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Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Mythical Creature Zoo Essay

Hi, I’m Cody Jones. I’m really excited because today is the big day! My 2nd grade class and I are going to the Mythical Creature Zoo. We, here at the Mythical Creature Academy, are in the process training to be zookeepers there. At the zoo, there are SO many cool creatures! There are: hydras, Minotaurs, Hippogriffs, a unicorn petting zoo, mermaid aquarium with Kelpies and a Kraken, a Sphinx, and even a Centaur. Because Miss Taylor is such a good teacher, she taught us ALL about the cool creatures. Some things she taught me were: to not pet the Hippogriffs until they trust us, and that mermaid tears become aquamarine jewels! I think I’m set for this amazing trip to the MCZ!
My friend, Violet Johnson, and I are hopping all around the bus. I…

At the Mythical Creature Zoo we have some rules, but don’t worry, there aren’t many. First off, read the signs. Some say, “don’t touch the creatures,” but others say, “unicorns love to be pet.” You have to read the signs, because you have no idea what could happen. Second, the buddy system. Everyone, choose a buddy, and lock arms.” Zookeeper Rodger pauses and I look to Violet. She smiles, nods, and we lock arms. “Okay, that’s good. Now, never leave your buddy. Ever. Our last and final rule is………… HAVE FUN! We want you to have as much fun as possible.” Everyone cheers, and we’re on our way down the main path.
We first pass the Sphinx. Miss Taylor attempted to answer the riddle the Sphinx gave us (What number do you get when you multiply all of the numbers on a number pad?), but did not succeed. She thought the answer was 367,974, but the answer was actually 0. We moved on to the next exhibit: the unicorn petting zoo. It was really cool to pet the beautiful creatures. They would bow down, and allow us to pet their mane and head. I listened to the sign, and avoided their horns because the unicorns don’t like their horns being touched. This whole time Zookeeper Rodger was explaining how each creature is cared…

Calypso is helping me get her right now!” I turn back to the water, searching for Violet and Calypso. Near the rocks I hear a gasp of air. It’s Violet! I see Zookeeper Rodger drive a boat over to the rocks with Miss Taylor to Violet. Violet joins the pair on the boat and they make their way over to me. I feel nervous. I notice that Miss Taylor is comforting her, so I feel a little bit better. Violet runs up to me and begins to talk really fast.
“I had no idea it was a Kelpie! I just thought it was a mermaid so I grabbed-” Miss Taylor cuts Violet off.
“Okay kids let’s head back to the bus. Our trip is over now.” My classmates have all gathered around to see why I was making all that noise. We begin to shuffle back to the bus, whining the whole time.
On the bus, Violet starts to explain herself, and why she did everything. Violet tells me that she had no idea that the mermaid was a Kelpie. She thought that it was just a normal mermaid that wanted to swim with her, but she was really scared when it began pulling her underwater. Then another mermaid came up, touched the Kelpie, and Violet floated away. Calypso grabbed her, and brought Violet to the surface. That’s when I saw her.
We were talking about the trip, and how much we enjoyed it, when Violet brought something up.
“I can’t wait for next year’s field…

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