Digital Marketing

In today’s day and age, Digital Marketing has become an intrinsic part of everybody’s life. Right from personal use to professional use, Digital marketing is a playground for people to keep their lives updated as well as to network with potential clients which will help their business grow. India is the second largest country with … Read more

Normative Conflict Theory

Various scholars have attempted to explain delinquent behavior. Among the more influential explanations, I find to be argumentative, is normative conflict theory within group norms. Normative conflict theories can be described as having a legal reasoning, in man and law, along with modern forms of life. My concept of normative conflict is functional: it turns … Read more

An Overview of the Agents of Socialization

For everyone, the agents of socialization can vary, though all of us experience socialization from our families in some sense and school to a certain extent, which are the agents most of my socialization occurred with. My family members were essential in teaching me what is right and wrong in society, how to take care … Read more

The Importance Of Telecommunications For Business

Telecommunication services have a robust global market existence that is rapidly growing and is different in various parts of the world. Telecom services differ in both developing and developed countries due to fiber infrastructures, competition and modern technology (Olbeter, 2005). Telecom services have a strong market presence in developed countries like Europe where the high … Read more

Why I Want To Be A Journalist

We live in a world, where many of us are not aware of the difference between original news and politically edited news. “We have a free press”, is just a saying. Our daily news that we read in newspapers and magazines, or the news that we hear on radio is highly edited and improvised according … Read more

The Importance of Communication in Customer Service

Communication plays a very important role towards the development of any organization. Through communication; commands and instructions are passed that guide people on the manner they should perform their tasks. For that reason, it is important for companies to ensure that communication within the company is enhanced in order to easily share professional and urgent … Read more

The Influence Of Personality Type On Speaking Achievement Of Undergraduate Efl Students

There are a number of factors which influence the success of learning foreign language including students’ personality type. Thus, this study was aimed at finding out whether there is a significant correlation between students’ personality type and their speaking achievement of the fifth semester undergraduate EFL student at English Education Study Program of UIN Raden … Read more

Speak and the Birds’ Symbolism

Anguish, hope, and forgiveness may not be the first connections a person makes to the idea of birds. In her novel, Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson is able to transform ordinary birds into powerful symbols. Heavy/controversial topics are discussed in Anderson’s work, and not all of her message can be conveyed through literal concepts on the … Read more

Instagram and Snapchat

They have currently made a strict circulate towards their giphy sticky label highlight by asserting at the expulsion of every one of those from their packages as they had been made aware with the records that the bigot gif can be brought to their tale posts. the maximum current refresh in instagram and snapchat saw … Read more

Analysis Of The Apology by Plato

Plato wrote The Apology in 400 B.C. chronicling Socrates’ trial in Athens. Socrates is speaking to the court on the good will of his actions. Socrates introduces himself to the court as a man of good character and addresses the claims against him. Socrates explains to the court that the persuasive words of his accusers … Read more

Infidelity in marriages from Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn and Shakespeare’s Othello

Infidelity is a leading cause to marital breakdowns. To be successful in a marriage, it requires two people to make it work. There are factors of things that can make a marriage fall apart but infidelity in marriages is the most major one, as it can impact the individuals themselves. Infidelity in marriages from Gone … Read more

The world that speak the same language

The world speaks the same language, that is the title of my report I think what happens we all speak the same language? what could happen if they spoke the same language? what could be changed if we spoke the same language? , why we don’t speak the same language? , I think if they … Read more

Is Psychology A Pseudoscience Or Real Science?

Every so often, people ask the question is psychology a science? They might assume that psychology is just a bunch of individuals who talk about their feelings all the time. They may even claim that psychology is the study of the mind. However, psychology is not phrenology which focuses on feeling the skull for bumps … Read more

The Connection Of “The Lottery” By Shirley Jackson With Modern Day World And Other Works Of Art

I think this story applies to life in the United States, 70 years after it was written, because of today’s controversial politics and republican platform. In the Lottery, Old man Warner – a survivor of many lotteries- bitterly rejects reform and complains that “It’s not the way it used to be… People ain’t the way … Read more

Plenum Cable (CMP)

Plenum Cable (CMP) is cable that is laid in the plenum spaces of buildings. The plenum is the space that can facilitate air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems, by providing pathways for either heated/conditioned or return airflows. Space between the structural ceiling and the dropped ceiling or under a raised floor is typically … Read more

Characters’ First Impressions in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice was originally entitled First Impressions, since the characters in her novel often make judgments on their first impressions of people. These first impressions would then shape the characters’ reputations. Reputation was important to members of English society in the nineteenth century. One’s reputation could be ruined by one false … Read more

