Examination of Leadership Approaches

Leadership is an integral skill that is essential for any human being to have to successfully run an organization. An organization’s success can not only be measured by its profitability but by the direction that an organization’s leadership has taken them. The culture of an organization is dictated by its leadership which in return shows … Read more

What is supervision

There are many definition of explaining what supervision is but the core point remains the same. According the ASSP who define supervision like ,,a method of continuously developing the professional skills of a helping person with the help of a qualified supervisor. It creates an organized opportunity to reflect current work topics and is one … Read more

A Conceptual Framework for Scheduling Constraint Management

Introduction Every construction project is unique and has its own operating environment and sets of technical requirements. As a result, the execution of a construction project is subject to numerous constraints that limit the commencement or progression of field operations, which invariably have significant negative impact on overall project performance. By definition, constraints refer to … Read more

Shakespeare’s King Lear and Shirwadkar’s Natsamrat: A Comparative Study

Introduction William Shakespeare is one of the greatest names in the world of English literature and same is the case with Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar who is one of the renowned writers in the domain of Marathi literature. Both writers have their own genius and greatness and there could be no comparison between their writing. Both … Read more

Stress management of teachers

Introduction Teachers are the key persons within the frontline to guarantee the quality of teaching to provide to succeeding generation. They have an enormous role in generating great leaders. The majority sensible leaders can agree that they learned valuable organization skills and personal development skills from their teachers. These skills helped them to achieve where … Read more

What happened at Arby’s industry

Chick-fil-A is the highest ranking fast food restaurant in the country for customer satisfaction, according to an American Customer Satisfaction Index Restaurant Report. Chick-fil-A leads the industry in customer satisfaction; employees at Chick-fil-A are the most likely to say “please” and “thank you,” and to smile at drive-thru customers. What’s the reason for Chick-fil-A’s success? … Read more

Reflection On Engineering Related Leadership Experience

The case to be studied involves an experience I had working with a group of Chemical Engineering students in an Overseas Community Involvement Project where we had to construct and install water purification systems for a village. To make the project more organized, deadlines for specific targets of the project were also set at different … Read more

The Importance Of Database Management In Organization Or Society

This essay will discuss the importance of database management, how it came about, its key principles, its implementation and how it benefits an organisation or society. What is database management? Database management is simply the act of manipulating and controlling data to fulfil the user’s requirements, usually with the aid of a program. A database, … Read more

Importance of Communication in Project Management

Communication performs an essential profession in maintaining a challenge on the project. The project supervisor encumbered with controlling all circumstances of the duty, together with the conversion plan. The specifications of the oral transaction, including of the procedure and regularity, range depending on the PM’s choices. Know-how, the scope of the conversion plan, helps a … Read more

The Evolution of ERP Systems: A Historical Perspective

PREVIOUS WORK ERP History began with early attempts at calculating machines in the 1940’s. In the 1960s, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is born in the early 1960s from a joint effort between J.I. Case, the manufacturer of tractors and other construction machinery, and partner IBM. Material Requirements Planning or MRP is the initial effort. This … Read more

Destructive Leadership

Social movements are constantly developing across the globe, taking countless forms, and promoting numerous causes. Social movements are defined as “collectivities of people who are engaged in trying to create or resist social change.” (1) While there are many different types of social movements, their success is related to the extent to which individuals and … Read more

Leadership Interview Of Sue Eckert, Senior Vice President Of Nursing At Medstar Washington Hospital Center

Leadership Interview:Sue Eckert, Senior Vice President of Nursing at Medstar Washington Hospital Center The George Washington UniversityMedStar Washington Hospital Center is the largest hospital in Washington D.C.; With 926 beds and roughly 2400 employees within MWHC’s nursing department, it is also among the 50 largest in the entire nation. The oversight and management of such … Read more

Comparative Analysis of The Main Characters’ Personalities In The Color Purple And A Thousand Splendid Suns

In both The Color Purple and A Thousand Splendid Suns it is evident that the thoughts, actions and personal growth of Celie and Mariam, protagonist of the novels are influenced by those who they surround themselves with, in addition to further factors such as the setting of each novel and major events that take place … Read more

Stop Killing your Time

We’re all given a certain amount of time, to experience life, to carry out our dreams, our destiny. But we don’t realize that the time bar of our life can only grow smaller from today going forward, let that sink in. You can’t buy time, you can’t grow time, you can’t ask for more time, … Read more

How To Minimize Bias And Increase Objective Decision Making

Cognitive bias is a systematic flaw in one’s perception of being in a particular environment. The term “systematic” is very important because it asserts that these errors are not accidental. Bias is not due to a person being careless or forgetting something, it happens because the environment filters out information that people can observe. Imagine … Read more

