Legal Drinking Age Essay

The United States’ legal age of adulthood is eighteen. A person may smoke cigarettes, vote in elections, get married, play the lottery, and join the military. If a person can make those decisions at eighteen, why not decisions on their own alcohol consumption? Universal age of adulthood should be eighteen for everything, including alcohol consumption. … Read more

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Brain

Although alcohol is sometimes seen as a recreation, it is truly a deadly substance. To start, by prohibiting alcohol, it will prevent the physical symptoms of alcohol. Also, by making alcohol unauthorized for consumption, people will also be avoiding health problems. In addition,alcohol contains hazerdous chemicals that are unhealthy towards humans. To add, alcohol also … Read more

Suicide And Assia Research Paper

Accidents are defined as an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; casualty. (Dictionary. com) Accidents can occur in different types, some include workplace accidents, traffic while on the road, at home, while engaged in sports, some due to negligence or carelessness by an individual. The … Read more

Downfalls Of Distracted Driving Essay

Downfalls of Distracted Driving No matter the age a person may be, his/her actions affect others; especially when they’re operating a vehicle capable of injuring or taking one’s life. Distracted driving poses great risks to the driver’s life and others on the road as it increases the probability of a tragic accident. Numerous lives are … Read more