Gun Violence

Another teenager lays dying in the streets of Chicago, gasping for their last breath of air before becoming another statistic in the rising violent crime rate produced by guns. This has become an all too familiar scenario for families living not only in Chicago, but inner cities throughout the United States. Mainstream media would like … Read more


Anti virus, anti spyware, firewalls, and spam filters are also effective ways of decreasing the risk of phishing scams associated with email. Cybercriminals will also use email, pop ups, spam, and websites to obtain personal information to try to steal your identity. Pharming is when a cybercriminal tries to get your personal information using malicious … Read more

Three Criminology Databases

To identity relevant literature for this report I searched three criminology databases (AGIS, CINCH and Criminal Justice Abstracts), two criminology journals (British Journal of Criminology and the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology), two social work journals (Australian Social Work and The British Journal of Social Work) and one general database (ProQuest) using a … Read more

Casey Anthony Research Paper

In July 2008 the nation was introduced to Casey Anthony. Thousands of people watched the Casey Anthony case unfold all over the nation from t. v to newspapers to magazines. When Casey’s daughter caylee anthony went missing Casey was the suspect. Casey went on trial for first degree murder. Aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter … Read more

Bloods Vs Crips Essay

A gang is said to be a group of three or more people who engage in criminal activities and identify themselves with a common name or sign(National Criminal Justice Reference Service). Many people join gangs for a number of reasons anything from protection or just a sense of brother or sister hood. People join for … Read more

Jim Jones Psychopath Essay

A psychopath is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. A person who is labeled a narcissist has a sense of self-importance and need others for admiration, but show lack of empathy. The Reverend Jim Jones was a psychopath who ultimately lead hundreds of people to their deaths in … Read more

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Commit Crime Essay

Jeffrey Dahmer has been one of the most notorious serial killers in American History. Dahmer’s killings primarily took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for several years during the late eighties into the early nineties. He murdered over a dozen men, of different races but mostly homosexuals. Not only was the public shocked but also sickened by … Read more

Insanity Defense Essay

Killers are born among sheep, because no one will ever suspect them from arising. The definition of insanity is, A defense for criminal liability that asserts a lack of criminal responsibility due to mental instability (Gaines & Miller p. 81). Throughout history there have been cases, where people have used the insanity defense to explain … Read more

Eyewitness Identification Essay

The fallibility of Eyewitness Identification and Testimony INTRODUCTION: Eyewitness identification and testimonies are relied on heavily by the criminal justice system to help with investigation and prosecution of crimes and criminals. Due to the increase in the use of eyewitness identification psychologist began studying the results more efficiently to gain a clearer understanding of the … Read more

The Adnan Syed Case Essay

Adnan Syed is a convicted murderer and sentenced to life at the Baltimore Corrections Facility. The woman he murdered was a senior at Woodlawn High School, Hae Min Lee, who was also his ex-girlfriend. Hae Min Lee went missing after school on Friday, January 13, 1999. On February 9, 1999, her body was found in … Read more

Police Misconduct Analysis Essay

When American police officers become the criminals, who do American citizens call for help? It was not until 1838 when the city of Boston officially instituted the United States of America’s first police department, marking the start of the officer’s role in society, Throughout the years, it has grown to be one of the most … Read more

Essay on Rehabilitation Vs Incarceration Research

Arrest, prosecution, trial, sentencing, and punishment are the distinct phases of the criminal justice system. Rehabilitation and therapy are near the end of this sequence of events. Rehabilitation in the criminal world is the idea of curing’an offender of his or her criminal behaviors and habits in hopes to alternate their outlook and personality to … Read more

Oliver Sacks The Minds Eye Analysis Essay

Believe it or not, we live in a world where everyone has a superpower. I am not simply talking about shooting lasers from your eyes or turning yourself invisible when you do not wish to be seen. However, us as humans can fix the roof or even fight in the battlefield with our eyes closed. … Read more

Juveniles Need To Be Accused Essay

Essay #1 As a public defender in the juvenile court, you have been asked to speak to a youth advocacy group about police and juveniles. In exactly three paragraphs, summarize “what the police don’t want you to know. ” Under no circumstances should a child ever be interrogated by the police without a lawyer present. … Read more

Essay about Ned Kellys Crimes

Thesis/Hypothesis: Being a criminal doesn’t always mean that they are a bad person. This is meant to mean that no matter the severity of the crime committed by a person, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are a bad person. To determine if a criminal is a bad person it involves understanding the motivation that … Read more

Personal Narrative: Stand Your Ground Law Essay

It’s not a secret that there is still injustice and racism amongst the African American community. Too often I hear and read these type of stories about us protecting ourselves or our loved in return going to jail for it. And a lot of time these type of stories always seems to only consist of … Read more

Marty Deeks: Childhood Trauma Essay

Marty Deeks is a complicated man of contradictions and extremes. We don’t know a lot about his early life, but what we do know is far from a fairytale. He had an incredibly difficult childhood filled with trauma. How did Marty Brandel’s childhood influence the man he grew to become? This question has always intrigued … Read more

Structural Strain Theory Essay

If 100 people are released from prison, and 75 of them relapse back into their previous criminal behavior, is the prison system sufficient? (Page 10. No Place For Kids- The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration. ) Based off of Robert Merton’s structural strain theory, Kohlberg’s morality scale, tragedy of the commons, and Walter Mischel’s theory … Read more

Crime Scene Investigator Essay

A crime scene investigator has a very important job when it comes to a crime scene. Now the purpose of a crime scene investigator is not just limited to homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home invasions and property crimes such as burglaries (feinc. net. n. d. ). However, most of their time is spent processing … Read more

