Mental Illness

Over 50 million Americans face daily struggles with a mental illness. In today’s society, individuals feel less comfortable going to see a psychologist than they do seeing an eye doctor or a dentist. Also, individuals feel worse about needing assistance fighting depression or anxiety than they do about requiring help with cancer. The term “mental … Read more

Malpractice In Healthcare

1a: The two common strategies that health insurance companies in the U. S. apply to maximize their profit is by increasing cost and decreasing coverage. The U. S. maximizes cost by increasing cost of prescription pill and charging for malpractice insurance. U. S. charges ten times more for prescription medication and One-hundred time more for … Read more

Cbt Vs Schizophrenic Theory

The results of the study were that those who used CBT had more reduction in their Schizophrenic symptoms than the BF intervention. This may be due to a variety of influential factors. For example, the “therapists” (nurses) may have been more experienced in their field of nursing than BF; however, they both received training prior … Read more

Increase In Elective Cesarean Sections

One of the most positive experiences is bringing a child into this world. There are two ways that a baby can be delivered, vaginally and a cesarean section. Since the 1990s, cesarean sections have become the most common procedure in the United States. This procedure is necessary for certain circumstances, such as a breech baby … Read more

Metaparadigm Of Nursing Essay

Nursing has various definitions depending on every culture and generation from around the world. In my opinion, I defined nursing as a healthcare profession, which focuses on the care of people, their families, and communities to achieve an overall goal of relative health and quality of life throughout life. From this worldview I can define … Read more

Congestive Heart Failure Essay

Scientific evidence reinforces the influence of supportive family relationships and correlates family support with positive patient outcomes. Alternatively, chronic disease is not only a stressor for the patient, but also for the family. This fact requires that nursing provide interventions to the family as well as the patient to ensure positive health and well being. … Read more

Health And Social Care Reflection Essay

Step 1 Thave been asked to compare and contrast my own definitions of health and illness compared to the definitions I would provide for a group of low socio-economic people living with a disability. I was told to use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1998), for this exercise. I decided to focus on Indigenous Australians living … Read more

Aboriginal Health Research Paper

Abstract Background There are many challenges associated with health care among indigenous communities in remote and rural areas in Australia. Aim This paper overviews three challenges faced by indigenous people while getting health care in remote and rural communities in Australia. It describes present approaches to solve these alarming health issues and evaluates the approaches. … Read more

Call Me Joe Reflective Model Essay

The aim of this assignment is to reflect upon The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) video safeguarding vulnerable adults 1 & 2; Call Me Joe (NMC, 2010). I will be using Rolfe et. al’s (2001) reflective model ‘What, So What, and Now What’ to facilitate this reflection and to identify key areas of concern around … Read more

Occupational Therapy Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

A SWOT analysis within health care can allow organisations, programs and individuals to determine both internal and external factors that influence a practice either positively or negatively, in terms of identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Minnesota Dept. of Health 2016). Strengths Strengths are internal factors that assist or contribute to achieving a particular goal … Read more

Essay about April Raintree Themes

April Raintree was born daughter to Metis parents in Winnipeg in 1955. We are first introduced to April’s life when she is six years old. April Raintree describes her father, Henry as being” a little of this, a little of that and a whole lot of Indian” and describes her mom, Alice as “part Irish … Read more

Essay On Medicine In The Civil War

During the Civil War medical practice was in one of its earliest stages. This meant that medicine was not well practiced, things were not sterile, and doctors and nurses were not knowledgeable enough for the task at hand. Two thirds of men in the war died from disease rather than gunshots or weapon related injuries. … Read more

Kappa Gamma Case Study Essay

Upon assessing the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house at the University of Iowa, it was determined that stress management and time management were the top two health concerns for the girls that lived in the sorority house. This was determined by using the Checklist of Health Promotion at Worksites survey (CHEW) and a Needs and … Read more

