Social identity theory and gangs

How do we explain the behaviour of groups towards each other? We use the social identity theory of course. Also, for understanding the behaviour and cognition of individuals in respect of their social/collectivist contexts – more like African Psychology – and to put the collectivist self into context. (Hogg & Williams, 2000). According to the … Read more

Why Not to Arm Teachers

Persuasive Speech Outline General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to sign a petition urging our government not to arm teachers with weapons. Thesis: Arming teachers would undermine the sense of a safe learning environment, take valuable funds away from necessary school resources, and increase the risks of accidental gunfire. I. The … Read more

"Digital Security Risks"

The increasing use of and dependence on information technology in business activities – while creating significant benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency – is also leading to significant risks. Among them are “digital security risks” which, when they materialise, can disrupt the achievement of business by compromising the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information … Read more

The John F. Kennedy’s Assassination and Aftermath Events

The Assassination and Aftermath Events On November 22nd of 1963 tragedy struck the United States and made global headlines. John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, had been assassinated while on a motorcade through Dallas, Texas – accompanied by first lady Jacquelyn Kennedy and Governor John Connally. As the motorcade passed the … Read more

A Solution To Stop Gang Violence

This same important idea about gang crimes is brought out in my first library article. This article, entitled “FEDS JOIN WAR ON GANGS” from the “Daily News of Los Angeles” on December17,2002 and written by Mariel Garza brings out the key point that the city of Los Angeles has joined federal crime fighters in a … Read more

Are Serial Killers Born Or Made?

Despite endless research being conducted within this area of study, researchers still struggle with determining the cause of serial killers. Thus, the main question is: are serial killers born or made? As previously stated, researchers have identified a series of biological predispositions related to these groups of people. In fact, since the beginning of time, … Read more

History of hair & fibers in forensic science

The importance of examining a hair or fiber was documented in the early stages of forensic science. One of the first forensic science reports involving the scientific study of hair was published in France, in 1857. This introduced the idea of hair and fiber analysis and the field expanded fast in the early 20th century … Read more

What Waits in the Woods Analysis

“What Waits in the Woods” by Kieran Scott is a murder mystery book. A group of teens: Callie, Lissa, Penelope, and Jeremy go on a camping trip in Mission Hills, New York. The friends were being stalked by a sinister laugh in the depths of the woods. They end up getting lost and find a … Read more

Problem Of Gangsterism In Modern Society

Any progressive society will have its dropouts. These are the people who cannot make the grade for one reason or another. These dropouts can turn into delinquents and later become a menace to society. Problem of gangsterism always concerned by the society, because it is the problem linked to young people. A Journey into the … Read more

Pros And Cons For The Use Of Polygraph Testing In The Police Services Recruitment Process

Polygraph testing is an important part of the recruitment process which police services use and have been using for many years. However, there has always been a debate in the criminal justice system on whether to or not to use polygraph testing. Regardless, polygraph testing is used by multiple police agencies to recruit candidates. Individuals … Read more

United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service (UPS) began testing smart lock technology in New York City apartment buildings that let multiple packages to be secured at specific locations. Investors fear that the Amazon’s (AMZN) push into the delivery space and the imminent global trade war might hurt UPS. The stock fell 7% year-to-date and 16% for the past … Read more

Security for unified communications

As organizations started relying more on unified communications, the management of voice, video and messaging through one unified system has developed concern about the security of this IP-based communications infrastructure. This has happened due to the fact that UC is IP-based but there are so many potential modes of communication, from video, instant messaging and … Read more

The Somali sea: A study of the root cause of piracy

Modern day piracy plagues the coast of Africa and reminds us that this once seemingly far off and distant crime is in fact a present reality. Acts of piracy off the coast of Africa have been going on since around 2005,[1] and got progressively worse the years following. Piracy lends itself to poverty stricken areas … Read more

Gang Violence in Romeo and Juliet, a Play by William Shakespeare

Gangs are socially destructive and detrimental to society for several reasons. Very often they will seek to control their group and the surrounding community through fear and violent crime. Rivalries and territory wars with other gangs bring violence to neighborhoods and endanger the lives of law-abiding citizens. As the situations escalate, violence increases from one-on-one … Read more

Push by Sapphire: A Hindsight of the Nature of Abuse

Push Throughout the story of Push by Sapphire, the author writes about a teenage girl who is involved in psychological, sexual, and physical abuse. Clareece Precious Jones experiences these three forms of maltreatment throughout the book from her parents. Not only is she a victim of maltreatment but also suffers from social injustice because of … Read more

Cloud Computing Security

BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE TOPIC: Cloud computing simply means ?Internet computing, generally the internet is seen as collection of clouds; thus the word cloud computing can be defined as utilizing the internet to provide technology enabled services to the people and organizations. Cloud computing enables consumers to access resources online through the internet from anywhere … Read more

Peter Kurten’s Biography

Peter Kurten was born in May 26,1883.During Peter Kurten childhood was beaten up by his father everyday in front of his brothers and mother. Peter Kurten’s dad was a alcoholic, which was the reasoning for leading him to beat up Peter and his mother. Peter claims that his life was ruined by sexual violence at … Read more

The Impacts of Gang Violence to the Young Population

Gang violence has caused countless deaths of the young population. Although gang violence began in the early times, it did not reach an outstanding amount of crime until the 1950s when gun violence began. Gangs have been active for many years. Gang violence dates back to end of the American Revolution, most gangs at the … Read more

How Ethical Is The Use Of Polygraphs, Forensic Testing And Voice Stress Analyzer?

