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Creative Writing: Yesenia’s Experience Through Solarflare

It’s seems like a normal monday as I was getting dropped off. I wasn’t aware of the alert that solar flares went off warning people,when I got there I looked around to see if any one was at school. Then I ran into Kevin it was 7:45 so we walked to first period we were waiting at the front door when we heard Jurnie and shawn come from behind us. We were going to call our parents when we notice are phones weren’t working. So we headed to the office to call our parents,but no one was in.

We decide to walk home we barely got to the front on the school were there was a farm,shawn saw chickens and decide to feed them. He pulled out a bag of chips and started to feed them, when out of no where kaitlyn came running out saying don’t feed because once you feed them they won’t stop following you. Kaitlyn invited us in for lunch and to watch a funny movie, we ate the chicken she gaves us . During the movie the only thing I could think of is why didn’t anyone go to school and why didn’t any of our phones worked?

Did my parents know what was going on? Then right when the movie was getting to the best part the power shut off we went to go outside to see what was going on . We saw car crashes,crazy fires,and everyone was panicking. Then out of the blue a car came rolling down the hill heading straight for Kaitlyn when Jurnie sprung into action running to push Kaitlyn out of the way but she tripped Shawn,Kevin,and I weren’t sure what she tripped on. Kaitlyn tried to move out of the way of the car but the hot oil burned her face from the mouth.

We all dashed in a hurry into the house to grab the first aid kit to cover her face ,because she was terrifying. While we were covering her face we noticed that she couldn’t talk we wondered why then, we saw her tongue was gone. We didn’t know how it happened all we know is that it happened when the oil from the car splashed on her. We all decided that we will split up so some of us would go with Jurine and the others will go with shawn. We decide who was going with who it was Jurnie,Kaitlyn,and I going to Jurnie’s house.

While kevin went with shawn but for some weird reason shawn insisted that he was going to go to his house alone,he wouldn’t tell us why we didn’t even stop to ask we were in a hurry to get a move on. We agreed to meet at the Menifee Country Club in 1 hour. As we started for Jurnies house I saw a lot of people going crazy roding stories, robbing from one another. Many peolpe started form groups so they can survive, after going through all that chaos we finally reached Jurnies house.

Each of us grabed a backpack Jurnie carried pain killers,First Aid kit, blanket, 15 canned foods, and she brought a moveable tool box. Kaitlyn carried 2 packes of water ,blanket,and 5canned foods;Kevin carried 1 camping backpack and 5 canned foods. I carried a first aid kit,and 10 canned foods. On our way back we had to be careful that we avoid anyother groups so the won’t steal our supplies. We had to walk fast and careful as we were walking we notice many groups closing in on us ,then Kevin said ,’’Come on I know how we can lose them. We zigged zag through two alleys and end up on the golf course of the country club.

We raced to the front to see if shawn had arrived,he was waiting for us at the front door. He said he was carrying a first aid kit,a blanket,and 5 canned food in his bag. We started to set up camp, we established where we are going to sleep for the night. The next morning we killed one of the chickens that were following shawn so we can eat it for breakfast, after breakfast we explored the country club to see what else we can find for supplies.

Week’s rolled on we had on attacks or intruders. Jurnie ,Kaitlyn,and I went to walk around the country club with weapons to see if any of the other groups were near ,as were walking we heard a noise coming from behind a hedge Kaitlyn held up a tree branch,Jurnie had her machete,and I had a rock. I know what you’re thinking like why does Kaitlyn and Jurnie have cool weapons and I have just a rock anyways back to the story. As we waitied to see who it was ,right when we were about to hit whom ever it was they yelled,”STOP!

We stop and it was president Obama we question what was he doing he said he was looking for food and shelter ,we invited him to come back with us to camp he said how can I trust you. Some how we got Kaitlyn to lure him to follow us back to camp. As we arrivied shawn and kevin were surprised to see Obama,we ate and talked about how we came across Obama. Obama had settled in a month has already past ,the group decided that we needed a new location and a plan on how we are going to get there. We decided to go into the woods to stay it was settled leave at dawn it took a week to get there find where to set up camp.

I was still trying to figure out what happpened to the power it just wasn’t clicking to me, we were surounded by chaos since all the stalk markets crash there was a lot of money lost and theres money in stores so imagen the chaos. We notice that the glaciers were melting ,slight increase in temperature,and loss of land coverd in salt water. Then I thought about it and then it hit me a solar flare was the cause of all the chaos,I told the group they were glad to hear that had finally figured it out being the scientist and all. Kaitlyn found out that shawn had extra food that he was hiding from the group.

Jurnie and I ran into Kaitlyn we notice that she was trying to tell us something since she can’t talk we had to play charades to figure out what she was trying to say. Once we figured out what she was telling us , we got into a fight with shawn for the food we had all stop to think of what we should do instead of fight,Kevin suggested why don’t we all just eat the food for dinner that night. And so we did on the morning Kevin went out to go search for food, we all were getting worried it has already been 3 days since we have seen kevin.

It turned out that he stop to eat some berries he picked not knowing that they are poisonous and he died leaving his supplies in precaution of dying. Jurnie was extremely scared, so she was startled by a bunny and died of a heart attack, I was able to conclude this because of my magical science abilities and a nest of near by bunnies. A month goes by and the three of us left slowly witness the beginning of the re creation and re intergation of steam machines, such as trains.

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