Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

In this assignment, I’m going to talk about a tradition that continues to be observed, carnival in Rio De Janeiro. I will talk about two things. One is this Carnival roots and the other is the event’s statement. Now, let’s explain about this event. First, I’m going to talk about this carnival roots. The Rio … Read more

The history and culture of Italy

The history of Italy can be characterized as two periods of unity separated by a millennia and a half of division. In the sixth to third centuries BCE the Italian city of Rome conquered Peninsular Italy; over the next few centuries this empire spread to dominate the Mediterranean and Western Europe. This Roman Empire would … Read more

Understanding the Craze behind Esports

Rise of the eSports Empire In the past five years alone, the world has seen the rise of the most innovative and creative industries of entertainment in history. With the tremendous rise of modern technology in the 21st century, video games have become the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world. This industry has … Read more

How time affects the plot in Ceremony

In her novel Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko subverts trends of the conventional Western narrative through her descriptions of time. Rather than telling the story of Tayo in a linear chronology, Silko instead creates a more authentic experience by constantly shifting in between moments. In addition to being a Laguna Pueblo American Indian, Tayo is also … Read more

American Indian Relationships with the English and French

Relations between the American Indians and the English were much more hostile than those between the American Indians and the French. Firstly, the French treated the American Indians with respect on all accounts of their culture. Secondly, the English showed no mercy or reason to American Indians occupying native land. Lastly, instead of attempting to … Read more

The Meaning Of Race And Sexuality In ‘Stranger Intimacy’ By Nayan Shah

Nayan Shah’s book, ‘Stranger Intimacy’ examines the social history and background of South Asian migrant males in Canada and the North West America in the early 20th century. The unclear and fluid ideas of the age of consent, criminality, and human relationships introduces the concept “legal borderlands” and how that played a key role in … Read more

An Analysis Of Postmodern Blackness By Bell Hooks

When the essay was first written during the 1990’s, the main point was that postmodernism was probably the most well-known trend with scholars and different academic people for its thoughts of “heterogeneity, the decentered subject…recognition of Otherness” which was just a number of different ways for saying, culture was attempting to help empower the underestimated … Read more

Sitting Bull – the Native American Chief

Sitting Bull was the Native American chief that the Sioux tribes united in their struggle for survival on the North American Great Plains. Following the discovery of gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1874, the Sioux came into increased conflict with U.S. authorities. The Great Sioux wars of the 1870s would culminate … Read more

Peace, Economic, Technological And Demographic Imperatives Of Intercultural Communication

Meaning is shared among communication partners who encode and decode messages. This process can be complex when communication partners involve struggle to attribute the same meaning. Partners from different cultures can find it very difficult to share meaning and might perceive communication between cultures as a challenge. If you are South African, you are inevitably … Read more

Mediator Dei and Sacrosanctum Concilium

Mediator dei This encyclical began a defining moment in the history of the Church. It was promulgated by Pope Pius XII it became the first papal encyclical devoted specifically and entirely to the liturgy. Its relevance is still being felt till this day, and this is evident in the chain of events following it; for … Read more

Dogs In Cages: The Dangers of City Living in Ann Petry’s The Street

In Ann Petry’s novel The Street, even the most simple, everyday objects take on fiendish personalities and shifting, threatening aspects. From the cruel wind in the story’s opening chapter to the hard, bitter street itself, glaring situational cruelty and injustice brings vivid color to the narrative. Even the walls, as Petry describes, “were reaching out … Read more

What It Means To Be Habesha

Ethiopia’s numerous tribes joined together in a culture of unity can be said to be very much Habesha. The term has many connotations, depending on who is asked. Habesha ultimately comes from a place other than Ethiopia. For this reason, it could be said Ethiopia’s culture found in religion, art, and politics also has been … Read more

Analysis Of Major Indian Beliefs And Attitudes

The United States is an extremely diverse country. Working in healthcare, one will encounter numerous cultures and beliefs. As results of this, it is the healthcare providers job to educate one’s self on various cultures. The National Institutes of Health identifies cultural respect as an essential factor in reducing healthcare disparities and improving access to … Read more

Black Culture Generalised by Charles W. Chessnutt’s The Conjure Woman

In order to rationalize the south’s peculiar institution of slavery, the southern plantation novel surfaced. It idealized the plantation lifestyle by creating and romanticizing characters that otherwise would be viewed upon as evil by blacks—the oppressed. Life was portrayed as easy and carefree by the staple icon, the plantation owner or planter—faithfully called a “Southern … Read more

What Is Cultural Shock?