The use of polygraphs, voice stress analyzers, and forensic testing in sensitive areas, such as the questioning of suspects in criminal cases, recruitment processes (e.g. by the FBI), investigation of insurance fraud and interrogation of current or potential employees raises certain ethical issues. In particular, the appropriateness of compelling, or coercing people to undertake such … Read more

What is Information Security

INFORMATION SECURITY: Information security (IS) is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer system data from those with malicious intentions. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are sometimes referred to as the CIA Triad of information security. This triad has evolved into what is commonly termed the Parkerian hexad, which includes confidentiality, possession (or … Read more

Two Types of Homicide and Their Differences

The word “capital” refers to any crime where death is a possible punishment. In the United States, murder is the only crime for which you can be executed at the state level. The federal government still retains treason, terrorism, and drug trafficking is capital crimes. The term homicide is a fairly generic term that refers … Read more

The Broken Windows Theory And Law Enforcement Today

George Kelling and James Q. Wilson analyzed and tested their hypothesis of crime one certain areas, which lead them to develop the Broken Windows Theory. I will break down their “Broken Windows Theory” and how this has changed law enforcement today. The Broken Windows set the standards for law enforcement. In the early stages of … Read more

Types of White Collar Crimes

A crime is described as an action or failure to act, which results into an injury to a person and is sanctioned by the state. They are also known as offences. These are happenings that are forbidden by law and punishable if committed. In contrast to civil wrongs, the state has an interest in crimes … Read more

The Sadistic beast: Luis Garavito

Luis Garavito, a man who was convicted of killing one hundred and thirty eight children and admitted to the murder of over four hundred children across Colombia, murders which caused a broken nation to unite to catch the sadistic man behind them. He was known for his gruesome and horrific crimes which lead him to … Read more

The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project is a play that details the reactions of the community in Laramie, Wyoming, to the murder of gay university student Matthew Shepard. As different residents recount details of the event and reflect on the effects of the hate crime, two sentiments arise: one that sees media portrayal of the community after Shepard’s … Read more

History Of Serial Killer Profiling 

Throughout history, profiling criminal defendants has been a controversial topic since profiling has been around. Experts on both sides of the spectrum have been commenting on the issue at hand: whether profiling works. But, learning the history of profiling gives a clearer picture of how reliable and unique this method is compared to other time … Read more

Influence Of Gang Violence On Society

Gang violence is a huge problem that exists today in many parts of the United States, as well as the rest of the world. Most of us have heard of gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips, which are primarily African American gangs that have gained a large following in the United States. This … Read more

The Florentino Crime Family

Italian Americans immigration to Calif. Italians were a number of the primary European explorers and settlers of Calif. . non secular duties and also the rummage around for new fishing grounds were initial reasons for Italians to explore what later became the 31st state, however their reasons for staying distended once inward. although we regularly … Read more

The Henry Classification system for fingerprint identification

The earliest form of Biometrics looked on the act back in the 1800’s. Alphonse Bertillon, a Parisian anthropologist and police department desk worker, established a method for recognizing criminals that became known as Bertillonage. Bertillonage was a form of anthropometry, a organization by which dimensions of the body are taken for classification and evaluation purposes. … Read more

Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse

Children are abused in this country every day. Studies into what constitutes abuse and the effects, both long term and short term are ongoing, and have been ongoing for many years. There are real problems both in defining abuse, as well as the potential strategies and implementations that should be in place to reduce the … Read more

History of hair and fiber analysis

In forensic science history, the importance of examining a hair or fiber was recorded at its early stages. One of the first forensic science articles involving the scientific study of hair was published in France, in 1857. This introduced the knowledge of hair and fiber analysis and this study continued flourishing in the early 20th … Read more

Forensic Toxicologist Job Description

Toxicology is the study of all the adverse effects of drugs and chemicals that can take a toll on biological systems. Forensic toxicology has to take into consideration the application of toxicology for the purposes of the testimony at law, or in a specific medicolegal context. A forensic toxicologist will have to find answers to … Read more

Negative consequences of stealing

Stealing is uncouth behavior or a bad idea that has put people in troubles and has affected the offenders in negative ways in their entire lives. Besides, stealing also has negative impacts on the society hence is usually minimized through laws. On the same note, it brings legal, social and personal consequences and punishment. There … Read more