Alex Kosseff: Outdoor Leadership

1. When we talk about outdoor recreation, I don’t think that people understand even half the benefits they get while participating in programs that gets them outside and moving. Whether people do it to make friends, complete challenges, or exploring the world as well as their own limits, it can have a profound effect on … Read more

Remember The Titans Team Cohesion

This paper gives insight to the dynamic process of group cohesion within sports teams. There are key elements that are correlated with cohesion such as personal, leadership and group factors. Literature concerning individual factors has provided evidence for the positive association between more effort and higher perceptions of task cohesion. Additionally, research has focused on … Read more

Capratek Leadership Training Case Study

CapraTek is preparing for its upcoming leadership training, however there are several tasks still not completed. Our next step is to develop a plan to measure the effectiveness of leadership training. Define by Noe, training effectiveness refers to the benefits that the company and the trainees receive from training (Noe, p. 247). There are several … Read more

A Career In Nonprofit Work Essay

Throughout my life, I have sought to do work that matters. I would often volunteer in community organizations and my local church, seeking ways to serve others. Until, I completed my undergraduate degree, my experience with the nonprofit sector dealt primarily with serving as a volunteer. Now, as I a paid staff member at a … Read more

Servant Leadership Essay

Based on the results of the leadership assessment taken during this course, I would be characterized as TransformationalServant Leader. Per the leadership assessment, the characteristics of a transformative leader are charismatic, inspirational, a role model, and an enabler. The leadership styles presentation viewed during the course describes a transformative leader as one who strives to … Read more