According to the article written by Winkelman (1994), cultural shock is an all-round experience resulted by various factors in which in contact with other culture. The reactions of culture shock may lead to psychological or physical disorder if it obstructs our performance. Having the awareness of cultural shock and implementing the strategies to overcome that … Read more

Evaluation of the Reasons Why People Go To Museums

Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people museums is importance? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. There is a general discussion over tourism these days. One of the questions under debate is whether we should go to a museum when we travel to a … Read more

A Case Study of the Show, Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s In Regards To the Influence of Famous Personalities to Society

In my final paper, I propose to explore Neal Gabler’s argument that “Celebrity Culture is Beneficial” using the reality television series, Keeping up with the Kardashian’s. Keeping up with the Kardashian’s is a reality TV show that follows the lives of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian; which primarily focuses on the Kardashian struggles, family, and … Read more

Why celebrities are bad role models 

These days, there are many people who look up to celebrities and worship them like gods, this causes many of those celebrities to feel the need to act more and wackier in order for them to stay relevant. The actions of celebrities are especially concerning because there are many people who look up to them, … Read more

All you need to know about India

India, A country with a population of over 1.3 Billion people. When a civilization grows to be this size a lot of things can happen, some good and some bad but only one thing is promised, and that is the large impact on the rest of the world. India has always had a large impact … Read more

What Is Kamikaze, “The Divine Wind” And All About It

What is Kamikaze? Kamikaze is a Japanese word that directly translates to ‘Divine Wind’. In 1281, when Mongol fleets were attacking Japan, a mysterious typhoon appeared out of nowhere and completely eradicated the Mongol fleets. [Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016] The Japanese saw this typhoon as a gift from the gods, and named it ‘Divine Wind’ or … Read more

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Essay

Director Ang Lee gives the audience an effective insight to Confucianism, the culture explored in the film where moral codes and following natural order are key values. This film provides an acumen to a culture which embodies different beliefs and values to our own Christian principles. This proves to be extremely effective as it allows … Read more


With a history that dates back to 3,000 B.C., Tonga is governed by King Tupou VI, consists of 171 islands, and is over 99% Christian today. It has a rich culture and history, where women ‘eiki to men; that is, women outrank men. Dance has been a fundamental element of that culture. “Dance in Tonga … Read more

The Importance of Communication and Dedication in a Relationship in The Birthday Party, a Short Story by Katherine Brush

Happy Birthday to You, is the song that instantly makes the recipient feel awkward and left wondering what to do while it is being sung. “Do I sing?” “Do I awkwardly sit here?” “Do I take a selfie?” These are the questions the recipient is commonly left with, and unfortunately there are no right answers. … Read more

Stereotypes About Asian-American Students

Time and time again, we see Asian-American students quietly but surely rise above their peers with their quiet, studious, and high tests scores. What is it about these students that separates them from their peers? Keith Osajima, a professor of race ethnic studies at the University of Redlands, dives deeper into this topic in “Internalized … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Birthdays are important to us all. This is the day which is wholly dedicated to the birthday boy and it is important to make this day memorable for him. More than the celebration of the day we were born, birthdays mark milestones in our life journey. The admirers of the celebrant engage in extravagant celebration … Read more

Culture bound syndromes

Culture refers to ‘way of life’ or the way groups of people do things. It includes customs, traditions, values, concepts, rules, practices and set of knowledge that are acquired over a period of time and transmitted across generations through learning. Culture is significant from psychiatric point of view because it influences psychopathology of various psychiatric … Read more

A History of Hinduism

Hinduism is the name given to one of the most ancient religion practices in India. Vedanta is the true name of this religion. When British rule began to populate India this ancient religion evolved into what is known today as Hinduism. Hinduism constitutes an extremely intricate religion upon which a single definition cannot be composed. … Read more

Celebrity Justice

Murder, sexual assault, and drug possession are just a few of the heinous crimes famous people commit everyday. Celebrities do tend get away with more crimes than the average person, but the answer as to why they seem to get away with them is one most people would like the answer to. While the typical … Read more

Adapting to a New Environment

Many people go to different countries. Some of them go for school, some others go for business and some others go for living. However, some people adapt well to a new environment and others retain their original culture identity. I think adapting to a new culture or environment depends on three main reasons: background culture, … Read more

The influence of Japanese woodblock prints on the work of Western artists

This essay will examine the influence of Japanese woodblock prints on the work of Western artists. More specifically, this paper will focus on the influence that ukiyo-e woodblock prints had on 3 artists, Belgian cartoonist Herge, Canadian aboriginal Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas and Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Van Gogh. These artists were chosen because they … Read more