chamath Palihapitiya is a software engineer who worked for major companies such as … Read more

Social Media Analysis Proposal

“ Summary The intent of this proposal is to engage Cox Automotive and it Board of directors or current leadership toward the need to analyze the company’s social media platform both in local communities, while making comparison to other competitors in the industry. The focus is to further access how social media can impact sustainability … Read more

Multimedia, or mixed-media

Multimedia, or mixed-media, systems offer presentations that integrate effects existing in a variety of formats, including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. Such presentations first became commercially available in very primitive form in the early 1980s, as a result of advances that have been made in digital compression technology– particularly the difficult area of image … Read more

Does the mass media cause undesirable social behaviour

It started by way of messengers and scribes, evolved through the presentation of newspapers and radio, brought us together with television, and now serves us world-wide via the ever-popular Internet. It is the mass media, and even from the earliest days of its existence, it has contributed greatly in ways that both enlighten and enrich … Read more