Nursing metaparadigms by Imogene King

In her work, Imogene King defines the four nursing metaparadigms and explains their relevance to both the nursing process and patient care. The four nursing paradigms are person, health, environment, and nursing. The first metaparadigm, person, focuses on the patient. She defines person as “a personal system that interacts with interpersonal and social systems” (Masters, … Read more

Reflective Writing On Intramuscular Injection

I am a first-year student, the nursing skill I am going to use in this reflective account is administration of IM Injection and the reflective model I will be using is Gibbs cycle. The name of the service user in this assignment has been changed to protect his confidentiality, in accordance with The Nursing & … Read more

Healthcare Assistant Supporting Information

I am applying to the NHS with the intention of attaining the position of Healthcare Assistant at Orchards Inpatient Unit. This aspiration has been shaped throughout my life for various reasons, most importantly understanding and seeing first-hand how much of a difference professional help makes when it comes to mental illnesses. I would like be … Read more

Nursing procedures

A nursing or clinical procedure is defined as a route of action that is thought out in advance in order to attain a solution in providing healthcare. Nursing procedures are clinical measures that are consistent and are used by nurses to reach a high point in the care of patients. Nursing procedures allow nurses and … Read more

How is Telemedicine impacting patients and providers?

How is Telemedicine impacting patients and providers? As a fast-growing field in the healthcare sector, telemedicine shows a lot of promise in solving various difficulties that health professionals and patients are facing today. Supplying a range of advantages for both patients and medical providers, it offers: Pros of Telemedicine Adopting the latest telemedicine initiatives can … Read more

Medication Error Situational Analysis

As a nursing student one thing that always seemed to come up in every lecture was medication errors and how to avoid them. The instructors would always go over the “five rights” of medication administration. These medication administration rights included the right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, and right time (Grissinger, 2010). As … Read more