Cult Film

Definitions of cult range from the innocent to the super extreme. From undying love to just a hobby on the weekends, Cult finds its way into the hearts of viewers in the most unexpected way possible. The film industry is a tough market to breakout into films are considered artwork and others often end up … Read more

French New Wave

French New Wave films can be seen as a contrast of Hollywood film which most of the elements apply in the film is opposite. However, some elements are still similar to Hollywood films, yet, has a different style as Hollywood films. Such mise-en-scene expression are most common style uses in both of the period. And … Read more

Wolf Of Wall Street Essay

The Wolf of Wall Street is a shocking film that plunges viewers into a life of excess— full of drugs, sex, scandal, and money. This film has been controversial claiming the director, Martin Scorsese, is endorsing Jordan Belfort’s fraudster and immoral behavior; however, this film is actually a cautionary story on Capitalism. The film contrasts … Read more

A Comparison Of Annie Films

It seems like every day that a movie is being remade for theaters again, but are they any better or have any different of an outcome than they had before. I look to find out the answer in this essay where I decided to watch all of the “Annie” movies that were created and decide … Read more

Essay on Everyday Use Movie Analysis

When looking at families, whether in stories or films, one can spot the person within the family that is the outcast. Lars from Lars and the Real Girl and Maggie from “Everyday Use” both share the role of being an outcast, and it is evident by the way they are treated within their respective family. … Read more

Empathy In Enders Game Essay

The over whelming theme throughout Ender’s Game is empathy. Ender uses this great ability of empathy to eventually become the leader he is destined to be. Starting at a young age, seen through his first incident at school with Stilson, Ender follows a philosophy of winning for all time. Winning just that single battle is … Read more

On The Waterfront Film Analysis Essay

At first sight Salt of the Earth and On the Waterfront seem two structurally independent and unrelated movies that only share some basic theme elements in their plot. However, analyzing both, side by side and frame by frame, can give us a more profound understanding of the American film industry, Hollywood in particular, and its … Read more

Spike Lees Bamboozled Film Analysis Essay

The story of Bamboozled revolves around a Black studio executive and his attempt to create a successful show for the major network where he is employed. Instantly, Spike Lee’s film becomes a format for political discussion, as he highlights the state of the media industry and the difficulties minorities face within it. Pierre Delacroix, the … Read more

The Film Addiction: The Family In Crisis Essay

Addiction is an issue that many families find themselves struggling with. The film, Addiction: The family in crisis, discusses many of the issues surrounding addiction and alcoholism in the family. Addiction was described in the film as a “family disease”, meaning not only does addiction and alcoholism effect everyone in the family, everyone also has … Read more

Eating Gilbert Grape Essay

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: The Reality of Happiness In 1993 the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” was released by Paramount Pictures. The movie was directed by Lasse Hallstrom, and starred actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, John C. Reilly, and many more. This was an award winning film that showed life from … Read more

Symbolism In Pans Labyrinth Essay

In the film ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,” the director Guillermo del Toro juxtaposes the real and imaginary worlds during the time of the Spanish Civil War. The protagonist of this film is a 11-year-old girl named Ofelia who reads fairy tales and believes that everything she reads is real. The film focuses on Ofelia’s struggle to live … Read more

The Big Lebowski Essay

The Big Lebowski, as a classified as comedy and noir, is a film about a sloppy slacker that likes to call himself”The Dude” who eventually gets into a messy situation involving a kidnapping. The Dude is an Absurd hero who lives his life the way he wants to and doesn’t try to make more interesting … Read more

Clueless Movie Analysis Essay

Clueless was directed by Amy Heckerling and released in 1995. 2. The main character in Clueless is a blonde haired, blue eyed girl named Cher Horowitz. Cher’s father is a litigator, which is “the scariest kind of lawyer,” according to Cher. Judging by her father’s job and her brand new white jeep with “four-wheel drive, … Read more

Essay on Clueless Film Analysis

Clueless was an iconic release, written and directed by Amy Heckerling that dramatized the life and struggles of Cher Horowitz; your typical, American rich girl. Cher comes from an wealthy home, her story is set in Beverly Hills, CA where she lives and attends high school. Her mother passed away early in her life and … Read more

Ines De La Cruz Essay

The film start with the new viceroy and the new archbishopric talking about how to govern New Spain (Mexico), that they should try to work together unlike in Spain. They also say that it’s their duty to make sure New Spain is saved. However plans never really go as planned specially in this film. Then … Read more

Outcasts In Edward Scissorhands Essay

The career of Tim Burton has spanned over the last 34 years and still continues today. He has developed a fair amount of films that fall under a range of genres that have been perceived well by his audience. However, all his work seems to contain common themes and aspects, that are clearly of interest … Read more

