Primitive Methodism Essay

Burt, Doughty, Fenwick, and Wilson continued to serve as MPs throughout this period. Similarly, Arch remained an MP until 1900. Another thirteen MPs, either active Primitive Methodists or closely associated with the Church, were elected during this period. Of these new MPs, at least twelve were or had been local preachers; ten were trade union … Read more

The Role Of Art In The Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance embodied ad fontes, studia humanitatis, and virtu. Ad Fontes, meaning “return to the sources,” which fostered a new approach to the past. Florentines looked back at the Greco-Romans seeking the knowledge they possessed. Studia Humanitatis incorporated new course material at universities. Previously, they had studied theology, medicine, and law; they now studied … Read more

Confessor Catholic Church

For my field research and final paper, I went to a Catholic church by the name of St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Church, which is located in Dana point, California. In the 1960’s Father Ozias Cook was the pastor of Our lady Fatima in San Clemente. It was from here that the Father gathered people … Read more

Angela’s Ashes Book Review

Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes is the life experience of a Catholic Irish boy, born in New York, to Irish immigrant parents, during the United States’ worse economic period in history, the depression era. At the tender age of four years old, Frankie McCourt had the responsibility that many children beared at that time. He watched … Read more