Child Labor in Myanmar

Across the world, there are children working fifteen hour shifts every day to make only a dollar. They are as young as seven years old, trapped in a system hardly better than slavery. The country of Myanmar is allowing for the abuse of these children’s lives with their child labor laws. No child should be … Read more

Spotlight Effect As A Reason Of Low Self-Esteem

Application Essay #2: Spotlight Effect In society, people are constantly self aware. All they can think about is what others think about them. This thought process can be self-destructive as one becomes so self-conscious that they invent themselves to be exactly who society wants them to be and not who they really are. In psychology … Read more

Fashion for different Body types

Fashion Your clothing, makeup, accessories, lifestyle, footwear, body and hairstyle this is Fashion and style. Everyone has there own style of carrying themselves. The word Fashion comes from Latin word ‘Facere’ meaning ‘to make’. Fashion keeps changing with day to day trends. In different parts of the worlds there are different traditional and non-traditional outfits, … Read more

Thomas B. Kin Chong: actor biography

Thomas B. Kin Chong is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, musician and cannabis rights activist who is known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin, as well as playing the character Leo on Fox’s That ’70s Show. He became a naturalized United States citizen in the late 1980s. Early … Read more

Subjective well being

Subjective well-being (SWB) has been defined as a person cognitive and affective evaluations of his or her life’ (Diener, Lucas, & Oshi, 2002). The cognitive component refers to what one individual thinks about his or her life satisfaction in universal terms (life as a whole) and in domain terms (in particular areas of life such … Read more

A Research on the Online Dating Phenomenon

Online dating is an increasingly common way to meet potential romantic partners in this increasingly technological age. Many online dating websites, such as, use questions users answer to statistically match them with other users they would be compatible with, and display compatibility percentages or “match percentages” next to each profile a user encounters. These … Read more

Analyzing Communication Strategies in Politics: topic Avoidance and Secret Keeping

Topic avoidance and secret keeping have been traditionally been fields of study underexplored in favor of scientific inquiry into self-disclosure, something that only recently started changing in the last few decades. In the field of communication, the reasons behind secret keeping are seen as incredibly important and potentially detrimental to an individual’s mental and physical … Read more

The Biography of Sophie Scholl

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause? It is such a splendid sunny day, and I have to go. But how many have to die on the battlefield in these days, how many young, promising lives? What does my death … Read more

Mordechai Anielewicz, a Leader of the ZOB

In Warsaw, during 1919, a hero was born. That hero is Mordecai Anielewicz. Mordechai Anielewicz was the leader of the ZOB and the cause of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. He was an inspiration, a warrior, and an angel.Anielewicz was born in 1919 in Poland. He was born into a poor working class family. He had … Read more

Religion Analysis

Now a day, “religion” is not just a word with a simple definition but rather a word that is enchanted with multiple different meanings, globally. The reason upon this, is, due to the evolution of humanity. The evolution of humanity has rises multiple issues to try and accommodate an accurate meaning to the word “religion” … Read more

The History of Jazz Dance in America

The origin of jazz dance can be traced all the way back to Africa. In Africa, it was custom for natives to dance as a celebration of cycles in life such as birth, puberty, marriage, and death. This was to express their cultural beliefs. Drums, string instruments, chimes, reedpipes, and other percussion instruments set the … Read more

A Discussion on Fairness in Teaching Students with Disabilities

Fairness is more than just giving everybody the same treatment. Fairness is about giving everybody an equal chance at life to fulfill goals and discover personal potentials. One of the important things I remembered from our course is to always use people first language. I didn’t realize before and couldn’t articulate why words like the … Read more

Methods used to reduce heat loss.

