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7 Ways To Fight Stereotypes Essay

For many years there has been an important contribution to society thoughts. Stereotypes have existed since the beginning of time in our everyday life through religion, politics and the media. There has been a change that made criticism the main subject of conversations among human beings. The media that made a huge impact is television which is the industry that is most guilty of perpetuating gender stereotypes; it can be basic or complex generalizations where people apply to individuals based on their appearance behavior and beliefs.

There are also positive contributions to society since it helped the industrial development. The question is People is what they think they are?. In this world there are different ways of thinking, but is society absolutely sure of who they are? or all this time they became the person who society created? perhaps this is because we seek approval or admiration?. Many times people misinterpretation of who they really are for fear of being judged. This fear that society feels when they want to be themselves is a fear that have being created by society day by day.

In the article “Reality TV stereotypes Minority Groups” Brian Lowry came to the conclusion that less educated audiences base their beliefs and their way of thinking according of what they see on a screen. The truth is that unconsciously society start acting like their favorite actor/actress, since they have an admiration based on who they are. Although character were created by a person who wanted to express their way of thinking thru someone else.

The author of every tv show make their programs with the purpose of having an audience everyday watching the show, feeling identify with certain characters or comparing themselves to who they are watching. Also people more commonly women get advice on how they can act in on certain circumstances presented on real life. However it can be a negative result since we create a way of manners which is wrong for society. There are different kind of programming in television, but the channels that have an engaged audience are the reality tv shows.

For example the serie Beverly Hills 902010 have clear examples of stereotypes between human beings on this T. V show they present that minorities are nonexistent in the wealthier areas of Southern California. There is one africanamerican character on the whole serie but here is a stereotype he is an adoptive kid by a white rich family. There is a phrase mentioned by one of the main characters called Naomi Clark, “Dixon really does have a white sister” (Beverly Hills 90210, episode 140). The quote makes a stereotype to people who are relatives but the skin color is important so we can believe they are brother and sister on this case.

The people who have to be concerned with the kind of programs that are being watched at home are parents. The kids nowadays have their own television, cell phone, ipod any electronic device existent in their room and they have access to any type of programs or websites that can bring negative consequences to the child since you trust the kid is watching an educative program but instead of your believe the kid is watching some interesting programs like “Keeping it up with the Kardashians.

The TV show Keeping it up with the Kardashians is a reality tv show where five sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie and Robert they are all siblings. The parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner have made ultimately a controversy about the father who was born as a man called Bruce Jenner. The past year he made an announcement which was shocking for many people, it was the fact that he is a transgender person who has been living 63 years of her life being someone who she did not feel comfortable because of the fear of what people would’ve told her.

And also with the thought of how is he supposed to be woman if he was born as a man how can that be possible, but finally she got the courage she needed to speak up to stop being unhappy be who she really was not caring about what other people could have told her. This action that she mad, she made many people conscious of how they are living their lives she broke with some of the stereotypes since she is in the spotlight every tv show was talking about the shocking news and it was an inform that went around the world in less than an hour, everybody was talking about this. In an interview Caitlyn Jenner said, “I’m not doing it for money.

I’m doing it to help my soul and help other people” (Jenner, Par. 5). This is a powerful statement which totally describes how society forget that celebrities are also human beings and they stereotype saying that everything they do is to get money or the be more famous, to be in the spotlight for a moment, but it is not like that they have a life, they share their lives, they have feelings, they are human beings who deserve to be happy doing what they like without being judged by everyone in the article “7 ways to fight Stereotypes” the author argues how can parents teach their children how not to continue with a stereotype lifestyle.

There are seven different point for example, talk to your children about multiple cultures, help your child identify gender stereotypes in media, talk to you child about how he sees themselves, etc. These are important points that people have to learn about it if we want to stop a life with stereotyping.

It’s good to start with children since they are like little sponges, they absorb everything they see or ear, so if the kid often listens to their mom talking about other people in a negative way or making assumptions on what is going to happened with the way of look of a man or a woman they will apply that through their whole life, and they will teach their kids the same exact thing and it would be like a string without an ending. I personally lived throughout my life very close to stereotypes.

I was always judged by society as the girl who played with a ball, watched cartoons like Power Rangers or playing at being a superhero. Most of the time I was considered a tomboy. At that young age I believed that I would not be affected by the comments they made to me, but as I got older I started to realize that all these stereotypes were constructing the person that it was not me. I noticed that stereotyping in the United States occurs often than other countries.

When I enter high school in San Diego CA. I was a student who was moved from Tijuana, Mexico to The U. S. and I was appointed as the Mexican girl who speaks good English. When I reached adolescence stereotypes managed to transform my way of being. Everyone said that I had a rough aspect, not showing feelings, he did not care what others thought of her, a rebellious girl who did not obey the rules of anyone all these thoughts I began to train as my way of being.

Time passed and I realized that I was afraid of being judged being accepted by my friends to show who I really was. But take the decision to leave aside stereotypes, stop judging people and accept them as they are and not making a prospect before meeting them, to not generalized by their ethnicity or color. After all we are here alone, the only ones who could help us or hurt us is the same society so we make the change today or we continue to destroy self-esteem.

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