Natural Ways To Detox Your Body

You might come across the word “Detox” a lot these days. It’s been getting a lot of hype recently on social platforms and search engines. Even the celebs are recommending or endorsing many products related to ‘Detox’ online. However, there’s a lot more to explore about detox. Detoxification or detox is basically a process to … Read more

A dental nurse job

A dental nurse helps to ensure that the patient is well cared for in the dental team. Dental nurses are calm, effective and caring when dealing with patient care and therefore, they support the patient in the dental room. The nurse is the closest to the dentist, ensuring a patient is properly cared for. Assisting … Read more

Fences And Death Of A Salesman Essay

Are readers being too idealistic when they favor perfect heroes in stories over flawed ones? Authors August Wilson and Arthur Miller force readers to ponder the likeability of an imperfect protagonist through their characters. In Fences by August Wilson, the main character Troy is a struggling father and husband dealing with racial injustice in his … Read more

Behavior Disorders: types, causes, symptoms

One of the most important is to know about ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental illness, also called psychiatric disorder. Usually, ADHD diagnosed in school-aged children. Many children with ADHD faced difficulties in their studies and follow instructions, and these characteristics create problems in school and at home. How children or adults … Read more

FMS definition

The purpose of this article was to establish whether the compensatory movements the college athletes make to achieve high and better performance predispose to an injury. The Functional Movement Screening (FMS) was utilized to evaluate these athletes to determine if an injury in this population could be predicted with this tool. What led investigators do … Read more

Physician-assisted suicide (PAS)

In recent years, physician-assisted suicide has become the focus of great moral, political, and constitutional controversy in the United States. Physician-assisted suicide (PAS), which involves a doctor knowingly and intentionally providing a person with the knowledge on how to commit suicide, including; counseling about lethal doses of drugs and supplying the drugs, is increasingly being … Read more

Immune System in Human Body

This is the system that protects the body from harmful substances/microorganisms, they are like the soldiers of the body because they defend the body and kill the invaders. Immunity given by the immune system is the protection of the body from infections and agents that cause disease (Latha, 2012). This system is the most complicated … Read more

Making Healthy diet choices

If you’re currently not eating a healthy diet, it can be difficult to start such a plan. However, healthy eating along with some exercise is very important for maintaining a good bodily function and goes a long way towards living a disease-free life. If you struggle with healthy eating, then you know that breaking unhealthy … Read more

“Jacob’s syndrome” – XYY Genotype

Although the XXY karyotype has been associated with some forms of crime (Stockholm et al., 2012) most studies have focused instead on individuals who have the XYY or “supermale” mutation, in which males have an extra Y chromosome. In turn males will possess 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46, this can be because of … Read more

Beneficence vs. Non-maleficence

Beneficence and Non-maleficence are two interrelated concepts which consist of bringing no harm to others. Although the two are interrelated, there is a big difference between the two. Beneficence refers to the act of helping others whereas non-maleficence refers to not doing any harm. Therefore, the main difference between the two is that beneficence asks … Read more

Dermatologist Salary Overview

Learn More about a Dermatologist Salary If you value healthy skin and want to help others feel confident about their appearance, then pursuing a career as a dermatologist may be right for you. A dermatologist is a type of physician or medical doctor who diagnoses and treats patients with conditions of the hair, nails, mouth … Read more

Biology: What is homeostasis?

The word homeostasis come from the ancient Greek, and it’s the union of the two words homeo and stasis. Homois means “similar”, and stasis means “staying still”, which gives the idea of “staying the same”. The human body consists of millions of cells working together to maintain the whole organism, and whereas the cells have … Read more

Benefits And Risks Of Cochlear Implants

As an electrical device surgically implanted to assist recipients, especially who are suffering from profound hearing impairment, to access sound and achieve near-to-normal speech understanding by providing a sensation of sound in a relatively quiet acoustic environment, cochlear implants have always been controversial among the deaf as well as hearing parents with deaf kids. Because … Read more

Gratification Disorder

Gratification disorder is also known as ‘Infantile masturbation’. Gratification behaviour in children is quite common. Approximately 90-94% of males and 50-55% females masturbate at some point in their lives(1). It is a form of masturbating behaviour that is often mistaken for seizure, paroxysmal movement disorder, or abdominal pain, as it does not involve manual genital … Read more

Critical Evaluation of Poor Hand Hygiene During Ultrasound Scan and Its Impact on Patient Care

CRITICAL EVALUATION OF POOR HAND HYGIENE DURING ULTRASOUND SCAN AND ITS IMPACT ON PATIENT CARE In healthcare, good hygiene is important as it prevents many diseases and infections (Malliarou, 2017). The issue of hand hygiene is important because approximately 10 percent of patients admitted worldwide will acquire healthcare associated infection (HAI) while in hospital (Jowitt … Read more


