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Personal Narrative: Immigrating To America Essay

Immigrated to America When was your biggest event that made you really nervous? In 2013, on Monday. I was in 5th grade, I went to the school as usual, and I was really tired after school. At this point, I did not even think that my father is going to tell us about going to America. “We are going to America this summer. “Theard my sister screaming and saying, “ Are you serious!? That’s so coool!! ” happily, but I could not be excited like her. I immediately thought about how my school life in America is going to be. At this time, I thought American people are mean and racist.

That night, I even saw a dream that I am making no friends and being bullied by the American people. I got so scared when I saw that dream, I did not want to go to America. I want to stay in Japan, but going to America was necessary for me to do. I had no option to stay in Japan, I was too young to do so. My brother, Ryosuke, was in high school when we decided to go to America. Ryosuke tried so hard to get into the high school. In Japan, going to the high school was not a compulsory education, so in order to get in the high school, you have to take an exam, by the way.

Therefore, he was not positive with going to America. He knew that going to America is going to help his so much, but he had hard decide to stay in Japan. I wanted to him to go to America, even though I did not like him that much, I did not want to live without him. After we decided to go to America, I made it secret to my friends for a while, just to make them not panic. One day, however, I had to tell to my friends, “I have to go to America. ” All of my friends were surprised, and said “Seriously? You are so lucky! I wish I could go to America”.

It was unexpected, but | realized going to America is not a common thing to do, I have to feel special. This was the time when I started thinking that | want to go to America. On October 8th, 2013. I flew to the United States. It was really tragic for me to say bye to my friends, and also Ryosuke. However, I decided to do my best with this opportunity. We went to America by American Airlines. Therefore, all of the Cabin attendant was American people. I was so scared to talk to them, because it was my first time to talk with native English speakers.

“Hello, how are you? Cabin attendant’s said, I could not understand this mean, so I said,” No, thank you. ” When I saw the Cabin attendant confused face, my face got red. This was the time I got worry to live in America. I did not get to sleep at all on the airplane. In addition, the food that I ate on the airplane was disgusting, it was too sweet for Japanese people. When we arrived in Chicago, my dad was waiting for us. He went to America three months before us. It took us 10 hours to go to our home, because of the traffic. But | did not feel that long, I was too tired to wake up.

When I get to my home, I could not believe that I am going to live in this house, it was super big compared to my home in Japan. Literally, everything was big, like back yard, shopping market, and people! It was a brand new environment to live for me. It has been a month since I came to America. I got used to live in my home, and how every thing are different between America and Japan. Tomorrow, the school is going to be started. I was very excited to go to school, but when it comes to go to school, I got really nervous. How can I take a conversation with others..

Where should I go first.. Am I going to be alone in the school.. Who should I eat lunch with.. I thought a lot of things, I was anxious about going to school. I could not even sleep this night. Next day, I rode on the bus, walking like a penguin. On the bus was quiet, so it made my feeling better. However, I had no idea where to drop off. My bus goes to the Junior High School first and after that, It goes to the Middle school. I was confused, and I was worried, but Junior High School did not seem like what I saw before the school starts. So I stayed on the bus and wait for oing to the Middle School.

Safety, I got to be in the Middle School. When I got to the school, principal was waiting for me. I nervously talk to him and said, “Hi”, principal smiled at me and said,” Good Morning, please follow me. ” he brought me to the ESOL class to meet with ESOL teacher, Mrs, Turna. I still remember that ESOL room smelled like a banana. Mrs, Turna’s English was very easy to listen. After she introduces herself, she guides me to my homeroom. I was surprised when I went there. There were four Japanese people. I was so happy and it made me relaxed.

I said, “hi” in Japanese to them. They already knew about me, so they talked to me very nicely. It was encouraging to go to the school in the future. I asked a lot of questions, like what are we doing next, or what are we supposed to do now. While I went to the school, I notice a lot of things that are different than Japan. First, students are chewing gum during classes and eating snacks. In Japan, this could never be happened. Next, every girls has makeup on, and every boys has jail on their hair. If students did that in Japan, they would probably get suspended.

Most important, they are so many different type of people are in the school. People has different skin color and culture. It was very interesting for me. First day of the school in America was the biggest event that makes me nervous. However, it was also the biggest event that made me exciting and enjoyable at the same time. I am in high school right now. It has been three and half years since I came to America. I can say whatever I want to say in English, and I made a lot of American friends. If I looked back to my first year in America, I have so much good memories, but I think I spoke Japanese more than English.

Because there were so many Japanese people, I always stayed with them and talk in Japanese. I feel regret, and I feel like I waste my first year. Therefore, I am joining a lot of clubs and after school activities, like Track and Field, Volleyball, and international club. Even though I do not have many opportunity to talk with native English speakers in high school, these clubs makes me an opportunity to be with them. Now, my goal is to study English really hard, and GET OUT OF ESOL!! If my parents ask me if I want to go back to Japan, I would obiously going to say “NO. “

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