Rice Haggard’s Tract On the Sacred Import of the Christian Name Is One of the Most Influential Documents Produced by the Restoration Movement

Summary Rice Haggard’s tract, On the Sacred Import of the Christian Name, has proven to be one of the most influential documents produced by the Restoration Movement. The primary objective of this document is apologetic, as Haggard intended to convince his audience that the name Christian is the only proper title or moniker for both … Read more

Ethiopian Coffee

In the documentary Black Gold, it explains the story about Ethiopian coffee farmers who struggle to seek higher prices for their coffee beans. Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa and makes up 67 percent of export revenue in Ethiopia. With over 15 million individuals depending on coffee farming and production for survival. … Read more

Careers in Science: Food Technologist

As a food technologist, it is your job to make sure food products are produced safely, legally and are of the quality claimed. You could be involved in developing the manufacturing processes and recipes of food and drink products and may work on existing and newly-discovered ingredients to invent new recipes and concepts. Technologists modify … Read more

Basic Cooking Tips For Baking

Most people have a basic idea of what they need when they cook at home, but most people do not have the experience to know what’s good and what’s not. However, the art of baking is still the most basic and fundamental requisites as it is a naturally used method for nutrition to baked foods … Read more

An Executive Summary on My Pizza Delivery Company

Pizza Drone© Executive Summary My company will deliver pizzas to consumers through an already established company by using drones. We will succeed because we will use hydrogen fuel as our power making the drone fly for two hours on the same weight of fuel and is refueled faster. . There are not patents on drones; … Read more

Family Heritage Foodways and Cultural Self-Awareness

Cultural Self-Awareness and Family Heritage Foodways Assignment Foodways and Health Beliefs It is fundamental to include all foods that originate from all corners of the world, especially that we are privileged enough to be able to cheaply in the age of globalization. Foods that are eaten daily in my apartment include free range eggs, raw … Read more

Diet of a Small Planet

What is Diet for a small planet? Diet for a Small Planet was the bestselling book written by Francis Moore Lappe, author, and activist. It was the first book which actually met requirements for healthy eating and a strong, nutritious lifestyle. It stated the impacts of meat production on the environment and claimed it to … Read more

Digestive system: what is it?

DIGESTION is important for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth, and cell repair. Food and drink must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before the blood absorbs them and carries them to cells throughout the body. The body breaks down nutrients from food and drink into carbohydrates, protein, … Read more

A Cup of Ginger Tea: Relaying the Story of My Family

On the airplane from Tokyo to New York, while everyone else was sleeping, my nose caught a fragrance of ginger tea. There were no better thing than a home flavor when you are in another country. For me, a cup of ginger tea usually settle me down and clear all moodiness from me. After I … Read more

Food safety through HACCP

The importance of having a healthy life is of great interest to me. Therefore, I believe that environmental health is important to our society. The initial issues I will be discussing are about the HACCP food testing procedures. Following that, I will talk about the healthy guidelines for the topics of hygiene and how it … Read more

American regional cuisine: Floribbean cuisine

Floribbean cuisine, also known as “new era cuisine”, has emerged as one of America’s new and most innovative regional cooking styles. Floribbean cuisine is representative of the variety and quality of foods indigenous to Florida and the Caribbean Islands with fresh flavors, combinations, and tastes. Regional chefs often use locally grown foods and the fish … Read more

"A History Of The World In 6 Glasses"

“A History of the World in 6 Glasses” The author’s main thesis is that ever since humans have settled around rivers, drinks have greatly shaped human history. These fluids are vital because unlike food, humans can not go long without drinking water and water is needed for our survival. Beer’s discovery may have led to … Read more

A Linguistic Phenomena Of An Idiom "Piece Of Cake"

Piece of Cake The central feature of this composition will investigate the linguistic phenomena known as an idiom. An idiom is a non-literal word or phrase. One of my favorite idioms in English is the idiom piece of cake. The idiom piece of cake has an English origin. The earliest written record of this idiom … Read more

Halal Food Perceptions Of Non Muslims

In highly globalized era, current world population observed as 7.6 billion, it is projected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030 and 9.8 billion in 2050. The rate of increase in Muslim’s population is higher than rate of increase in world’s population. Muslim population has been increased 18 percent as compares to world population which increased … Read more

What are bad and good food for our body?

Why are junk foods more expensive than everyday healthier meals? Candy for example is so cheap to make that it becomes affordable for smaller children who are given small amounts of money to spend throughout the day. I know that if a child gets home late at night from playing a battle of hide and … Read more

Best Milk Frother For Almond Milk 

Waking up in morning to the best coffee makes the day a bright and productive one for sure. A creamy and rich froth on top gives heavenly taste to plain cup of coffee. Choosing the best milk frother for almond milk and coffee is mostly based on whether it makes great and quick froth or … Read more

A Narrative Essay on My Desert Labyrinth Visit

The Desert Labyrinth A crusty, old, dried sponge, that’s how my mouth felt under the blazing heat of the sun. My parents decided last summer that we should go on a long road trip, and the first of our destinations was Arches National Park. Arches was a place in the deserts of Utah, where there … Read more

