Creative Writing: Facial Hair

It was the worst facial hair she had ever seen. Most of the men in the gymnasium had beards. Some were attractive. Most looked like birds’ nests. This one was exceptional. “Hello? ” A large red hand waved between them. “Hello? ” Lisa plastered on a bright smile and repeated the phrase she had used … Read more

Family Homelessness Paper

Family Homelessness I. Problem Statement In 2013, 2,483,539 million children were without a place to call home in the United States — a historically high rate in this country (Bassuk et al. , 2014). Unfortunately this social problem isn? t showing signs of slowing. The number of homeless families is steadily increasing with a shocking … Read more

Racism Vs Bike Thief Essay

Some people make decisions based on racism and sexism. Racism is when people judge others based on their skin color. Sexism is when people judge others because of their gender. Both racism and sexism are mostly based on stereotypes. A good example that show this is the Bike Thief video. In the Bike Thief video, … Read more

The Homeless in England

I decided to study the homeless’ situation before we went to England, so I tried to get information about it via the internet, but it was so much information that I soon gave up… When we got to England I thought about changing subject to the pub culture because it seemed easier to write about, … Read more

The Hole In The Net

Our social safety net has a hole in it. The fibers of the net are decaying; the hole is getting bigger. More people are falling through, and the people with the least strength are holding the most of the weight. Three to four million Americans are homeless according to the U. S. Department of Housing … Read more

The Homeless Future is Society’s Neglect

There is a serious problem with the way homeless people are treated. They are not treated as any normal human being is treated. The homeless have been dubbed the outcasts of society and receive practically no assistance from the government. Where is the consideration for these people? Are homeless people considered less than human? Why … Read more