Drug Abuse In The Community I Live In

The overwhelming problem of drug abuse in Decatur, Illinois has developed into a major issue. For example, Heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, prescription opioids, marijuana, and meth are being sold and used at an epidemic rate. Some cities drug problems might be worse than Decatur’s; however, for the small size of this city, the drug … Read more

The Power Of Art In Speaking To The Community And The Media: “Tree Of Hope” By Frida Kahlo And “Campbell’s Soup Can” By Andy Warhol

The paintings I have chosen for my essay are Tree of Hope by Frida Kahlo and Campbell’s Soup Can by Andy Warhol. These are the paintings that really drew my interest as both artists seemed to be speaking to me with their works. These paintings have helped me understand the power of art in speaking … Read more

Why I Want To Be A Journalist

We live in a world, where many of us are not aware of the difference between original news and politically edited news. “We have a free press”, is just a saying. Our daily news that we read in newspapers and magazines, or the news that we hear on radio is highly edited and improvised according … Read more

Social infrastructures

Social infrastructure is a different form of infrastructure that is created with an intention to deliver public services through processes which enhance the social capacity in communities. These public services may include healthcare, education, housing, roads and so forth; and they are usually provided by the government or an official entity to the community. Thus, … Read more

The Paradox of Community

“One can see that insiders are caught in the paradox of community: The same cultural vocabulary that undermines community is simultaneously that community’s idiom of self-affirmation” (Greenhouse, et al. 175). In Law and Community, David M. Engel explores how ordinary people in a small, rural, Illinois town perceive the law, courts, litigants, and community. By … Read more