In pregnant woman there are many physiological changes during pregnancy, which are entirely normal, including changes in different trimesters and changes in different systems like cardiovascular, metabolic, renal, hematologic, and respiratory changes. The progesterone and estrogens levels rise continually during pregnancy, and they suppress the hypothalamic axis and therefore also the menstrual cycle. Endocrine system … Read more

4 Amazing Benefits of Taking a Hot Shower

There’s nothing better than taking a long, hot shower at the end of a tiring workday. After all, this is one way to relieve stress after a long day at work. For a lot of people, having an effective and efficient water heating system in your home is a life-saver. What’s better than having to … Read more

Yoga and Stress

Hypothalamus has the vital role in stressful condition. When stress is encountered, the hypothalamus carries out four specific functions, first, it activates autonomic nervous system; second, it releases the corticotrophin releasing factor (CRF) which in turn stimulates the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) from anterior pituitary gland; third, it produces anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) or vasopressin; … Read more

Reflective Writing On Intramuscular Injection

I am a first-year student, the nursing skill I am going to use in this reflective account is administration of IM Injection and the reflective model I will be using is Gibbs cycle. The name of the service user in this assignment has been changed to protect his confidentiality, in accordance with The Nursing & … Read more

Stress And Anxiety As The Distractors Of An Athlete’s Attention

There are a variety of things that can distract your attentional focus. These come under two broad headings, internal distractors and external distractors. Internal distractors are split into three sections, thoughts, feelings and psychophysiological sensations. Thoughts are remembering previous mistakes you made in sports events. Feelings are worrying about consequences or previous failings. Psychophysiological sensations … Read more

An Argument on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as Fictitious

Abstract This essay contends that Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID, is fictitious. It first analyzes historical trends from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, demonstrating the influence of sensationalism on this condition. In the following section, the essay utilizes credible articles and quotes from a variety of knowledgeable individuals to maintain that the accepted source … Read more

Appendix: a Surgical Procedure

A surgical procedure in which the appendix is removed from right lower abdominal wall, while surgical team watches an enlarged image of the patients internal organs on a television monitor. This procedure is preformed by a general surgeon. The appendix is removed when an infection has made it inflamed and swollen resulting in appendicitis. The … Read more

How Artists Are Impacted By The Psychedelic Effects

LSD and the Artist Since LSD became a popular psychedelic hallucinogen in the 1960’s, it has been used as a creativity enhancer by many artists and musicians. The drug itself created a huge wave called the Psychedelic Movement. The psychedelic art movement generally included surrealistic subject matter, fractal patterns, high contrast colors and diffraction patterns. … Read more

The importance and purpose of consumer health informatics

Access to health information of individual patients is one of the basic medical rights of citizens. These are usually accessible through your doctors and other health care providers. As time and technology advances, the health care records of patients are also becoming technologically advanced, and this factor has become more interesting to study for researchers. … Read more

Nutrition concept for the football players

Football, also referred to like football, was an intermittent high-intensity team sport of skill and tactics that enjoys global popularity (Andrews & Itsiopoulos, 2016). Football was a game of strength, speed, and skill; all of which can be affected by what, when and how much an athlete eats and drinks. Athletes need to apply the … Read more

Red Cell 637 Defense Report

Executive Summary Red Cell 637 Defense report presents an analysis of a newly discovered Advanced Persistent Attacked (APT) by unknown individuals. These individuals, either a well-funded states or terrorist group, have set plans to attack and exploit the Western Interconnection power grid. The method of penetration is most likely associated with malware that would be … Read more

The ABC Of Melanoma

Most people sport moles on their bodies. While a majority of these darker colored spots are innocuous, those that begin to show signs of modifications can act as precursors to skin cancer known as Melanoma. Read on to get a quick understanding of this deadly disease. Acquiring sun-kissed skin is an obsession that leads many … Read more

Development and nutritional analysis of Bael fruit and its diverse recipes

The present research reveals the different uses of fresh Bael fruit pulp in various recipes, which is nutritious and healthy for all age groups. The recipes are entirely vegetarian and are prepared considering the medicinal values of the fruit. Bael tree (aegle marmelos), also known as wood apple, has several other names associated with it … Read more

The importance of homeostasis within the human body

Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal environment within an organism or cell to maintain equilibrium, usually using a system of feedback controls to stabilise health and proper functioning. Homeostasis can control steady water levels, blood sugar level and temperature which are vital in survival as they can be changed depending on the external … Read more