“ Cavity wall insulation is method used to reduce heat loss through the walls filling the air space with material that inhibits heat transfer. Heat loss by convection and conduction Cavity walls are constructed in houses. It is an outside wall and an inside wall with a space between the two walls which is air. … Read more

Fitness star and icon Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark is a fitness icon, model, and social media star from Arizona, USA. She has an impressive portfolio, modelling for a number of products – ranging from Instant Knockout (a fat burner), to sports clothes. She’s become one of the leading female figures in the industry after becoming the self proclaimed ‘Queen of Workouts’ … Read more

Hot Topic: Employees with a Passion

Hot topic differs from other companies due to its motivations and passions, therefore making this company a successful retailer in the market. Hot Topics passions is attributed to music while Torrid embeds itself in fashion. Because of these clear concepts Hot Topic employees can use their skills to connect with their customers. The average age … Read more

Centralized Vs. Decentralized

The development or growth of a company depends with the strength of managerial staff and employees who help the management to provide career development. Another way of maintaining managerial integrity is a hierarchy, the hierarchy of authority is very important in an organisation. The system in an organisation is divided into two types centralized and … Read more

The Theme of Loneliness in the Novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

The relationship between abundance and isolation is conveyed in a variety of assorted techniques in John Steinbeck’s, Of Mice And Men. Therefore, this poetically expressed non-fiction novella is mainly regarding the concept of loneliness when it comes to the protagonists in the story, which are Lennie and George. Furthermore, acknowledging the contrast between Lennie and … Read more

Octavia Lenora Spencer: Biography and Carrer

Octavia Spencer is an American actress and author who has won three awards including Oscar, a Golden Globe, and BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help. After decades of minor movie roles in Hollywood, Spencer became the only black actress to receive two consecutive nominations, as well as one of two … Read more

The Legacy of Mao Zedong in China

Mao, who lived from 1893 to 1976, was influential in the rise of Communist Party to power and the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. As a leader in China, Mao made various economic, social, and political reforms that were motivated by freeing the people of China from poverty and exploitation. Mao played a … Read more

The Hawaiian way of life

Hawaiian culture is filled with many different traditions that emphasize its values, however one would be hard-pressed to find a tradition as representative of Hawaiian culture as the luau celebration. Generally, the luau serves as a Hawaiian icon, but when further analyzed, each aspect of the celebration embodies various values of the state’s native culture. … Read more

Creative Writing: Who Am I?

Who am I? This is a question we have all faced many times, from a multitude of sources. Ever since elementary school when I was asked to write about my family and myself, I disliked self-reflection. This was in part because I did not have the vocabulary to present my thoughts and majorly due to … Read more

Lisa Leslie Biography

Lisa Leslie was born on July 7th 1972 in Gardena California to her mother Lauren Leslie a semi-professional basketball player. With two sisters Dionne who is five years older than Lisa and Tiffany who is eight years younger than Lisa. And one brother who is the basketball coach at Carondelet High School. During Lisa’s middle … Read more

Why Teenagers Should Learn The Benefits Of Good Manners

What are good manners? Are they important? Teenagers often get to hear about the importance of having good manners. Good manners can be defined as the expected social conduct or acceptable conduct that parents or teachers often ask from students. The essay will analyze the extent to which good manners are important. Good manners reflect … Read more

A Writing Self-Assessment Reflection

Writing Self-Assessment Reflection My strength in writing is that I have the ability to catch my reader’s attention. I am true to myself and when I write it shows. I hold nothing back and have no hollowness in my words. I know that one of many weaknesses I have in my writing is over analyzing … Read more

A Letter to Future Me

Hey amigo! Let me assume that this letter is read on some kind of grapheme screen wrapped around your wrist or glued to your face. Future must be awesome with High-tech machines! Most probably my words of knowledge are going to be of no use to you since1)I am only 21 and you must think … Read more

My dream of becoming a veterinarian

Hello, I am Maartje Horstink and I am going to talk with you about my dream of becoming a veterinarian and why this is living my fantasy. I have 3 main points for this, which l will explain. Those points are: animals getting better, becoming a doctor and my relationship with Sydney. My first main … Read more

A Study of Social Anxiety Disorder and Simple Shyness

The Fine Line Between Social Anxiety Disorder & Shyness Have you ever been nervous about meeting new people or giving a presentation in front of others? Most likely. But have you ever been so stressed about it that you avoid meeting people or never show up to give the presentation? If so, you may have … Read more

Shawn Ray’s Biography

Shawn ray the giant killer is a former IFBB seasoned bodybuilder an author. As well as, television host, and a successful entrepreneur. His expert bodybuilding adventure started in 1988 with a debut at the IFBB night time of champions. Furthermore and when you consider that then he became one of the satisfactory bodybuilders in history. … Read more