Clinica De Salinas Swot Analysis Essay

[Section l] Mission Vision The vision of Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas (CSVS) is dedicated to providing quality comprehensive healthcare to men, women and children with an emphasis on farm worker families and the agricultural community. CSVS expects to meet their mission by expanding access to their services and increasing patient base by … Read more

Jills Medication Essay

1. Identify the lapses in care that occurred throughout the case and led to Jill’s medication crisis. Which of these lapses occurred as a result of an individual-level (provider) failure? Which were system-level failures? Throughout the Jill’s experience, there was many lapses between the health care team in regards to filling her prescription. First, Dr. … Read more

Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Essay

People have always wondered who are the people that take care of family or friends while they are sick? Many people think that the doctors take care of the patients their whole stay but that is not true, behind the scenes the nurse practitioners take care of the patients. Nurse practitioners have a very difficult … Read more

Affordable Health Care Reform Case Study Essay

Throughout American history congress has had to resolve problems that arose nation wide. Pell Grants, created in 1972, and the Affordable Care Act of 2010 are just two of the legislations created to solve some of the United States economic problems. Although these two solutions were both initiated to boost America’s economy and to support … Read more

UMUC Family Clinic Case Study Essay

1. Review the UMUC Family Clinic Case Study and identify two types of external organizations (e. g. , hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. ) with which the UMUC Family Clinic needs to communicate and the purpose of the communication. An external organization Dr. Tom office must communicate with is a hospital. The … Read more

Public Health In The 19th Century Essay

Wohl (1983) gave a well researched historical account of public health and development in Britain from the middle of the 19th century to the early 20th century. The devastating poverty and poor physical health of most of the population, lucidly described by the author, were horrendous. At the beginning of the Victorian period few people … Read more

Respiratory Therapist: A Literature Review Essay

Andrew Bogenschutz Professor Rafaei ENGL 2089 Literature Review July 22, 2015 “Optimizing Utilization of the Respiratory Therapist” Traditionally the role of the respiratory therapist has been heavily dictated and rather limited by the physician’s orders. For seemingly as long a respiratory therapy has been a recognized medical discipline, therapist have had to endure working under … Read more

Role Of Cns In Nursing Essay

New Permutations of Longstanding Nursing Commitments. My interpretation is that advance practice nursing and nursing has been around for many decades, and CNMS, CRNAs, CNSS, and NPs are just another way of expressing and demonstrating nursing care. Nursing has been delivered for many decades now. APRNS is an advancement in knowledge and skills and still … Read more

Value Based Approach In Healthcare Essay

With healthcare spending steadily on the rise in the United States, healthcare payers are beginning to make the shift from volume-based to value-based payment regimes. The main focus in doing so is to improve the quality of care while reducing the cost. One type of value-based approach is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), which is … Read more

Essay on Four Health Theories

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to describe the four health theories. The paper will address how these theories are applied, address two strengths for each theory model, and any limitations. Furthermore, the paper will address the theory that will be used in my public health campaign and justification. Theory of Reasoned Action The … Read more

Standardized Language In Nursing Essay

The Standardized Language of the nursing practice (SNL) is an effective communication process that delimits professional nursing practice (Rutherford, 2008). The standardized language made contributions for the current care to another nurses, health care providers, and others members of the multidisciplinary health care team (Rutherford, 2008). This language was standardized with a purpose of the … Read more

Essay On Turn Around Time

There is a severe problem on the night shift and there have been complaints about the delays in the turn-around time of the specimens from the operating room. On the night shift, there is one specimen accessioner and one supervisor and a person in each of different departments. There are hematology-coagulation, chemistry, blood bank and … Read more

Four Stages Of APIE In Nursing Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the problem solving process by the four stages of APIE, and explaining their importance to nursing. Also finding out the possible problems that may occur within these stages, in relation to the video clips of Joe. Each part of the APIE process will be analysed and explore … Read more

