What Is The Free Love Movement?

Over the course of history, the word ‘love’ has taken on various definitions by different philosophers, religious teachings, cultures, and movements. One popular movement which has established its own set of norms for the word is known as the Free Love Movement. Essentially, this movement rejects the concept of marriage on the belief that marriage … Read more

Where To: Experience Love At First Sip

As being part of the Market Research Team for Digital Marketing Solutions, my job was to analyze a Cafes operation from a customer’s point of view. Therefore, on the 18th of August, I went out for breakfast to Cafe 5 to personally experience its unique ambiance and simultaneously review the menu. The cafes opening hours … Read more

American Dream According To American Beauty Film

Sam Mendes compelling film, “American Beauty,” reveals that the white picket fence American dream doesn’t necessarily supply happiness to life. Full opportunity and social success, the exact concept of the American dream, is the particular mindset destroying the most significance of goals in life; happiness. This film takes the prospectors on an emotional journey through … Read more

Relevant Theories On Sentimental Relationships Among Young People

As research has risen, it has turned out to be progressively evident that immature sentimental connections warrant substantially more consideration than they have generally been given. They assume a critical job in young people’s everyday lives, and significantly affect their current emotional well-being, their progressing improvement and future sentimental connections. The particular age at which … Read more

The Depth of Love and Hatred

“What defines true love? How long should it take to realize if you’re truly in love? Our views of love differ from person to person, but many of us have loved or will find love in our lifetime if we are fortunate. Whenever love stories are brought up Romeo and Juliet never seems to be … Read more

How Does Being Other-oriented Enable People to Increase Their Understanding of Others?

Throughout the many different relationships and people, we meet in our lives, we sometimes become selfish and forget to think about others. We begin to lose focus on others and forget about their own needs, feelings and thoughts. We tend to go through stages in our lives of no longer practicing seeing things from someone … Read more

Why respect is so important for us?

Nearly anything will earn you respect in the eyes of someone. But only certain things will earn you respect in the eyes of those who are respected. It’s that simple. So, true respect is not earned of injuring oneself or breaking the law. The respect earned by that is not true and lasting, because it … Read more

Who Is Called A Hero?

In Webster’s English Dictionary, a hero is described as a person of exceptional bravery or a person admired for superior qualities and achievements. A hero can be a person who saves lives, helps others, or a person who stands up to someone or something, who the person has no chance against. In Homers, “The Odyssey” … Read more

Faliingl in obsessive love

In the beginning period of relationship, there is an enormous and moment fascination toward one’s affection in love which gradually proceed onward to end up a delicate and delightful relationship in light of companionship and trust and keeping in mind that this is the conventional climax for all relationship, there are occurrences when these pleasure … Read more

Valentine's Day Week List

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love every year on February 14. It is a day when people tell their loved ones – boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, friends and family – how much they mean to them. Valentine does not mean they would be only a boyfriend or a girlfriend but the person … Read more

How To Attract Women

The attraction between two people has always been seen as an almost mythical and indecipherable fact. We believe that women are complex beings, when in reality it’s not very difficult to understand them, much less to attract them.In order to do so, it’s necessary to follow the most important advice: be yourself. Now, it’s true … Read more

Privilages Of Two Healthy Parent Relationships For Children Growing

Father Privilege Experiencing life in a fatherless home can have devastating effects on a person’s future. One of the biggest privileges that a person can be granted is being born into a stable family. In America, fatherless homes are a growing phenomenon which seems to be growing worse by the year. Statistics have revealed that … Read more

St. Thomas Aquinas about love

Love is directed from person to person or from person to things, but in the Bible there is another aspect of interpersonal love which is very important in the Bible. God’s love is different for everyone, but the law of divine love is the standard for all human actions. In reading of “The law of … Read more

A Research on the Online Dating Phenomenon

Online dating is an increasingly common way to meet potential romantic partners in this increasingly technological age. Many online dating websites, such as OKCupid.com, use questions users answer to statistically match them with other users they would be compatible with, and display compatibility percentages or “match percentages” next to each profile a user encounters. These … Read more

Infidelity in marriages from Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn and Shakespeare’s Othello

Infidelity is a leading cause to marital breakdowns. To be successful in a marriage, it requires two people to make it work. There are factors of things that can make a marriage fall apart but infidelity in marriages is the most major one, as it can impact the individuals themselves. Infidelity in marriages from Gone … Read more

The Art of Love: Can Rape Be Justified?

By 18 BC, morality among the citizens of Rome had depleted by such degree that the emperor was impelled to enact the lex Julia de maritandis ordinibus, which instituted adultery as a crime punishable by death or exile. This was the Rome of Ovid’s time, but more importantly this was the audience for whom The … Read more

Man-Woman Relationship in mistress

Through all the incidents, Nair searches for deeper meanings in art and life. Nair’s Mistress is set in the backgrounds of the river Nila- Kerala’s own Ganges. Many writers and kathakali artists have lived and died there while some still live on. Of her formation of female liberation and the gendered roles in the family, … Read more

How To Grow Black Hair Long In A Month

Is it possible to grow black hair long in one month? Your gender doesn’t matter because you both want touchable, healthy hair. Nowadays natural, shiny hair is relevant to all ethnicities. Keeping your looks l good means nourishing your hair. But what causes your hair to grow slower and thinner? Many factors tie into how … Read more

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Discussion

In the video, 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work, many ideas were shared regarding happy marriages and the research surrounding them. The seven principles include: 1) enhance your love maps, 2) nurture your fondness and admiration, 3) turn towards each other, 4) let your partner influence you, 5) solve your solvable problems, 6) overcome gridlock, … Read more

The Importance of Caring in Promoting Health and Wellness of Patients and the Prevention of Illness in Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson

Nursing theorist Jean Watson emphasizes the importance of caring in promoting health and wellness and also preventing illness in Theory of Human Caring. To Watson, it was essential to care for the whole person and to form a transpersonal caring relationship with patients. According to her theory, caring can be demonstrated in her ten carative … Read more

Beauty Standards as Qualification for Opportunities in Judith Ortiz Cofer’s The Story of My Body and Elna Baker’s The American Life: Tell Me I’m Fat

Beauty Standards Versus Opportunities The 1950s: a stylized era of beautiful, modern women with the cultural hindrances of the past. The image of a perfect housewife in the 1950s was commonly portrayed as a thin, beautiful, white woman with the sole purpose of serving the husband and the family. Her life was set by the … Read more