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IGN: BlameMorgan (past IGNs > MorganAG, MorganGallant, gallantmo)

Age (Must be 14 or older): 16

Timezone: I live in Ontario, Canada, so my time zone is EST.

How active can you be:

I am a very active player on HCF, and thoroughly enjoy being on these types of servers. That being said, I can be online ~2-4 hours a day, on weekdays, and ~3-5 hours a day on weekends. I am currently in an academic program at my school, however, I am willing to make sacrifices in order to 1) help out the server, and 2) ensure the best experience for all players.

Be honest, how do you think of yourself in the community? (Toxic, friendly, etc.):

I think of myself to be a very mature and professional player. I am able to use excellent grammar, spelling and vocabulary in order to convey ideas proficiently. That being said, I do have a slightly joking/sarcastic personality, which can lead to some very funny situations. Since Serpent is a new server development, it is important to define (as a beginning staff member) the expected behaviour of any staff member. Therefore, this can set a precedent for future and current staff members.

In the community, I am very kind, and really enjoy working with others to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. I do swear etc, but never in server chat, or anywhere where the community is. I take my job, and will take the role of Trial-Mod very seriously, if accepted.

Why would you like to apply for Serpent:

I would like to apply for serpent because it is a new beginning. In the past, I have had difficulty finding servers that have active/interested owners, who are constantly working towards bettering the server, and the community. This is one of the most crucial aspects of managing and running a successful PvP server. Right now, Serpent PvP is the newest PvP server, and I want to make a positive impact on the server. The server has a new start, and so do I.

Secondly, I believe that I can bring significant value to the server, and all members on it. I am a very mature, hardworking individual, who believes in one key principle: respect. As a staff member on a new server, it would be my duty to begin the server with the community having positive interactions with staff, and ensuring that everyone is enjoying the brand new server. The server will also have a positive impact on me personally, due to it being a learning experience, and a chance to have an impact.

Lastly, as said before, being a staff member on this server would give me ample opportunities to learn and understand new concepts, regarding teamwork, community interaction and work ethic. One major flaw of myself, as an applicant, is my lack of experience with Screen Shares. I have never done a screen share before, however, this does not mean I can not learn. Working with, learning, and interacting with other more experienced staff will allow me to better understand this concept. I am 100% willing to work hard to learn how to screen share someone, and to find exploits/hacked clients/cheats on another’s computer. I will not let my in-experience with screen sharing limit my potential as a staff member on Serpent PvP.

On a final note, I would like to apply for Serpent because It will allow me to have a side community of players and friends which will allow me to interact better with others, and be part of something bigger. I have always enjoyed becoming staff on a number of servers, most notably SkyRegions Skyblock (resigned as Moderator last week). This gave me the experience needed to work as a team effectively, to achieve a common goal of making Serpent PvP the best it could possibly be.

What would you do to benefit Serpent and its Community:

I can benefit Serpent and it’s community in several unique ways.

First off, I am a very goal oriented person, who sets harsh goals for myself, and strives to accomplish them. I am not afraid to work hard in order to achieve the goals I have set for myself. One of my goals, is to be as active as possible on the forums and the server. A staff member who is inactive does not contribute anything to the server, which lessens the player experience, by having more hackers and rule-breaking players, which ruin the experience for other players. In addition, being active will allow me to learn, and better impact the server in a positive way, by giving players and other staff a positive role model.

Secondly, I am very mature and professional, and are able to handle situations from players over teamspeak, without getting frustrated or acting immature in front of staff/community members. This ability to talk with other staff members, and players in a professional manner stems from my experience as a developer. I ran (and recently shutdown) a small freelance business in which I would program HTML/CSS/JS for clients, for profit. I interacted with professional clients, over a variety of medians, such as talk and text. Jobs were completed on time, and to the upmost satisfaction.

Lastly, I am a problem solver, and able to step back and analyze a situation/evidence thoroughly before taking action, to ensure that what I am doing is following the staff guidelines, given to me if I was to get accepted as a Trial-Moderator. I really enjoy being challenged, and solving problems, given to be my other players, and staff, will give my an opportunity to do this.

As a side note, I believe that one of the most important traits of a staff member is to be able to take criticism, and be able to apply that into the workflow. As a potential staff member, I want to know whether I am doing my job correctly, or are there areas where as I could improve on.

Will you be active if you’re accepted?:

Yes – I will be very active if accepted. As stated before, I plan on spending ~2-4 hours a day, on weekdays, and ~3-5 hours a day on weekends on the server. One of my fundamental values is honesty. I do not believe that I will be able to spend more than that amount of time on the server each day, due to school and personal commitments. I could’ve said much more time per day, however, that would classify as lying, which as a behavior, should not be tolerated in a potential staff member.

This goes along with my goal, of making an impact on the community, and allowing Serpent PvP to grow, without any cheaters/hackers ruining the server experience for players.

What will you do to improve the community:

There are several things that I will do to better the server, and the community. First off, I believe that the forums are a key part in allowing the server to grow, and allow players to interact with the administrative / staff team on the server. I will be active on the forums, giving my opinions on suggestions and general forums posts, and handling ban appeals from players, to ensure the best experience for all players, at all times.

I will take it on myself to ensure that no one is ignored, and feels that staff simply get on and ban players. Answering questions, responding to players both in-game and outside of the game, are equally important to punishing players. If accepted, I will work with the staff team and the community to ensure that everyone, no matter of past experiences/interactions, feels welcome and enjoys their time on Serpent PvP.

Can you record?: Yes, I can record in up to 1080P, and upload to any video service provider, such as Youtube/Vimeo whenever necessary.

Do you have a Microphone?: Yes, I do own a microphone, which I can use to interact with players on teamspeak/any other voice method required.

Do you have TeamSpeak?: Yes, I use teamspeak very often, and am willing to constantly (whenever on the server), to be active in teamspeak to assist those in need.

If not, are you able to get those programs/items?: I do believe that I own everything required, however, on further investigation/experience in the staff team, I am willing to purchase any equipment needed to better my ability to complete the job given to me.

Have you ever been banned on Serpent? No – I have never been banned or punished on Serpent.

Do you vow that if you are accepted into the team that you will not harm, disrupt, or destroy Serpent and it’s community?:

I am very much a believer of respect, and honesty. If any mistakes are made, which may potentially disrupt a player’s experience, I will do whatever I can to apologize to the player affected, and ensure that my mistake is fixed in a timely manner. As for purposeful harming of SerpentPvP, I vow to never to such a thing.

Do you vow that during the time of Staffing you will follow our set of Staff Rules/Guidelines, not leak them and respect your fellow companions despite not liking them?:

Yes – I will follow all rules/guidelines given to me, so that everyone on the server feels that they are being treated fairly. I will treat everyone with respect, no matter if I personally dislike them, and I will not leak any documents, which may contain sensitive information related to the management of the server.

Do you understand that we can demote you at any time for any reason?:

Yes – as the owners/administrators of the network, you have full rights to demote me at any time. I will not go out ‘with a bang’, I will leave quietly and peacefully after saying goodbye, and thanking everyone for the opportunity.

Thanks for the opportunity to become a Trial-Moderator on Serpent PvP, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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