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Critical Mass Analysis Paper

Critical Mass Analysis The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical mass analysis for my action research project that will discuss the St Petersburg Community benefit from having twenty-hour childcare service. Community based action research provides a model for enacting local, action-oriented approaches to inquiry, applying small-scale theorizing to specific problems in specific situations (Edwards& Willis, 2014,p. 87).? Before the action research project can continue, it is critical to name the stakeholders who will help in finding various solutions to the study.

As an action research person, it is my role to provide the resolution, highlight the results of surveys, interviews, and focus groups from the stakeholders and inquiry team. The stakeholders will be the navigators of this action research project. The stakeholders have been granted authorization to gather information, make suggestions and changes. The stakeholders have been selected based on the education, personal experience and professional on this action research project. In addition, the need for critical mass is imperative to the action research person to achieve a result.

Roles and Involvement There are (seven) stakeholders involved in this action research project as indicated in the Critical Mass Grid (Appendix). Judy Young is a daycare owner . Judy? s Daycare is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her role in this project will be a key stakeholder and liaison for the professional literacy of childcare services. Ms. Young will be actively involved throughout the project. She will be conducting surveys and attending meetings. Vanessa Lawson is a daycare owner.

She is excited about the action research study and understand the issue. Ms. Lawson will be another key stakeholder and gatekeeper. Ms. Lawson will conduct interviews with parents. She has agreed to provide her wealth of knowledge on the childcare industry. All participants will be anonymous has data information is collected. As the project progresses, Ms. Lawson will availability throughout the project. Jessica Latimore is a parent of the St. Petersburg Community will be a helper and has enthusiasm for the project.

She will help anyway possible and will attend meetings. Radiance Hall is a parent of the St. Petersburg Community and has zeal for the project. She will be availability throughout the project. Her role is to plan further activities for the inquiry team. Victor Wilson is a parent of the St. Petersburg Community and will help with data collection. Alberta Johnson is teacher and employee at another daycare facility. Her role is to conduct interviews with other daycare workers and their interest in working in a twenty-hour daycare service.

Natasha Hall is a teacher in the St. Petersburg Community. Ms. Hall? s role is in this project is a helper. However, her schedule currently is very busy, but is willing to have one-one meetings with action research person. Application of Cultural Literary It is critical that all stakeholders and participants have full clarity of the purpose of having a twenty-hour childcare service in the St. Petersburg Community. In addition, the importance of having high communication and participation in this action research project. According to Stringer(2014), ? istening attentively to people(p. 27)?.

As the action research person, I must ensure that high communication is present thru communicating with each stakeholder. In addition, to give each individual the right to share and express their opinions, knowledge and experience to this matter at hand. Participation is key to having a quality and reliable resolution. The action research person and the stakeholders have agreed to be unify in making a proper resolution through meetings, surveys, interviews and various forms of data collection.

The stakeholders are of differ professional levels, education and childcare knowledge and community positions. Reflection on Critical Mass Analysis Phase The implementation of the critical mass analysis, I learned that the research question must be clear, precise and measurable for stakeholders to ? buy-in? into the action research project. The AR person and the stakeholders must be in communication about desired roles and processes to continue in the study. I was able to determine the key stakeholders and helpers who will work close to me.

Ms. Young and Ms. Lawson are daycare owners in the childcare industry will allow for the AR person to gain more insight, intelligence and interest into a community need. Therefore, having two childcare experts will help in the process of finding a resolution and save time. I learned that the speaking to each stakeholder in advance helps with scheduling and assignments of different roles. Currently, the stakeholders and I are in communication and generating different ideas for a conclusion. I recognized that every stakeholder has different opinions and experiences concerning this community issue.

The critical mass gave me the opportunity to explore my strength and weakness to put an inquiry team together. I did not considerate that scheduling would a minor conflict. I am will to negotiate with various stakeholders to get a better involvement. Conclusion The purpose of critical mass paper was to identify the stakeholders and their assigned roles in the action research project. Ms. Young and Ms. Lawson are my key stakeholders who I will be working with to attain a resolution. The other stakeholders are an important to provide information in from the viewpoint of the parent and employee.

In conclusion, the critical mass give the AR person an opportunity to participant in the first phase of research. Stringer (2014) suggestions. ?Action research, therefore, ultimately focuses on the events that are meaningful for stakeholders. It provides a process or content through which people can collectively clarify their problems and formulate new ways of envisioning their solutions ( Stringer, 2014,p. 55).? I truly believe this important work in the St. Petersburg Community and this action research project will help the community become better.

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