Baby Sleep

Should my baby sleep in the bed with me? I have asked this question to myself in preparation for our baby’s arrival. In my opinion, this is not a controversial topic, it is simply an individual’s opinion based on beliefs and instinct as a parent. I know there is so much information out there and … Read more

Breastfeeding Vs Breast Feeding Essay

Public Health Branching from Breastfeeding A controversial topic that recently circulated is public breastfeeding. There are people advocating for breastfeeding rights and there are people who are uncomfortable with the action. But, what is breastfeeding in public really doing to the public’s health? Public health is defined as the general health of the population as … Read more

Women’s Health Clinic

In order to protect the client’s privacy, she will be named as Mrs. Z and all other names will be represented by a respective letter to maintain confidentiality. This encounter happened at the Jewish General Hospital’s Women’s Health Clinic. Mrs. Z is a 34 year old female from a Filipino ethnic background. She works as … Read more

Sexualization In Advertising Essay

In the last one hundred years, advertisers and film directors have gotten lazy in their fields. Even the writers and directors of commercials have started to lose their talent. Have you noticed that whatever product you are looking into, from burgers to perfume, scandalously clad models and actresses crowd the shot, while the actual product … Read more

Essay about Postpartum Depression: A Literature Review

Postpartum depression impacts the lives of 10-15% of postpartum women and typically occurs within one month of giving birth, despite the identification of some clear risk factors1,2. Furthermore, having a baby is often viewed as a joyous event and there is a negative stigma associated with depression that occurs following the birth. Research has indicated … Read more