Most Common Fears In Dystopian Films Essay

Dystopian films are famous for presenting outrageous, typically end-of-the-world or post/pre-apocalyptic scenarios. While many viewers look at these films and see them as fun, sometimes scary adventures with their exciting, fascinatingly dangerous ideas, a closer look at the issues in these films reveals something about the societies they were made in. As a whole, there … Read more

Informative Essay: Tim Burton The Movie

From an introverted child who likes to draw cartoons and watching old movies to becoming one of the most famous creative minds in the world has turned his passion and hobby into his career. Tim Burton is blessed with artistic abilities, a passion for movies, and a wild imagination. He is a film director, producer, … Read more

El Espinazo Del Diablo Essay

Guillermo Del Toro’s 2001 film, El Espinazo del Diablo translated to The Devil’s Backbone, is a chilling ghost story set in Spain in the middle of their civil war. A young boy named Carlos arrives at an orphanage that is haunted by a ghost. The ghost isn’t the only looming presence, as there is a … Read more

Stereotypes In The Breakfast Club Essay

I was in eighth grade the first time I watched The Breakfast Club. My cousins and I had gone to our local video store and were trying to pick something out. I was looking at Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, anything that had strong special effects and a huge plot. My cousins on the … Read more

Internal Factors In The House On Mango Street Essay

Interpersonal growth is influenced by a combination of internal and external factors. An individual’s transition from childhood to adulthood (bildungsroman) is influenced by family and community but also by internal values and ideas. Often, these external factors influence the internal factors. In House on Mango Street, Cisneros highlights how Esperanza’s coming-ofage is influenced by her … Read more

Alfred Hitchcocks Film Shadow Of A Doubt Essay

“To restore morality, we must first recognize the source from which all morality springs,” (Roy Moore). To Alfred Hitchcock, the restoration of morality is everything. Morality comes from biological sources such as survival instincts, as well as society and human interaction. Morality plays the starring role in everyone’s life and is an important detail in … Read more

Marxism In The Movie Selma Essay

Synopsis In the movie Selma directed by (name), tells the story about Martin Luther King Jr and the journey from conflicts of interest to boycotts leading to the violent walk to Montgomery. Risking lives and freedom just for the ability for people of color to vote. Keep in mind that voting for everyone is the … Read more

Gettysburg Movie Analysis Essay

The United States Civil War was fought between the states remaining loyal to the Union (predominately states from the North) and those wishing to secede, forming a separate nation, the Confederate States of America (made up of the southern states). One of the deadliest battles of the war was the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle … Read more

Film Analysis: Life Starts On Earth Essay

There are movies that make you laugh, and there are movies that make you cry. Either you come out of the theater happy or come out sad. But once in a while you end up seeing a film which makes you think as you come out of the theater. You have a feeling of happiness … Read more

Journey Of August King Movie Analysis Essay

The Journey of August King (Ehle, 1996), takes place in 1815, the stories backdrop is North Carolina, the lead role August King, a country farmer, is on his way home after taking this route to sell his produce and he has purchased needed goods for the farm, a cow a pig some geese and other … Read more

Gendered Voice In One Night The Moon Essay

Good morning/afternoon/evening/day to you all, I am honoured to be here in front of all of you today, at the Australian Film Institute, in front of many respected and hard-working English teachers. I appreciate the effort for all of you to come here and for us to discuss distinctive voices in the film that I … Read more

Crash Movie Analysis Essay

Crash was a film that debuted in 2004. The movie told the story of various individuals and families of different ethnic backgrounds. The film showed a lot of different scenarios through the eyes of the people living in Los Angeles, California. This shows that everyone no matter race or other group identity face discrimination in … Read more

Field Of Dreams Analysis Essay

Have you ever encountered that a distinct and spectral whisper keeps revolving around you? Actually, this plot was presented in a movie called “Field of Dreams” which was filmed in 1989. In the movie, such an odd thing happened to a young man, Ray. What is more ridiculous is that Ray decided to follow the … Read more

Definition Of A Hero Essay

A great poet once said “We grew up cheering for the underdog because we see ourselves in them” (Shane Koyczan To This Day). When you think of a hero what do you think of ? Is it a guy in a cape, or a mom who works three jobs to support her struggling family? When … Read more

Essay about Gender Stereotypes In Mulan

According to Frus and Williams, Mulan was Disney’s first animated film with a Chinese lead character with its first film produced in 1998 (156). Mulan was produced by Pam Coats and directed by Barry Cook and Tony Brancroft . According to Frus and Williams, Mulan tells a tale of a strong and smart young Chinese … Read more