“Power Posing” By Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy presents “Power Posing” at a Ted conference in Edin, Scotland. She explains the importance of body language by how others may see them, but how they also see themselves. That by doing power poses can help them portray confidence in their body language. Amy Cuddy efficiently argues, anyone who feels powerless can become … Read more

Relationship Between Communication Apprehension And Learning Styles

Communication Apprehension (CA) is when students have fear and anxiety in initiating or making conversations towards other people obviously lack oral communication skills. During 1940s, difficulty in verbal communication ,which causes students anxiety, was once reported in the literature and termed as “Communication Apprehension” that is “an individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with … Read more

Speak and the Birds’ Symbolism

Anguish, hope, and forgiveness may not be the first connections a person makes to the idea of birds. In her novel, Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson is able to transform ordinary birds into powerful symbols. Heavy/controversial topics are discussed in Anderson’s work, and not all of her message can be conveyed through literal concepts on the … Read more

How Advertising Affects Our Self-Esteem, Brain And Senses

In today’s world, advertising affects everyone. Sometimes it feels annoying for us to watch the ads of beauty products, food, cars and other stuff. However, we can’t deny the fact that advertising affects our self-esteem, brain and senses. There are two main targets of each promotion: men and women. They, of course, have different preferences, … Read more

A Comparison Between Marvel and DC Comics

The introduction of comic books and graphic novels started in16th century in Japan, but their popularization in America happened in the 30s. From that point on the popularity of comic books has been growing in Europe and in the world. The two most well-known comic book companies are, of course, Marvel and DC. Although fans … Read more

From Aristotle’S Rhetoric To Modern Digital Rhetoric

In today’s modern age originally, Aristotle defined rhetoric by any way of persuasion while appealing to emotion. Aristotle defines rhetoric as the counterpart of dialectic. A more definitive description of rhetoric is using symbolisms as a method of persuasion to clarify or an understanding. How Aristotle defines rhetoric leaves many ways to find possibilities to … Read more

Misleading and Deception in Advertising and Selling

The issue In today’s highly competitive, global market, companies are setting sales targets high to gain market share, increasing stock prices keeping the inventors happy. Leaders are taking a risk when they set unrealistic goals. In the challenging global environment, where everyone is replaceable, employees are tempted more than ever to break rules, regulations and … Read more

The Purpose of Lyric Poetry as Illustrated in William Meredith’s poem “The Illiterate”

Rhetoric in The Illiterate Gregerson’s article “Rhetorical Contract in the Lyric Poem” expounds upon the purpose of lyric poetry. She posits that there is a relationship between the reader and the speaker that extends beyond utilitarian or surface purposes, claiming that a contract forms between these two parties. Throughout the article, Gregerson applies the notions … Read more

Deception as a Normal Part of Human Life

Deception It is nothing new in any time of our lives to deal with deception. From the time we are born lies are everywhere around us. From talk about Santa Claus to white lies when we meet strangers we are all liars in this society and that can not be denied. Obviously when the question … Read more

The Impact of the Power of Lies, Reputation, and the Theme of Revenge in The Crucible, a Play by Arthur Miller

Power of lies + Reputation = REVENGE Revenge can be taken in many different ways, such as fights, lies , arguments, etc. In Arthur Miller’s Crucible, the theme of revenge plays a major role. He based this book on the Salem Witch Trials which took place in the early 1950’s. All the characters were somehow … Read more

The Benefits of Project-Based Learning in Education

Many schools around the world is based on students receiving homework and tests to further their knowledge to be successful. Why do that, if students will be more engaged and learn better with project-based learning. Project-based learning will create rich, perceiving models of the topic presented to them. Project-based learning does not relinquish control of … Read more

Peer Feedback

In reference to literature, Nicole et al. (2013) claim that “students often perceive the feedback they receive from peers as more understandable and helpful than teacher feedback, because it is written in a more accessible language”. To what extent do you agree? In your opinion, what are the benefits of peer feedback on learning, respectively … Read more

What is The Difference Between IPv6 and IPv4?

Internet Protocol (or IP) refers to the technical format of packets and the addressing scheme for computers to communicate over a network. Most networks combine the internet protocol with a higher-level protocol called Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which establishes a virtual connection between destination and source. IP can be compared to something like the postal … Read more

Unified Communications

Unified communications presents unique security challenges because it brings together disparate technologies. Using VoIP, video, chat and presence together has proven to provide productivity gains for businesses, but also presents security risks. In particular, securing VoIP networks is not the same as securing data networks. Most data traffic is transported over TCP and as such, … Read more