A Career As A Medical Technologist Essay

Patrick Swayze once said, “I keep dreaming of a future, a future with a long and healthy life, not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light. ” The career of a Medical Technologist is a hard and thoughtful career because other people depend on you to help better them. The research will … Read more

Human Geography Of Pharmacy Essay

Human Geography in the Life of a Pharmacist “How is the study of geography and geographic concepts going to be helpful in the study of pharmacy? ” The use of maps when tracking the outbreak of a disease has a direct impact on pharmacists and others in the medical field. For an example, maps can … Read more

Patient Interview Reflection Essay

According to Fruth (2014), “the initial patient interview, also known as the health history or the subjective history, is undeniably the most important component of the patient examination” (p. 12). This initial interview acts as a base on which the therapist can perform physical examination and subsequently plan the intervention (Fruth, 2014, p. 12). Being … Read more

Effective Communication In Pediatric Children Essay

workers to understand the nature and the severity of child, congruently, it would be difficult to relieve the discomfort effectively and safely. However, The American Pain Society (Sept. 2001, vol. 8) argued it is important to be sure that children ages between 3 and 7 years, are competent enough to provide information in reporting of … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Life As A Nurse Essay

Hello everyone, My name is John Santiesteban and I’m currently a nurse. I am attending this class in order for me to achieve my masters in nursing. My enthusiasm for nursing first took root and flourished after losing my father. My father became very ill and needed medical care. When I saw that my father … Read more

Chronic Care Assignment Essay

I declare that this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted in any form for another unit, degree or diploma at any university or other institutes of tertiary education. Information derived from the published or unpublished work of others has been acknowledged in the text and list of references is given. I … Read more

Essay On I Want To Be A Paramedic

There was always a desire in me to opt for a profession in which I could contribute to the society and help the people in need. What better way to do this than to be a paramedic who tirelessly works to aid people in distress. On joining this profession, one must learn to apply theoretical … Read more

Ethical Issues In Health Care Essay

Healthcare is highly sensitive and influenced by the established principles of a strict code of conduct. The established principles contribute significantly in the mode of operations and service delivery. Also, healthcare is associated with a wide range of tasks as well as decision-making procedures that are affiliated to the provided protocols. The US health care … Read more

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Essay

Electronic Health Records was developed around the 1960’s and 70’s. An Electronic Health Record is a digital collection of patient health information compiled at one or more meetings in any care delivery settings. A patient’s health record includes their vital signs, past medical history, demographics, their laboratory data, immunizations, progress notes, problems and medication. EHR … Read more

Hypertension Case Summary Essay

CHIEF COMPLAINT: Leg pain upon exertion HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: Pat Donelson is a 67-year-old female who presented today with complaints of pain in her left lower calf. The pain started about 3-4 months ago as an “aching/cramping” pain that she described as mild in nature. She noticed the pain while walking and with adequate … Read more

Essay On Funeral Directors

“Funeral directors positions attract people who want to put their excellent organizational and communication skills to work and serve others,” according to Copland (2015). Funeral directors have an important part in celebrating the life of those who have passed. From the first call to putting the body in the ground, funeral directors are there every … Read more

Pain Assessment Literature Review Essay

Literature Review on Pain Assessment The purpose of this review was to outline and evaluate pain assessment techniques and tools commonly used in the postoperative recovery room to assist in pain management. Problem Identification and Evidence Pain after surgery is stressful to patients and is a major problem in post anesthesia care unit (PACU). Recent … Read more

Ethical Dilemmas In Massage Therapy Essay

In the profession and practice of alternative healing and massage therapy, therapists are often faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. I am currently working as a certified massage therapist and holistic health practitioner. I have every intention on using my degree to broaden myself and immerse myself further up the chain of massage … Read more

Essay about Light Duty Case Study

Q 1. ) What should you do in response to Eric’s request for “light duty”? Would you grant his request? Why/Why not? Please be specific about the factors you would consider and the potential solutions. The first step in considering if Eric is entitled to a light duty accommodation would be to understand if he … Read more