The Godfather Film Summary Essay

1. In the movie The Godfather, Consigliere Tom Hagan captured the essence of my legal practice: “I have a special practice. I handle one client. ” Basically, I run a small law firm of government attorneys that represent a single state-agency client. Specifically, I supervise a division of the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office that … Read more

Film Analysis: The Empire Strikes Back Essay

In the film, The Empire Strikes Back, Luke unconsciously follows in his father’s footsteps by being corrupted by anger and impatience in his training with Yoda, his encounter with his own soul in the cave on Dagobah, and in his showdown with Darth Vader in the carbon freezing chamber in Cloud City. First, Luke subconsciously … Read more

Essay about Summary Of The Film ‘Shah Bibi Trakhail’

The film Emmanuel’s Gift and Afghan girl “ Shah Bibi Trakhail”, conveys a powerful message of hope, faith, determination, and resilience. Cultural beliefs and practices directed to a more challenging repercussion with their presented disability. Hence, Support and understanding from good Samaritans paved way for both characters to find their inner strength and reached success. … Read more

2001 A Space Odyssey Summary Essay

As our knowledge of the universe expands, so does our imagination. Today’s science fiction movies, such as Interstellar, are based on new discoveries and research that older movies, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, did not have. However, both movies stayed true to science, etc My goal in this paper is to discuss the accuracy … Read more

Essay on Mise-En-Scene Analysis Of The Film Drive

For my Mise-en-scene analysis, I chose the contemporary film, Drive. Released in 2011, Drive is a crime and drama film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Ryan Gosling stars a no-name Driver who lives two lives. By day, he is a Hollywood stunt driver and garage mechanic. At night, he uses his driving skills to service … Read more

The Breakfast Club Film Analysis Essay

The Breakfast Club is a gathering of high school students who go to a saturday detention each with a different reason to why they are there. Mr. Vernon gives them a basic task to do while they are in there. They must write an essay about themselves. Every individual has a smart thought of what … Read more

Indiana Jones Franchise Case Study Essay

Being the film industry powerhouse that it is, Lucas film has a crucial role in fixing the erroneous cultural image of women and their role in society that has been generated by all types of media. Not only female characters constantly dominated by and presented as weaker than their male counterparts, they are also heavily … Read more

Barton Fink Analysis Essay

However, when Barton fails to produce a piece of work that adheres to the generic Hollywood structure, without the “action, adventure, wrestling” (Coen; Coen, 1991: 48. 58) that the audience wants Lipnik changes character. When Fink claims that he thinks it is his best work yet, Lipnick aggressively tells Fink that “if your opinion mattered, … Read more

Racism In The Film The Hurricane Essay

In the film ‘The Hurricane’ directed by Normal Jewison an important message that the character Rubin helps us understand is that of Racism. Jewison shows the viewer that the victims of racism have their lives destroyed and become aggressive because of the inequality served to them. We are also shown how unprotected victims of racism … Read more

Big Fish Film Analysis Essay

Big Fish is a visually appeasing film that will capture its audiences with its witty and fun-loving characters, fairytaleesque plotline, and relatable conflict that will have everyone reaching for the phone and dialling their father’s numbers. The film is brought to life by director Tim Burton, who is known for Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before … Read more

The Walk Film Analysis Essay

Biographically themed movie productions continue to envelop the Hollywood landscape – serving as a means to reenact and interpret a majority of history’s most memorable moments (for better or worse). In the last month alone, depictions of Bobby Fisher (Pawn Sacrifice) and Whitey Bulger (Black Mass) are just two examples of cinematic incarnations that have … Read more

Glory Film Analysis Research Paper

In the film, Glory, the director made specific choices in editing the scenes in how we are meant to see it. He wanted for us to understand and capture what he was trying to accomplish in said scenes. Music and sound is used to capture our attention and focus on the scene that is currently … Read more

Sustainability In The Film The Grapes Of Wrath Essay

Grapes of Wrath Introduction Many organizational theories have been formulated, particularly touching on economic and social development. Sustainability is a vital element for all organizations that intend on having continuity in their core business activities. For organizations, sustainability efforts involve establishing mechanisms needed for carrying on and continuously enhancing the organizations activities while trying to … Read more

Gattaca Film Analysis Essay

Gattaca (1997) is a film directed by Andrew Niccol that is based on the Science of Genetic discrimination. A world in which scientific proof becomes the complete basis for discrimination. While society holds it as a truth, genes are a primary factor that determine the success of an individual. The film revolves around the Protagonist … Read more