Personal Narrative-Project Solar Dawn

“For Justice!” Superman lets out a warcry, immediately throwing himself at his armoured archnemesis, sending them both into the mountain behind the ruined castle with a loud crash. I guess… that was our cue, I assume, selecting my target amongst the Young Justice clones. Also, I’m guessing that the JL is taking down Luthor’s gang, … Read more

Free Narrative Essays: Camp Algona

An often forgotten aspect of the home front, the United States detained more than 400,000 Axis prisoners in rural camps during the war. According to the provisions as agreed upon by the Geneva Convention, POWs could work if they received pay and their employment did not contribute directly to the war effort. To help alleviate … Read more

How Does WWII Affected People In Italy

Coming just two decades after the last great global conflict, the Second World War was the most widespread and deadliest war in history, involving more than 30 countries and resulting in more than 50 million military and civilian deaths. The war had affected many other countries other than just Germany. Ones of those countries being … Read more

Lansdale’s Journey

The story from my family is about my great uncle, William Douglas Brewer, who survived being torpedoed in the Mediterranean by German pilots. During WWII, he was in the Navy serving on the U. S. S. Lansdale as a rank of E5. When the U. S. S. Lansdale sank having a life preserver is what … Read more

Propaganda In 1984

In the totalitarian future of 1984 by Orwell the ruling party controls it’s people by means of repression, inclusive management over language and history, and utter manipulation of individual ideas and thoughts. The party’s strength is received by it’s power over the people and as a result the people believing in the party. With the … Read more

Film Propaganda

In this essay I am going to discuss the ways in which film has been used for war propaganda by concentrating on post 9/11 war films. I will first offer a look into the history of film propaganda by giving early examples and why film is a useful tool when it comes to propaganda. First … Read more

Why Was Technology Used In Ww1

During the early stages of the First World War, technology was progressing and it particularly obvious in aircraft. New forms of aviation were introduced such as zeppelins and aeroplanes. As the war came to an end, airships were replaced with the extensive use of zeppelins. The use of aeroplanes and zeppelins was a potent part … Read more

College Education

With the termination of World War II in 1945, millions of military veterans flooded the United States with hopes and ambitions for the future. However, these veterans required assistance in order to achieve their goals of returning to their pre-war lives. Long before the end of the war, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his advisors were … Read more

Essay On The Battle Of Yorktown

September 1781. The south had lost major strongholds in Savannah, Charleston and Camden. The battle was starting to turn in Georgia and South Carolina which forced the British north. The global superpower of Great Britain was involved in the American Revolution in full force as well as, First Anglo-Maratha War, Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, and the … Read more

Wernher Von Braun

Wernher Von Braun, a German, American, aerospace engineer and space architect. He invented two of the most important rockets in the history of rockets, the V-2 and the Saturn V. Both of these rockets were very important to the development and furtherment of Missiles and Space Travel. Von Braun was born in 1912 in the … Read more

What Is Tall Napoleon?

Many may think of the French revolution as bloody and uncivilized, others may think of it as a major turning point in the development of western ideals, however; objectively, both views are valid and transition to the heir of the French empire after the revolution. Napoleon. This man, like the revolution he helped in creating, … Read more

Bias In History

When I saw Dan Brown’s quote “History is always written by winners”, it made me think whether he was correct; is history only written by winners? If so, is there bias in history because it is only written by winners? My real life situation is that Taiwanese history textbooks show bias in the information included … Read more

France’s Downfall

The balance of power in Europe was completely torn apart when to everyone’s surprise France fell to the Third Reich in a matter of six short weeks. On June 22, 1940, the French government officially surrendered to the Third Reich when signing an armistice that ultimately divided France. This allowed Germany to occupy the North … Read more

The Invention Of Airplanes During World War One

The power that airplanes held in a time of war, was very different then all the other vessels that where used during conflict. For example, ground troops, tanks and ships as “The access [an airplane] provides makes it a faster, more flexible, and more precise than any other form of military power. ” Before the … Read more

South Korean War Research Paper

As long as humans have been on this earth there has been war. The idea of world peace is a dead theory if you look deeply into the past of civilization. It’s almost as if death and destruction follows the human race. The land of the free, or the United States, wasn’t always this free, … Read more

Segregation During World War II

Segregation during World War II was at its lowest point in history, but one group called the Triple Nickles worked through it and became highly tuned fighting machines, never getting to show their worth in the front lines of the war. The African Americans of the 555th trained the same if not more than the … Read more

Eisenhowers Accomplishments Essay

Maryland, Eisenhower became close to George S. Patton, Both Eisenhower and Patton distributed articles in 1920 pushing that the Army to improve utilization of tanks to keep a redundancy of the static and ruinous trench fighting of World War I. Be that as it may, Army experts considered Eisenhower resistant instead of visionary and undermined … Read more

Aaron Douglass Aspiration Essay

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a common thought of art examiners. Nonetheless, people may not realize that art’s words extend beyond the canvas. A painting converses with an admirer about its artistic qualities, but it says much more. The words a painting evokes describe the social, economic, and political conditions of its … Read more

Like Water For Chocolate Chaos Essay

Chaos: The New Order The will to defy order in society spurs chaos, but eventually, this chaos emerges as the new order. Chaos and order seem to contrast by definition. However, I hypothesize that chaos and order both reinforce each other after analyzing Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, and Oryx and Crake, by … Read more

Summary Of Daniel Sidoricks Condensed Capitalism Essay

Sidorick, Daniel. Condensed Capitalism: Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century. Ithaca: ILR Press/Cornell University Press, 2009. Daniel Sidorick chronicles the illustrious and controversial history of the Campbell’s Soup Company that was based in Camden, New Jersey for 122 years. Condensed Capitalism details the history of the factory, led by … Read more

Essay on 1920s Economic Changes

Throughout history, economics have changed drastically. The Roaring 20’s and Great Depression defined our country, The United States, and impacted everyone differently. The Roaring 20’s, otherwise known as the Age of Intolerance, was an age of social and political change. It was only the beginning of many inventions that sent American into the modern age. … Read more

Essay On Ronald Reagans Speech

There comes time in the history of our world, where a quote defines and embodies the actual event. Some people remember both when both President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Present George W. Bush said those famous words regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, by … Read more

Kenneth Slessor Research Paper

Kenneth Slessor (1901-1971) is famous for his poetry, and in such, has become one of Australia’s leading poets. He is known notably for the engagement with modernist influences into Australian poetry and his dismissive attitude towards bush balladists, including the likes of Banjo Patterson. His use of a modernist influence is an attempt to relate … Read more

Battle Of Guadalcanal Essay

World War II was not a small battle with little loss, it was a complex war that consisted of many separate smaller battles and almost every country was involved. The battle I chose, that contributed to World War II, is the Battle of Guadalcanal. I chose this battle, due to my family connections to Guadalcanal. … Read more