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Diabetic Research Paper

Diabetics are restricted from many things throughout their lifetime, there are more necessities then there are restrictions. It is very important for Diabetics to know what they are eating and the nutritional facts of the food. One reason for this is because before they eat food they inject insulin into their body. In order to find how much insulin they need, one aspect is to know how many carbs they are eating. Other than blood sugar, some foods can also affect their body in general.

The reasoning for this is because as a Diabetic their bodies needs different things than a non-Diabetic so some foods that they can eat will affect their bodies differently. Some foods can give them more fatigue or be worse for their health. So it is important to know what they are eating. It is essential for a Diabetic to eat carbs on a regular basis. It is also an essential to have the necessary supplies. In order to eat the foods they want, exercise, and even sleep there are many supplies that they always need to have on them. they always need to carry a glucose monitor so they can always test their blood sugar when they don’t feel good.

In order to have a glucose monitor they need test strips, a lancing device , lancets, alcohol wipes, and insulin. Diabetics need all of these supplies in order to test their blood sugar. The lancets go into the lancing device and they use the lancing device to prick their finger so that blood comes out. Then the blood goes on the test strips then into the glucose monitor to test their blood sugar. 80-120 is considered a good blood sugar. When Diabetics have low blood sugar they most likely give themselves too much insulin and they will feel sweaty, dizzy, hungry, shaky, or confused.

For these reasons Diabetics need to carry glucose tablets or sugar so they can bring up their blood sugar. If they have a high blood sugar then the need more insulin. When they have high blood sugar they are normally not hungry even if they have eaten a lot previously.. In order to avoid this, they always need to carry with insulin so that they can correct their glucose level. There are many different ways to inject insulin such as insulin pump, insulin pens, and syringes. The future of Diabetes is thriving because they are making a lot more technologies that make it easier for Diabetics.

One of them is a pump that they can attach to their bicep which keeps insulin in side. On their phone they can buy an app that constantly tells Diabetics their blood sugar and alerts them when they have low or high blood sugar. Also, they can give themselves insulin accordingly. It will also tell them when they need to give themselves sugar. Technology is evolving for Diabetics to make it easier for them to live a normal and healthy life. They are making supplies which make life easier for the Diabetics to thrive. With all of these technologies they need to always plan ahead.

As a Diabetic they need to plan before they eat, exercise, and even before they go to bed. Before each meal they h plan out before they actually eat the food. Diabetics need to check their blood sugar and count their carbs depending on what they plan to eat. Diabetics then inject insulin depending on what they plan on eating. For exercise, they need to figure out how the exercise will affect their blood sugar and then depending on what kind of workout they plan to do they inject insulin accordingly. Otherwise their levels will drop or raise very quickly.

Before Diabetics plan on going to bed they have to plan accordingly. Diabetics need to plan before they do most things in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable glucose level. “Financial hardship means that they are suffering “extreme privation” and “suffering” (Mayo Clinic) because they don’t have enough money necessary to provide the basic comforts and necessities of life. We understand that many people have been affected by today’s down turning economy. In extreme cases, we do offer Financial Hardship assistance. ” -Stanford scientists.

This helps us understand that it is hard to be a Diabetic and it is very costly. It’s complicated when it comes to living a stable life as a Diabetic. Diabetics encounter many struggles throughout their whole life. There are things that Diabetics need to do through their entire lifespan like, planning, understanding what they are eating, and having the necessary supplies. Diabetics need to plan what they are doing that day and they also need to be aware of the long term effects of a Diabetic. For Diabetics, their youngest days are their brightest days, embrace them.

Diabetics lives are going to be shorter and more painful. Diabetics will face internal and external pains. Diabetes is going to be with them for their whole lives. Their bodies are going to change once they are a Diabetic. In their future Diabetics physique will change possibility drastically. Diabetes may possibly leave people with more susceptible skin problems. Lack of moisture from the Diabetes will cause the skin to dry and crack on the feet. Diabetics are told to dry their feet after going in the water because then it will get worse. Lotion may be avoided also because too much will lead to an infection.

When there is a lot of pressure under their feet it can lead to calluses, and then it can possibly become infected or can develop ulcers. Ulcers can lead to the loss of a possible foot. Another disease on the skin is called Diabetic dermopathy which translates to brown patches on their skin. There is no way to prevent it or increase the odds of it (besides being a Diabetic). The nerves in their body will change when they have Diabetes and it will increase foot complications such as untreatable cuts and blisters that could eventually becoming infected.

These wounds also take a long time to heal. Diabetics’ mouths also seem to change. Swelling or pus will form around their teeth or gums or some places in their mouth. They are mainly sinus infections that don’t look so good. Red patches might form on their tongues, cheeks and on the roof of their mouth. As well as red patches on their mouth will dry up. Diabetic bodies change a lot once they become a Diabetic. Diabetics can’t do a lot of things because they have Diabetes. Not just their physique changes but also their internal organs and nerves do.

Not only Diabetics looks will change, but their organs and insides will change as well. Everyone’s nerves contain millions and millions of very small blood vessels that help nourish people’s nerves and especially their legs. These nerves being damaged can affect their perception of cold, heat, and pain which will make it more susceptible to injury. For example if Diabetics put their hand on a hot pan they could possibly ignore it because they lose pain sensors in their nerves. As a Diabetic it gets worse and worse in their kidneys. Diabetes damages delicate things like this.

Diabetes in their future will affect their nerves badly because they will react in a negative way. Diabetes also increases the risks of various cardiovascular problems, including chest pains, strokes, and heart attacks. Diabetes raises the risk of developing high blood sugar and that will put a lot of strain on the heart. People with Diabetes have double the chances of having a stroke or heart disease than people who don’t have Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetics will increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease if they have poor control of their blood sugar.

During my research I found out that it is very hard to give birth if someone is a Diabetic because the baby makes it hard. It is still attainable but it is a struggle because they need to eat a lot more because they have a baby in their stomach. Everyone’s pancreas helps them produce and release insulin. Diabetes damages kidneys and the ability to filter waste products from someone’s blood. Diabetics can also have many issues with their eyes. It increases the odds of them becoming blind in their future. Lastlly, another long term effect of Diabetes is that it never goes away.

Modern technology may be evolving but their is no cure for type 1 Diabetes. In order to live a full life as a Diabetic they need to be worry free. For type 2 Diabetic, there is a cure. Losing weight and exercising will help them get rid of their Diabetes. Men with Diabetes lose 11 years of their life and women lose 13 years. People who struggle with diabetes should avoid pregnancy because it will create future pain. Diabetes will affect their life as they grow with age. People who have diabetes need to plan before they eat food, and plan before the workout.

Long-term complications of Diabetes develop gradually. The longer you have Diabetes — and the less controlled your blood sugar — the higher the risk of complications. Eventually, Diabetes complications may be disabling or even life-threatening. “ – Mayo Clinic. Gradually, their Diabetes will worsen and worsen. Their body is going to change and the risks are going to be higher. This helps us understand how hard it is to be a Diabetic. Diabetics bodies are going to change and Diabetics have to understand that. Hardwork and dedication will help them thrive as a Diabetic.

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