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Personal Narrative Essay: Snowball

As I crossed the road with my dog Henry, I could feel the frigid winter breeze on my face. Then I felt a snowflake land on my nose like a plane landing after a long flight. I didn’t like this cold weather at all but I had heard many children around me cheering and laughing. I heard things like “woohoo it is snowing” and things like “oww don’t throw snowballs at my face”. That last one made me chuckle a little bit when I had heard it. Then I heard someone yell my name, which is Brian by the way. So I turned around and felt a big snowball hit my back. “Bull’s eye! The child was tickled pink, I reckon. So I yelled at Henry to stop walking and I felt his leash slacken. Next, I bent down, and yelled “Hey boy”, and threw the snowball I had just made. “How did you know where I was standing? ” he asked me.

“What do you mean? ” | replied and walked on. “Come on, Henry” | shouted. “Let’s get some food. ” “Crunch, crunch, crunch! ” I heard the ice under my feet cracking and it sounded like Pop Rocks. Then I felt Henry’s leash slacken again. So, I reached out and grabbed the door handle. “Ding! ” The doorbell went off as Henry and I walked in. Brian,” the cook yelled, “I was starting to worry that you weren’t going to come in today”. “Ohh, of course I was coming, just got caught up with this boy in a small snowball fight” | explained. “Ahh, I see. Today we have our special chili for a cold day like this. Does that fit your fancy? ” he questioned me. “It sure does! ” I told him. I could hear him in the back banging around the pots and pans. This guy’s name was Jack and he was also my favorite cook in town. I sat down in a chair and Henry sat beside me on the floor. I folded my arms and put my hands on the table cloth.

It was soft and silky to the touch, and it was embroidered with stars in a variety of sizes. “It is ready! ” called Jack. Then I felt the steam hit my face and smelled how delightful all the spices were. A moment later I he put a spoon in my hand and I started eating. “I will bring some chow out for that dog of yours,” Jack shouted. “Sounds great, Jack! Thanks for all of your help,” I replied. I blew and blew on the chili and then softly put my lips on it to check the temperature. It was perfect. I ate and ate that chili ’til the bowl was so clean that you could see your reflection in it.

Yum. Meanwhile, I heard Jack come out and set something down on the floor, but when I heard Henry start munching, I knew he had brought him some “chow”. Later after Henry had eaten, we walked home and went on inside. It was warm and cozy in there. I had just gotten covered up with a blanket and then the phone rang. “Hello? ” | said. It was a lady speaking. The lady had asked me if I would like to be on the CURE CANCER basketball team. She explained how it was only one game, like a pink out and not very long. She said many others like me were going to play in it, too.

I had always wanted to be on a basketball team, but even when I was younger I couldn’t with my conditions. It was too dangerous for me. “Yes most definitely! ” I exclaimed, I couldn’t wait ’till the game now. “Okay, sir. Thank you,” she said. “I will sign you up. Just come to the Arena tomorrow at one o’clock”. I was so excited but very nervous. How would I shoot the ball? I will find a way, I told myself. Just like I found a way to do everything else in life. As I turned over in bed to face the window, I felt the warmth of the sun shining in. It was the perfect day for a basketball game.

I threw off my covers, hurried out of bed, and called Henry into the room. He brought me my gym shorts and a t-shirt like always. They were a little slobbery but that never bothered me, especially on a day like this one. “Henry, I need socks too,” I told him. I stuck out my hand. I could hear his dog tags clink together, getting louder and louder as he got closer. As I expected, he returned with a pair of gym socks. After I got dressed, I grabbed a hold of Henry’s leash and we began our walk to the Arena. After about ten minutes of the icy sidewalks, loud cars, and crossing streets, the leash slackened as we neared the Arena.

I opened the door, and right away I felt the warm air and smelled the roasted cinnamon sugar almonds that I love. Right when I took my first step in the doorway, there was a woman there to greet me. “Hello sir, what is your name? ” she asked. “My name is Brian Schwartz,” I told her. She sounded just like the lady on the phone I had talked to yesterday. As a matter of fact, as she kept talking, I began to be sure that it was her. “Okay Brian, right this way” she said as she led the way. My stomach started to rumble at the smell of hot, buttery popcorn. All of these different scents were making me hungry.

Next, we went down the ramp and my shoes began to squeak when I walked. This was so exciting for me, I had never been on the court before! The woman guided me to the bench where the rest of the team was. I had just sat down when I heard a whistle blow. “Alright, let’s start the game,” the official announced. Then the woman helped me up out of the chair and explained how we were about to start the game and how Henry was going to play with me. Knowing Henry could be with me made me feel more secure. I couldn’t do it without him. Then Henry pulled me over to the center of the court.

Someone put a ball in my hands, and I started dribbling. Shoot! ” I heard someone yell. So I shot the ball straight up, hoping to get a little arch on it. All of a sudden, I heard everyone screaming and shouting. “You made it! ” the woman told me. I couldn’t describe how I felt. I was astonished, I guess. We turned around, running to the other side of the court, and the crowd cheered again. Someone else made a basket too! This was the most exciting day of my life. I could feel my smile get the biggest and the brightest it had ever been. Then, I was guided to the other side of the court again and before I knew it | had made another basket.

Sadly, and too soon, the game was over and everyone was cheering their heads off. “You did amazing! You scored more than anyone on the court,” the woman informed me. “Ma’am, do you know how much that game meant to me? “| asked. “Well good, that meant a lot to me too,” she laughed. I then realized that at that moment, even though I am blind, in one day I had just had a snowball fight, ate lunch by myself, (well, with Henry’s help of course) and played basketball, scoring a total of 10 whole points. So remember……. Even when you have a setback, don’t let it stop you from living life the way you want to.

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