Work breakdown structure

Work breakdown structure (WBS) also referred to as contract work breakdown structure (CWBS): deliverable-oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines its scope into smaller components. Because most project today are complex not as in the old days was easy to do it. Because it involves multiple things like many people. So … Read more

Project Integration Management

Abstract Purpose – With the purpose of enhancing the understanding of project integration management, the main purpose of this paper is to discuss the project integration management processes and how these processes interact with each other and with processes in other project management knowledge areas. Design/methodology/approach – This paper uses a review of recent literature … Read more

Poor Time Management Can Make a Student Athlete Fail

All young students attend college with a goal to further their education. However, some students start their school year with more goals than others. College-aged student athletes work to expand their knowledge and play an active sport simultaneously. Some question whether or not this is academically beneficial. Many argue that actively participating in an athletic … Read more

Excellence in Customer Service

The staff members of every hospitality and tourism organization are its most important resource. How their work is managed (facilitated) directly impacts the success or failure of the organization. The basic management process is the same in almost any type of organization, and it consists of six basic functions that relate to all resources, including … Read more

Project management models: spiral model

The spiral model combines the idea of iterative development with the systematic, controlled aspects of the waterfall model. The spiral model has four phases. A software project repeatedly passes through these phases in iterations called Spirals. This means that the product is released incrementally. The Identification phase starts with gathering the business requirements in the … Read more

Analysis of Detroit Bikes

Detroit’s economy after the crash of 2008 has been on a consistent rise due to new manufacturing companies like Detroit Bikes. Detroit Bikes is an American bicycle manufacturer that wanted to improve its Direct-To-Consumer sales through its e-commerce website. I aided with implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies and analyzed the decision Detroit Bikes made to … Read more

Toyota Management Information Systems

MIS of Toyota Toyota Comprehensive Warehouse Management System (Toyota WMS) These management information systems offer effective management for warehouses of the whole procedure from the period products are obtained, to storage and location control, to shipment. Individuals, products, and data are addressed, wastes are removed, and everyday enhancements are advocated. The Toyota WMS are tasked … Read more

The aims and benefits of Beyond Budgeting

For a long period of time, budgets have been the furthermost vital management and control tool. They are being used to provide targets for a company and help point them in the right direction. Due to the great success of budgets throughout the years, they are being used within almost every company. However, like in … Read more

Leadership Experiences Of Women Executives In Public Sector Organizations In Ghana (Literature Review)

This chapter reviews related literature on the leadershipexperiences of women executives in public organisations. It begins with some definitions of leadership experiences of women executives. Some related theories will also be reviewed. This will be followed by empirical literature from other researchers in relation to the topic under study and a conceptual framework. The Sex-Based-Bias … Read more

"Digital Security Risks"

The increasing use of and dependence on information technology in business activities – while creating significant benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency – is also leading to significant risks. Among them are “digital security risks” which, when they materialise, can disrupt the achievement of business by compromising the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information … Read more

The ecological validity in moral decision-making research

Despite the many studies investigating dishonest behaviour, the ecological validity in moral decision-making research is lacking. Many studies used paradigms of instructed lying and as a result the lying observed in these studies is different from more spontaneous forms of lying as it does not involve the voluntary intention to lie. Additionally, participants are not … Read more

9 Principles of Management: Henry Mintzberg vs Henry Fayol

Henry Mintzberg’s principles of management Mintzberg proposes an alternative classical view on management. He believes that managers play a combination of interpersonal , informational and decisional roles (Mintzberg,1975). Mintzberg formulates the notion that the information on managerial functions introduced by Henry Fayol in 1916 say very little about what managers actually do. Mintzberg uses typical … Read more

Leadership in Healthcare

The Irish health system is continuously under review and experiences regular change and transformation at every level. The impact of these ongoing changes within health and social care services affects almost every aspect of organizational culture, the way staff work and how each organisation plans and delivers services for the benefit of service users and … Read more

Operational risk

Operational risk is a risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events. It includes legal risk, but excludes strategic and reputational risk. Operational risk management has always been a complex function for banks. Today the scope of regulatory compliance and risk management has become much broader, … Read more

Painting a Picture: The Importance of Subjective Measures

Introduction Measurement of stress in occupational health settings can be grouped into two general measurement methodologies, objective and subjective measures. Perrewe and Zellars (1999) argued subjective measures are more valuable than objective measures, while Frese and Zapf (1999), and Schaubroeck (1999) provided opposing insights, stating that it is unrealistic, time-consuming and costly to account for … Read more

Customers Relationship Management (CRM)

A) Customers Relationship Management (CRM) Customers Relationship Managements used to build up and maintain a good relationship with customers. CRM business model used by Dell is direct business model, where the computer systems are custom-built based on customers’ specifications and services are tailored to customers’ needs. Dell is using CRM system to contact customers directly … Read more