History of KFS: Where your favorite fast-food chain began

KFC, until 1991 known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald’s, with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123 countries and territories as of December 2015. The chain is a … Read more

Fast Food Consumption

Background of the Study Fast food consumption has increased worldwide. Studies have shown that the trend of fast food consumption as well as the number of fast food restaurants are noticeably increasing, which is an important health concern among a country’s population. Fast foods are quick to prepare, have trouble-free access, moderately inexpensive, and are … Read more

Chewing Gum: Its History And Types

Chewing Gum is a mixture of natural or synthetic gums and resins, sweetened with sugar and corn syrup or any other sweeteners. Also added is color and flavors such as, Watermelon (everybody’s favorite), grape, orange, cherry, raspberry, Strawberry, even pineapple. The first chewing gum was patented was in 1869. The basic material for all chewing … Read more

Tips in fast cooking

Instead of cooking or preparing meals at home, due to lack of organization or time, busy people often buy junk food, which is usually replete with submerged fats, sugar and calories without supplements. We call this food similar substances. Let’s be honest, life happens and in some cases this is the alternative that we must … Read more

Sir Robert Peel’s intents and dreams for policing America

Sir Robert Peel looked at the police force, arguably, as some people do today. He believed that peoples behavior was influenced by what they saw police do – as they were seen as authoritarian figures. Not only that, but there was no real police force when Peel began his journey. The English people were scared … Read more

Analysis of the Impact of Nutrition on Society As Depicted in the Writings, Western Diet and Food as Thought

The essays, “Escape from the Western Diet” by Michael Pollan, and “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating” by Mary Maxfield could not be more contrasting essays. Pollan writes on his views and feelings towards nutrition, the “Western Diet”, and its repercussions. In response, Maxfield expresses her contrasting feelings and opinions, mainly targeting Pollan’s … Read more

Sugar – the new tobacco?

A generation ago there was an industry in tobacco and its product was cigarettes. Today, it is the food and beverage industry and its product is sugar – sugar that is being added to food and drink. It’s not only used as a sweetener, it’s used as a coloring for food consistency and as something … Read more

The caffeine consumption review

We all love to drink coffee, we used to drink coffee when we wake up in the everyday to kick-start our morning. But you will absolutely not love the bad effects that coffee can bring to you.Caffeine goes about as a stimulant by enacting the central nervous system. It can battle tiredness and enhance concentration … Read more

A Research On The Objectives Of The Tea Party

Case Study: The Tea Party The Tea Party was created in February of 2009, and was aimed at opposing over taxation of the public and government intervention in the private sector. A secondary goal of the party was controlling immigration. The organization is sometimes related back to the Republican Party. The person who is generally … Read more

Alcohol Addiction in The Drunkard Novel

Guy de Maupassant’s “The Drunkard” story illustrates that alcohol abuse is dangerous; after taking excessive alcohol, Jeremie engages in various regrettable actions. For example, Jeremie murders Melina, the wife, in cold blood. Further, Jeremie insults Mathurin, a benefactor, for no apparent reason. Moreover, Jeremie falls into a ditch from where he has to be retrieved. … Read more

Korean food culture

According to Oxford dictionary, the definition of culture is the art and manifestations such as humanities, literature, music and painting of human intellectual acquirement considered common. It is also set of learned behaviours, beliefs, values and ideas that are feature of particular population. In culture societies can learn norms, values, knowledge, language and symbols that … Read more

Major dishes of Thai cuisuine

Thai cuisine is world famous cuisine or food. Thai cuisine is basically from southeastern Asia and national cuisine of Thailand. Thai food is generally for its spiciness and tantalizing tastes. Thai food as demonstrating “intricacy; attention to detail; texture; colour; taste; and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor”, as … Read more

Ginger Drink: Types And Benefits

Of course, we still do not want to give away the positive effect of the ginger drink and have therefore brought along not just one, but three cheaper and homemade versions of the ginger shot for you. In addition, you will learn in this post, what makes the trend drink so strong! That’s the ginger … Read more

Chefdom: Life of a Chef

Being a chef today is very different than it was even just a decade ago. Chefs used to be invisible workhorses hiding behind a stove, churning out glorious dish without much recognition from their diners. Today that whole dynamics has changed. Chefs are the reason to go to a restaurant. They are regarded as rock … Read more

Genetically Modified Foods: For Or Against

Abstract Genetically modified organisms have become a highly controversial topic in science despite the fact that people have been changing the genes of crops for years. It begs the question as to why the topic has become an issue. Genetic Engineering mainly referrers to methods that make use of recombinant DNA technology (gene cloning). Genetic … Read more

The analysis of Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts faces a very competitive environment within the coffee and snack industry. A major threat is other large competitors, including Starbucks Corporation, Peet’s Coffee, and newer entrants like McDonald’s McCafe, with the most significant threat coming from Starbucks. While Dunkin Donuts, as of April 2011, owns 16.1% of the market, Starbucks has 32.6% of … Read more

Difference Between Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk

We have always heard that drinking milk is very important for our overall health. After all, milk is fortified with a range of vitamins including, vitamin B2 and B12, vitamin A and D, as well providing a source of calcium, pantothenic acid, selenium, biotin and protein which can aid our general health. In this article, … Read more