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Boston Immigrants: Doing Business Case Study Essay

During the time that I have lived in Boston I have seen numerous Immigrants coming from different countries looking for a new opportunities in the U. S, while leaving behind everything they have, or own in their country. Since I was a kid I always wanted to have my own company and be a “Young Entrepreneur,” but for me it was complicated because how can a teenager do business? No one was there to teach me how to do it.

One of the reasons America is known is because of the opportunities they have and the support offered to people that come here for a better life and work hard for their dreams; owever, this country does not support small businesses as much as they support the biggest ones. Immigrant business owners and business starters do not have the same support in the business world as others have. This problem is caused because of the business demand.

Based on what the owner of Merengue and various Latinos restaurant, Nivia Pina said, “the city of Boston do not give that much support to business started or minority… Years ago the city of Boston redevelopment authority offer more options to business in the community and give financial backup to small business hem now days,” The government have preferences for biggest business that can provide gains to the city or the entire country.

Also, another one big issue is how racist this country is when it comes to terms of writing references for immigrants because this country does not give the same opportunities to immigrant as they do for native english speakers– white people; therefore, even the references can be useless most of the times for these immigrants. Many people are not going to have a stable job to live in the future because of the high rate of unemployment due to the lack of small businesses.

But, based on the corporation of U. S Small Business Administration, “[Small businesses] contribute greatly to the economy, have high business formation rates, and create successful businesses that hire employees and export goods and services. ” So, this is implying that if there are only a few businesses in our community, then the population of the city is going to start going down because they are not going to have the same diversity compared to places where there is and it will affect the economy in a bad way because as the population start go down the economy also does.

Boston would e more successful in the economy if the city government supports smaller businesses in order for them to grow because it will create more opportunities of getting a job for those who are desperately looking for one. If you have many people working, that means a lot of money flowing. However, when I talk about support I do not only mean economically, also offer smaller business owner programs to know more how to keep their business growing and stable.

If we provide more educational opportunities to educated the population in America about this, then the country is going to grow. This will e a long term plan because it will take time to actually see the results, but in the future the results are going to definitely be visible. Personally, I consider that my plan would solve the problem because if we educate the population about how to succeed in the business area, then businesses in the city would actually rise and create a stable economy, or improve the one that already exists.

And, even modest businesses that are supported by the government, in a future, those same people can help the community by offering money to local foundations, or continuing supporting the education of new generations of the ommunity. With diverse local or different cultures in a single site the population would grow because of the diversity. Based in what Yvonne Carter says, a writer who writes about how to be successful in life and having your own business, “A marketing plan should include: A synopsis of the market(s) that your business is competing in.

An understanding of your specific target audience and the key elements that influences this in relation to the services or goods you’re offering. Your brand and what it stands for. The key messages you wish to deliver to your target group. In ther words, how do you wish to be recognized by your target audience? Your competitive edge or point of difference–what is it? If you don’t have one, can you create one? (This ties in with the strengths and limitations of the business).

A good understanding of your competitors–what they do and don’t do well Any potential market threats or areas of high exposure that may affect your business. These would greatly help the people who want to start their own business. Small businesses like markets are started by people with no experiences in business, and without having studied it. With programs that teach these qualities, humbles ntrepreneurs can have a better development in the business world.

Or, as the experience that the business owner Nivia Pina had, which was to have a business partner with whom they divide the work and they do the work in computing, “[She did not] have any experience in business but [she knew] how to use the computer, Item. So the money that she would have to pay to someone else do it, she can does it herself. The government assumes that the economy would be badly affected if it started to help all American businesses and financial aid programs because they think they would come to a national crisis which ould cause them to look weak among U. S allies, and would need to borrow money from other countries, which is something that a government so economically and militarily powerful as the United States would not let that happen.

In other words, it would cost to reduce the investment in the defenses of the country, giving in that way an advantage to the enemy countries of the United States. One of the ways in which the country’s economy collapses according to Kimberly Amadeo, an Economic Analyst, is, “A bank run could force banks to close or even go out of business, cutting off lending and even cash withdrawals. This would happen with loans that my plan offering to limit businesses and the money to be spent in programs.

There’s not going to be a collapse in the economy because unlike the economy if going to be benefic because if immigrants start businesses they can start business with different countries which is going to benefice U. S because this countries can become alias of the U. S and become irreplaceable for this countries. My plan is not going to be a plan that is not going to work immediately, but yes, eventually because ones this small- scale business start to grow is going to pay back the money that he government invest on them or even more.

Also the military funds are not going to be affected because as we mention we don’t going to use all the money in the instant we are going to invest in some business and some programs that teach business owner how to manage their business and how to keep it growing. And one of the benefits that there’s going to be based in what David Ingram a businessman and philanthropist Said is that a “Major benefits of business in the local economy include a boost in employment and discretionary income in the community, tax income increases for local governments and a oyal customer base for businesses. this show us that the economy is going to grow if we create more business in the community because of the opportunities of employment.

And, also this will make the population grow. In conclusion this plan would have a big impact in the country because of the benefits that they are going to bring to the economy and the market in the a world-side. It will create good relation between countries for the business that these companies have with other countries, the economy of the country is going to be one of the better economic of all the times.

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