School To Prison Pipeline Research Essay

The intent of this argumentative research paper, is to take a close look at school systems disciplinary policies and the effect they have on students. While most school systems in the nation have adapted the zero tolerance policies, there is major concerns that specific students could be targeted, and introduced in the criminal justice system … Read more

Is Eratosthenes Guilty Research Paper

1a. In this trial I would argue that Eratosthenes is fact non guilty. Section 11 of the Laws of Athens provide for the lawful killing of a seducer? Though it can be argued that Eratosthenes broke the law as he was seen in bed with Euphiletos’ wife there some things that are important to consider. … Read more

School To Prison Pipeline Essay

The United States currently has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Over 2. 4 million persons are in state or federal prisons and jails—a rate of 751 out of every 100,000. Over 3,500 of these are awaiting execution; some for Federal crimes, most for capital offenses in one of the 36 states that still … Read more

Criminal Justice Career Research Paper

Finding a career to pursue an be a challenging and long process. However, once a person narrows down their career field it become easier to decide on which path to choose. The criminal justice field has three different aspects that work together to ensure that justice is served. The first is police, which is where … Read more

Jonbenet Ramsey Case Summary Essay

Few murder mysteries have captured America’s attention like JonBenet Ramsey’s death because no clear evidence was ever found to be able to convict someone. Background Info (JBR profile, family demographics/profile, age, location, date): JonBenet was a 6-year-old girl living in Boulder, Colorado with her mother, Patsy, father, John, and brother, Burke. JonBenet was a beauty … Read more

Summary Of Dennis Pozniaks Insanity Case Essay

The legal definition of insanity stated by therapist Bryan Howes is “n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior. ” Which emphasizes the idea that if an individual is not in control of … Read more

Hate Crime Research Paper

The problem behind rising rates of hate crimes has created a very controversial subject. Rising rates has brought to our attention the dangerous problems we as a society could potentially face. Over the course of the last couple years hate crimes have created a devastating impact on families and communities, but also because groups that … Read more

Wrongful Convictions Essay

Courts often prove to be corrupt through the abundance of wrongful or unfair convictions found within them. Many people around the world have been wrongfully convicted, and sentenced to death despite their innocence because of issues like “eyewitness misidentification,” “junk science,” “false confessions,” “government misconduct,” “snitches,” and “bad lawyering” (Causes of Wrongful Convictions). As an … Read more

Prison Issues In America Essay

United States of America has the largest prison population in the world, what is wrong with our prison system. Many prisoners are repeat offenders in America. Also many criminals are in prison for nonviolent crimes, plentiful have a large prison sentence. Why does America have so many problems in their prison system and how can … Read more

Essay on Counter-Terrorism Law Changes

Extended Response Laws change for reasons such as; technology advancements, changes in community values, political agendas of: parties of government, pressure groups or general public, changes in expectations of the legal system and significant incidents. Many issues of the modern world need edits to the laws and creation of new laws. These include law changes … Read more

Criminal Investigation Process Analysis Essay

The criminal investigation process balances the rights of victims, offenders and society to a certain extent. The main aspect of achieving justice in the criminal investigation process is to balance the rights of the parties involved. Thus, the extent to which the law balances their rights, includes the use of police powers, the rights of … Read more

Case Study: Why Do Youth Join Gangs Essay

Presently, youths and adolescent teens have become progressively enticed to join gangs. An individual joining a gang or a non-criminal group consists of different pushes and pulls that work in tandem to represent an attraction or dominating force. In this case, for example, “gang membership can increase status among peers, especially girls (for boys)” while … Read more

Road To Perdition Character Analysis Essay

Road to Perdition is a crime drama released in July 2002 following the life of a father and son during the winter of 1931. The movie begins with Michael Sullivan Jr. witnessing his father, Michael Sullivan, commit murder as an enforcer while working under the mob boss John Rooney. Connor Rooney, son of John Rooney, … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of A Burning Man Essay

You may have heard about an outlandish crazy party called burning man where they run around naked, do drugs, and burn massive amounts or artwork. If you have heard this you may be right but it is so much more than just a party. Burning Man is an annual experiment in a temporary community dedicated … Read more

Difference Between Civil Litigation And Criminal Litigation Essay

Civil Litigation vs. Criminal Litigation If somebody commits a crime or does wrong doing to another what category does it fit under? Is it civil case or a criminal case? Although there are many similarities between civil litigation procedures and criminal litigation procedures, several differences exist among them. The first difference among the two procedures … Read more

Psychopathy In Psychology Essay

Psychopathy is a personality disorder, mainly characterized by a lack of remorse or empathy, and is highly associated with antisocial behavior alongside other symptoms (Pozzulo, 301). Research shows that psychopathy can develop during childhood and adolescence (Pozzulo, 314). Psychologists are able to present to court the most probable criminal behavior of an young offender, as … Read more

Existential Therapy Essay

Both forms of therapy have been shown to be effective especially with people in institutionalized settings. While existential therapy tries to help people find meaning in their lives and through this help them overcome a crisis, SFBT tries to provide brief therapy that will enable the client to deal with future problems (Corey, 2013). Considering … Read more

Violence In Kingdom Come Essay

Violence has been taught since childhood, everywhere people go, everywhere people look, violence is surrounding us in daily life. Throughout the years violence has become a dangerous trend. People use violence everyday as a sense of protection and even because it seems like the thing to do. Violence is so widespread it has become normal, … Read more

How Do Tattoos Affect Society Essay

Tattoo is a form of art used for self-expression and for aesthetic appeal. Before only those who served in the military had them, then individuals with questionable reputations like prisoners, gang members got them and now nearly every other young individual has one. According to the study, 40% of adults aged between 18-25 have at … Read more