How to be a catholic priest

Priesthood The life of a priest is unique and challenging. Becoming a Catholic priest is not for everyone. The job of priest requires someone committed to the Catholic faith. A priest must know all about the Catholic religion, and he must serve as a model for the Catholic faith, leading by example. Doing so requires … Read more

St. Bernadette Death

During her childhood, St. Bernadette lived in Lourdes, France. She was the oldest of her eight siblings. Two days after she was born, Bernadette was baptized at St. Pierre’s Church. St. Bernadette had terrible asthma as a child. As a result, she lived the duration of her life with fragile health. When she was fourteen, … Read more

All Souls’ Day at the Camposanto, Pisa

Depicted in Pierre Auguste Cot’s most notorious painting, All Souls’ Day at the Camposanto, Pisa, a woman and her two children mourn the death of her husband/their father. Painted in 1872, All Souls’ Day at the Camposanto, Pisa emphasizes the Catholic church, and the role it played in everyday life. This painting includes many practices … Read more

Review of Niccolo Machiavelli’s Book, The Prince

The Prince by Machiavelli is one of the most influential treatises in human history, conceived by Italian political theorist and diplomat, Niccolo Machiavelli. The Prince is often regarded as one of the first true examples of modern philosophy, most notably, political philosophy, and Machiavelli addressed many different attributes of politics, war-time strategies and the implementation … Read more

4 dogmas of the catholic church

Mary, Mother of God That Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ our Lord and named as the “Mother of God” or in greek term “Theotokos” or “Birthgiver of God”. According to what I’ve researched in the internet, Mary’s divine motherhood was proclaimed at the Council of Ephesus in 431. According to CCC 509, “Mary … Read more

Angela’s Ashes Book Review

Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes is the life experience of a Catholic Irish boy, born in New York, to Irish immigrant parents, during the United States’ worse economic period in history, the depression era. At the tender age of four years old, Frankie McCourt had the responsibility that many children beared at that time. He watched … Read more