Stem Cells Failure

When does a sperm and egg begin to resemble what we call a fetus? Research has shown that at four weeks, the embryo is the size of an seasame seed (New Health Advisor). The cells that make up this sesame seed could be the future of regenerative medicine. Stem cells are the cells made during … Read more

Banning Stem Cells

Stem cells are a growing field for research. Many pursue this field due to the fact that it can solve many illnesses. Since stem cells are extracted from embryos, people have an ethical problem with it. Those who research stem cells believe there are ethical restrictions, but that is not true. As a result of … Read more

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Science has continuously provided the pathway towards innovative solutions to solve the issues of the 21st century; however, in order to attain such solutions the question of what is morally acceptable or wrong comes into play. Embryonic stem cell research has faced the negative spotlight for many years. The false misconceptions surrounding stem cells is … Read more